Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking

Thảo MaiMay 14, 2024 at 10:31

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More than 4 months ago, Tho Nguyen suddenly announced his retirement, causing many people to stir and discuss. After that, she seemed to be "silent", not updating her activities.

However, after a while, the female YouTuber reappeared on social networks with a completely new look. She did not hesitate to publicly announce that she had just "destroyed and rebuilt" to become more beautiful and confident.

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 1

However, in just a short time, she decided to remove the part that had undergone surgery, causing a stir among people.

Specifically, on his personal page, Tho Nguyen just revealed that he had his nose cartilage removed and had cosmetic surgery.

She wrote: "This nose is a natural nose. I had the cartilage removed. Once I had it installed, I saw the feng shui change. I became famous again. I was so scared that I took it off to make it less prominent."

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 2

Below the article, the female youtuber affirmed that she decided to remove it because she felt it was necessary, not because of any antifan's words or criticism.

When one account asked, "Why are you taking it off, just leave it alone no matter what anyone says", Tho Nguyen immediately replied: "I'm not saying I'm taking it off because people say it."

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 3

It can be seen that, even though he has retired, all of Tho Nguyen's statements always attract attention from the online community.

In contrast to his previous softness, the current Tho Nguyen is ready to "turn on his beak" to confront antifans.

It is known that after returning home to hide, Tho Nguyen started gardening, specifically growing durian.

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 4

Recently, the female YouTuber has continuously shown off her achievements. She wrote: "In about 1 month, I'll be full of food.

My family grows a lot of Thai durian, but I only like to eat this type. It's so fat but it doesn't bother you when you eat it. I can eat 2 pieces of durian and I'm tired of it, but if I eat this regular durian day after day, the seeds are also flat, if I eat sweet and fatty, it's sure to fall off.

Last year, the restaurant didn't have all of it. Picking it up and selling it cost 30k/kg. This year, someone told me to keep it, otherwise I would sell it all.

This tree can sometimes yield 5-6 quintals. The house only has 4 of these plants.

When it falls, I'll come and pick it up, but I get the m.oney count and it's quick, but the shipping is lazy. We don't ship anywhere".

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 5

Although she has only been gardening for a short time, Tho Nguyen confidently shares her experience and knowledge related to growing this fruit.

At that time, I had just returned to my hometown. Some people said: just go back to farming and sell it online. Before long, you won't be able to sell it live. But in fact, she has been working for 3 years and has never once sold agricultural products online, her agricultural products come from the farmer's garden. If you don't get a good price for butter in a year, you'll donate it to charity, not live, don't worry, there's plenty of m.oney i.n the world, just earn it and don't have to worry about me taking it away. It's like you're so worried about anyone competing to m.ake m.oney. Give it all up.

So today we're talking about durian. You ask: Does durian have medicine?

Her family grows different types of durian such as: ri6, thai, musángking. And often sad

Only regular melon is drug-free and the other types are sprayed once every 1-2 weeks.

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 6

If you do not take care of the correct techniques, you will not meet export standards. However, she thinks that export standards in other countries are strict. If those d.rugs were toxic, they would not have been exported for many years.

So: if foreign countries can eat it, we can also eat it.

You ask, do Thai durians sold on the street have medicine?

100% must be dipped in medicine to be cooked, but we must admit that dipping in medicine is tastier, more even, and more beautiful. But I don't know what kind of medicine. As for export: soaking in d.rugs on the allowed list should be ok.

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 7

As for her family, for many years they have only eaten regular durian, not exported varieties, not because of fear of medicine but because: traditional Vietnamese durian is unbeatably delicious. Everyone who grows durian understands that. Other types of durian are often exported or let people in other provinces eat because when picked old and soaked in medicine, they can be preserved for a long time. Traditional durian must be eaten immediately. If you don't eat it in time, it will spoil. You should never pick old durian."

Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking - Photo 8

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