Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict

Phúc SenJun 19, 2024 at 12:55

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People across the country are extremely shocked by the case in Quang Ngai, where a family of four was m.urdered by an evil person who committed an inhuman act just because of a land conflict within the family.

On the morning of June 19, according to confirmed information from Quang Ngai authorities, the suspect attacked LHT and his wife and seriously injured two children, LHNY (born 2022) and LHCN (born 2020), in Nghia commune. Dong, Quang Ngai City, was arrested while hiding behind the victim's garden.

Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict - Photo 1

The crime scene took place in Quang Ngai.

Also according to widely published information, suspect Le Dinh T (born 1967), currently in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, is from the same family as the victim's family (Mr. LHT's spouse and 2 children). . The reason for the crime according to initial preliminary information was a land dispute. At the scene, police and functional forces are blocking the situation for investigation.

Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict - Photo 2

Taking advantage of the dark night, the suspect sneaked into Mr. T.'s family's garden and lay in wait. On the morning of June 19, Ms. P. opened the door and was attacked by Le Dinh T. After that, Le Dinh T continued to visit the two children. When Mr. T. tried to rush out of the house to call for help, Le Dinh T ran after him to handle the situation.

Hearing the cry for help, neighbor Mr. T. ran to help. Suspect T could not escape so he held a knife and barricaded himself in the garden behind the house. The incident was reported to the police by residents.

Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict - Photo 3

In the case of Mr. T. not surviving, the same happened to his wife. Mr. T. and his wife's two young children were seriously injured and were taken to the emergency room by people. Criminal forces quickly arrived and coordinated with local people to arrest the suspect hiding in the lemongrass garden.

Previously in Tay Ninh in March 2024, also because of a land conflict, a man committed a similar case. Accordingly, Defendant H committed a serious crime in Cam Giang commune, Go Dau district, Tay Ninh province. The victim, a 64-year-old woman, did not survive and the 64-year-old victim's husband was seriously injured.

Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict - Photo 4

Go Dau District Police, together with the Office of the Investigation Police Agency, the Criminal Police Department and other professional units, arranged forces to follow the traces left by the p.erpetrator to find them. After more than a day of investigation, Tay Ninh Police determined that the suspect in the crime was Nguyen The H, who was hiding in Can Tho. The Police Investigation Force of Tay Ninh Police coordinated with the Police of Cai Rang district, Can Tho province to arrange forces to arrest H and bring him to Tay Ninh for investigation.

Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict - Photo 5

After more than a day of investigation, the Tay Ninh Police Investigation Police Force coordinated with the Cai Rang District Police, Can Tho City to urgently arrest Nguyen The H and bring him to Tay Ninh to serve the investigation. At the police station, subject H declared that there was a conflict in dividing the family's land, so he went to his nephew's house to resolve it. Here, H saw that the victim was alone at home so he used a hammer. Afterwards, seeing the victim's husband return, H continued to refuse to forgive. After committing the crime, subject H fled to Can Tho.

Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict - Photo 6

The above shocking events shocked and shocked everyone across the country. At the same time, we are extremely indignant at the unacceptable actions committed by the perpetrators. People hope that the law will strictly handle and punish those who lose their love and disregard human life as above.

Conflicts between people are inevitable in life, but how each person handles them is what matters. Human life and health are the most important things and should not be considered cheap and cause consequences, not only for others but also for the criminals themselves.

Quang Ngai: Arrested suspect who attacked whole family over land conflict - Photo 7

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