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Is it true that the rumor that Hanni neglected NewJeans because she was busy dating Anton (RIIZE)?

Minh Lợi21:43:02 20/07/2024
According to Koreaboo, on July 17, a post titled RIIZE's Anton is dating NewJeans' Hanni went viral. The post attracted more than 175 thousand views in a popular online community in Korea.

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BABYMONSTER hasn't come back yet and has already eliminated an opponent, NewJeans is embarrassed because they lost miserably

Thanh Phúc10:53:49 20/06/2024
YG's rookie g.irl group - BabyMonster, who is about to make a comeback, received good news from a rival group, NewJeans, when the group's recent product performance suffered on the charts, losing miserably despite receiving fan support. .

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NewJeans cassette shows school to buy a house, ILLIT is far from catching up?

Hoàng Phúc16:43:49 10/06/2024
Music festivals at the University are always the most anticipated events in Korea every year. The concerts gathered many popular music groups, attracting a large number of audiences.

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NewJeans - aespa "double swords", s.mashing rumors like BlackPink - Twice

Thanh Phúc12:19:24 09/06/2024
Two g.irl groups that are causing a storm in Kpop, NewJeans and aespa, have just had a surprising combination, crushing all rumors of disagreement. This move was also immediately thought of by fans in the case of BlackPink and Twice.

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NewJeans - ILLIT fights, the group with missing members Blackpink takes the opportunity

Keng16:38:08 08/06/2024
Debuted in May 2018, the 4th gen g.irl group (G)I-DLE of CUBE Entertainment with a 6-member lineup immediately attracted attention. In particular, the group gathered BLACKPINK's missing member - Miyeon and two prominent elements Soyeon and Soojin.

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NewJeans won the contract by LE SSERAFIM, but the other party is just an attachment?

Bảo Nam14:37:34 06/06/2024
During the conflict with CEO Min Hee Jin, HYBE filed a lawsuit accusing Min Hee Jin of violating trust, r.evealing ADOR's trade secrets to the outside. However, the truth was exposed after the court's ruling.

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ILLIT crushes B.aby Monster, is still ironic because of the "stain" of NewJeans plagiarism?

Bảo Nam19:56:25 05/06/2024
The Korea Institute of Business Research has just announced the results of the June brand reputation ranking of rookie groups. The result was surprising when ILLIT held the throne.

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NewJeans showed disrespect to LE SSERAFIM, aespa was praised for 1 thing?

Keng06:50:52 03/06/2024
It seems that there will be little turbulence after the court issued a ruling blocking HYBE's dismissal vote against Min Hee Jin, but NewJeans is still in trouble. This time it was also related to LE SSERAFIM.

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"Mother" NewJeans prevailed against HYBE, can be compensated an additional 20 billion?

Thảo Mai10:18:48 31/05/2024
On May 30, the Court approved Min Hee Jin's complaint about the voting ban against HYBE. After review, the Court decided that HYBE cannot currently fire ADOR's CEO. This is considered a lifeline for NewJeans during their comeback.

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NewJeans' "mother" turned around, supported ILLIT, and danced to the pirated band's hits?

Đình Như21:36:58 28/05/2024
While the mother of NewJeans, Min Hee Jin, and the father of BTS, Bang Si Hyuk, were fighting fiercely and had not come to an end, the online community suddenly spread a clip of the mother of NewJeans performing ILLIT's dance moves.

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NewJeans' new MV almost failed because HYBE suppressed it, r.evealing lip-syncing that caused outrage?

JLO15:43:58 27/05/2024
NewJeans officially made a comeback with the double single How Sweet after a series of days mired in controversy between Min Hee Jin's mother and HYBE. However, the MV was age-restricted and its international achievements dropped significantly.

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NewJeans' biological mother was replaced, BTS's sister doesn't know where she is, ILLIT added fuel to the fire

Thảo Mai11:32:51 24/05/2024
Korean media reported that HYBE has found a potential candidate for the position of CEO as well as a new board member of ADOR. After this announcement, many people worried about the fate of the g.irl group NewJeans.

