Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared "quit fans", reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized

Thảo MaiJun 06, 2024 at 06:45

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Recently, Ninh Duong Story received many mixed opinions when there were sensitive statements related to the LGBT community as well as events during Pride Month.

Accordingly, in this livestream on April 10, Ninh Anh Bui shared with his fans that although they received many invitations to participate in the event during Pride Month, the couple refused. The reason given by Ninh Anh Bui is because the two want to "go to the ears" of people with "normal genetic code", so they don't want to call for anything too loudly.

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 1

However, it is this "normal gene code" of Ninh Anh Bui that causes misunderstanding and controversy on social media. Many people think that he is using the wrong terminology and trying to discriminate between ordinary people and people in the LGBT community.

After a few days of silence in front of mixed opinions, Ninh Anh Bui recently officially spoke out on his personal page about this incident. He frankly admitted that he had made a mistake in the use of words that caused misunderstandings and hurt many people.

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 2

"Today, Ninh would like to share some of her thoughts around everyone's contributions to Ninh in the past few days.

First, let me send everyone an apology for bothering everyone. I understand that each individual's daily life has its own pressures, so I don't want people to have to receive more negative energy, whether they meet us in person or on digital content platforms.

For those who have been following us for a long time, before we received as much love as we do now, everyone knows that very few people know that they belong to the LGBT community. Therefore, when I started sharing my story with Duong more on social media platforms half a year ago, I was still afraid of the gazes and scrutiny of people around me when sharing our story. That's why I "encode" a lot of words when talking to people, for example, "love" -> "company", "lover" -> "colleague", the guy confided.

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 3

In addition, Ninh Anh Bui also clearly explained the situation when using the word "normal gene code" and the expression that is said to be an attitude: "I also use unscientific words such as "normal gene code" (to refer to heterosexual people) and "special gene code" (to refer to people in the LGBT community). Like some people, I used to think that the majority was a representation of "normality", although that doesn't mean that I believed the minority was abnormal, but simply something a little more special. Besides, because I believe that emotional feelings are natural, inherently natural, like each person's genetic code. This is the reason why for a long time I use words according to my understanding. This is completely my shortcoming. After actively researching information and listening to opinions from people, I understood that it is a way of saying that can hurt others, and that also makes me feel painful.

I apologize for this, and have stopped using this word since receiving everyone's comments."

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 4

Regarding my facial expression in the video, I also want to explain it so that everyone can sympathize. The moment I mentioned "Pride Month" and had a grimacing expression because at that time I was confused and didn't know how to read that word correctly. Actually, my English was not good, so at that time I was brainstorming, I was speechless, but I was afraid that if I didn't pronounce it correctly, it would not be good. And the worst thing is that all those worries show up on their faces, misleading people."

Regarding the refusal to participate in activities during Pride Month, Ninh Anh Bui explained in an article on his personal page that the duo felt that they did not have enough knowledge to speak out or become an image to represent the community.

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 5

Finally, Ninh Anh Bui said that both he and Nguyen Tung Duong want to convey positive images of a person who dares to live as himself, try to choose and find appropriate ways to contribute to the common efforts of the community. Ninh Anh Bui hopes that everyone can give suggestions to improve themselves in the future.

After the apology, netizens continued to divide and argue about the guy's statement.

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 6

Perhaps the most notable is the opinion of the female youtuber with 10 million subscribers to Tho Nguyen. She wrote: "Through this, I see: the influential person is not a celebrity, but an AUDIENCE.

You see, you are really influential, you speak up, you will get feedback."

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 7

In addition, at the bottom of the article, she affirmed that she has stopped supporting since the couple made a controversial statement:

"If you don't like it, you can completely dissupport it.

Maybe when people go alone, people can choose the people they are aiming for, but when people are people of many brands, many partners, they have to target the audience who are the customers of the partners, I used to be a kol I understand. What she is more fortunate to do is that from the beginning she did not give her partner the opportunity to choose the target audience, if the customer asks for it, she cancels the contract, but that sometimes makes her known as not pampering that customer. Many things are also difficult to say.

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 8

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 9

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 10

I also no longer support those 2 friends because of this point of view. For her, it is gratitude. She often puts it first in all decisions. That's why I often speak out in support of the children even though I am not LGBT, because I know many of my friends who have protected me in many battles with the online community.

I also don't care about the audience that needs to be expanded, but I often care: I can be myself. And that's one of the reasons I have to retire."

Tho Nguyen turned the car, declared quit fans, reacted harshly when Ninh Anh Bui apologized - Photo 11

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