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NewJeans plagiarized a Mexican band, ILLIT immediately showed up, turned back to sarcasm?

Bảo Nam07:24:54 22/05/2024
During the past few days, ILLIT - BELIFT LAB's rookie g.irl group has been struggling because they were labeled a copy, copying NewJeans from styling, concept to choreography. But recently, NewJeans have been ridiculed in the opposite direction.

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Danielle has trouble sleeping because of HYBE and her mother, the government is involved in ILIT copying NewJeans

Thảo Mai17:24:55 20/05/2024
During an interaction with fans through the morning broadcast on Phones Live, NewJeans member Danielle frankly shared her feelings amid the company's civil war.

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NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS?

Thảo Mai07:43:59 18/05/2024
During the hearing of the legal dispute between HYBE Labels group and CEO Min Hee Jin of its subsidiary ADOR, the mother of NewJeans revealed that BTS's sister was asked to use tricks to win against aespa.

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ILLIT drags Lisa into battle with NewJeans, denying plagiarism?

Keng16:51:34 15/05/2024
In recent days, the Kpop fan community has been stirred up by choreographers Kim Eunju and Black Q accusing ILLIT of copying NewJeans' dance. The above accusation appeared amid a noisy internal dispute between HYBE and ADOR's CEO.

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NewJeans was accused of plagiarizing Vietnamese music before their comeback, should ILLIT "take the blame" instead?

Minh Lợi07:30:14 15/05/2024
While the conflict between ADOR company and parent group HYBE tends to become increasingly tense, NewJeans' reputation and appeal remain undiminished. Before the comeback, the group was discussed because of suspicions of plagiarism.

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HYBE and Min Hee Jin continued to f.ight, NewJeans' parents came out, upset about one thing

JLO17:09:50 13/05/2024
The noise between ADOR and HYBE Group has not come to an end as new details continuously appear. Recently, Korean media published an email ADOR sent to HYBE summarizing the proposals of NewJeans parents, causing public opinion to once again stir.

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NewJeans is "estranged" from seniors, HYPE "takes me away from the market", knows who to ask for help?

Gia Nhi21:33:33 09/05/2024
NewJeans fans are extremely upset by HYPE Group's behavior towards the group of ADOR company - the management unit of the group. Specifically, fans suspect the girls are being treated unfairly, following Min Hee Jin's row with HYPE.

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Danielle has the guts to "butter" senior, NewJeans kicks LE SSERAFIM to win HYBE's heart

Thảo Mai17:27:25 06/05/2024
Among the new generation groups at the moment, NewJeans is being appreciated the most for its unique concept. Debut is short-lived, but the achievements of the team may make colleagues wary.

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BLACKPINK "kicks the head" of NewJeans big sister, BABYMONSTER does not see the silhouette

Trí Nhi10:45:59 05/05/2024
Korean g.irl group BlackPink has just made fans sob with pride when it has just appeared at the top of the list of the most famous names in the entertainment industry of Kim Cho. NewJeans junior, BabyMonster only knows how to smoke.

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NewJeans' parents were bothered by HYPE and dragged them to the side amid the noise with Min Hee Jin

Gia Nhi10:53:16 30/04/2024
Kpop fans are restless over a series of dramas related to the NewJeans group, specifically CEO Min Hee Jin - the creator of NewJeans - is having an intractable conflict with HYPE Group, the parent company of NewJeans' management unit - ADOR. .

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NewJeans challenges HYPE, becomes a traitor to the corporation amid a storm of drama?

Phúc Sen06:48:29 26/04/2024
Amidst the storm of drama between HYPE group and NewJeans' mother - CEO Min Hee Jin, a series of music groups under the group are still making comebacks. The situation of NewJeans is worth mentioning, as there is speculation that there is a risk of betraying the group.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) was 'thrown away' by her juniors, lost her position as leader, fans were stunned and confused?

Thanh Phúc14:17:12 24/03/2024
All Kpop fans are extremely excited about the news that Lisa's junior, female idol artist Danielle (NewJeans), holds the position of global ambassador for fashion brand Celine. This is the position where Lisa was previously chosen to send gold.

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