Journalist Han Ni quoted the law and said straight to her face that Ms. Phuong Hang, when announcing the news of being fired, withdrew her lawyer's card

Nam PhươngJan 11, 2022 at 16:40

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Journalist Han Ni affirmed that Ms. Phuong Hang's livestream statements were completely slanderous.

In Ms. Phuong Hang's drama universe, journalist Han Ni is the character most often called out by the female CEO. It is known that the cause of the conflict began when journalist Han Ni publicly commented on livestreams and the Hang Huu charity fund owned by Ms. Hang. Although Han Ni's side affirmed that its analysis was based on the legal aspect, it was not sabotage as CEO Dai Nam said. However, Mr. Dung's wife still used many harsh words to attack him. He even threatened to use his hands and feet, and wherever he encountered a f.ight, journalist Han Ni had to ask the authorities for an intervention.

Journalist Han Ni quoted the law and said straight to her face that Ms. Phuong Hang, when announcing the news of being fired, withdrew her lawyers card - Photo 1

After a temporary lull, recently, many forums supporting Ms. Phuong Hang shared information that journalist Han Ni was fired from her job at Saigon Giai Phong newspaper (HCMC) and had her lawyer's card revoked. Faced with many false and fabricated opinions, on his personal page he has nearly 200k followers. Journalist Han Ni harshly cited criminal law, declaring that General Director of Dai Nam Dang violated the law. At the same time, those who are indirectly spreading the above content cannot escape crime.

Journalist Han Ni said angrily:


The day before she lied, I was fined 7.5 million and muzzled. Now I just watched the clip, Ms. H loudly announced to the YouTubers that I had my journalist card revoked, was fired, had my lawyer card revoked... And she also identified herself with the poor, representing the poor. , if you f.ight her, you're going against the people!

=> Blatant slander and fabrication, Ms. H and the youtubers cannot escape the crime.

The law is here:

1. Article 17 of the 2015 Penal Code, amended and supplemented in 2017, regulates Accomplices:

- Accomplices are cases where two or more people intentionally commit a crime together.

- Accomplices include organizers, practitioners, instigators, and helpers.

=> Help and be an accomplice! Help her spread untruths, she won't escape the crime of being an accomplice!

2. Clause 4, Article 4, Decision 784/QD-BTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications on promulgating the CODE OF CONDUCT ON SOCIAL NETWORKS is to "share information from official, reliable sources".

Journalist Han Ni quoted the law and said straight to her face that Ms. Phuong Hang, when announcing the news of being fired, withdrew her lawyers card - Photo 2

=> So anyone who shares unofficial information that is not true is breaking the law!

P/s: The application has just been sent, tomorrow I will work and hand over more evidence against Ms. Hang to the police!

On the afternoon of November 22, Ms. Dang Thi Han Ni (journalist Han Ni, Saigon Giai Phong Newspaper) said that during the day she sent an urgent report to Ho Chi Minh City Police, Tan Thuan Dong Ward Police (District 7). , Ho Chi Minh City) about the "threatening to kill" behavior of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang (General Director of Dai Nam tourist area, Binh Duong province).

Journalist Han Ni quoted the law and said straight to her face that Ms. Phuong Hang, when announcing the news of being fired, withdrew her lawyers card - Photo 3

On the evening of November 22, the Ho Chi Minh City Police Criminal Police Department (PC02) confirmed that it had received the report, as well as Ms. Han Ni's request for protection. PC02 will consider and resolve the matter according to legal regulations.

In her report, Ms. Han Ni stated that after she sent a petition to Binh Duong Provincial Police requesting to prosecute Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang for the following acts: slander, humiliating others, and taking advantage of democratic freedoms. violating the interests of the State, the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and individuals, Ms. Han Ni is constantly threatened by strangers "claiming to be fans of Ms. Hang".

Previously, on November 16, Ms. Phuong Hang and many people went directly to journalist Han Ni's agency to "give two faces and one word". However, the security guard at Saigon Giai Phong newspaper blocked and refused the request to meet.

Journalist Han Ni quoted the law and said straight to her face that Ms. Phuong Hang, when announcing the news of being fired, withdrew her lawyers card - Photo 4

Talking to the press on the morning of November 24, Han Ni said that between her and Ms. Hang, there are no rights and obligations related to professional legal activities, nor does she provide lawyer services to Ms. Hang. .. "If Ms. Hang thinks she has been offended, she can sue in civil court or the Department of Information and Communications must have jurisdiction - if this agency determines that I have made incorrect statements to her. Hang.

The fact that Ms. Hang sent the application and the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association received and resolved it is not correct, because here there is no connection to the professional activities of lawyers between me and Ms. Hang" - "rose village steel newspaper" said.

Not only Ms. Phuong Hang, Mr. Dung of the lime kiln also harshly announced a lawsuit against journalist Han Ni for the purpose of sabotaging businesses, denying land theft and stealing people's m.oney.

Journalist Han Ni quoted the law and said straight to her face that Ms. Phuong Hang, when announcing the news of being fired, withdrew her lawyers card - Photo 5

"I heard that Ms. Han Ni, both a journalist and a lawyer, is probably educated, probably educated at a decent newspaper, but speaking.... Today, I will officially ask the law The lawyer filed a lawsuit for prosecution for slander and insults that harmed businesses and businessmen during the nation's construction period. I am very uncomfortable and worried about the type of two-faced journalists who are intertwining and covering up in government agencies. country but does not serve the people or the development of society. She said that I was robbing the people's land. Please tell me, our country has laws, no one can rob anyone. I speak the truth, touching Dai Nam, touching the Hang Huu charity fund is like touching my heart, because I determine that it belongs to hundreds of families, to everyone.

Also during the conversation, Mr. Dung of the lime kiln affirmed that the process of compensating people during the construction of the industrial park had been resolved satisfactorily, reasonably and in accordance with the law: "I would like to say, I am I live in Binh Duong and when I speak here, all the people of Binh Duong hear, one Huynh Uy Dung, a 20-year-old police officer, came here to do business. Anyone who is a resident here will know, if 1 People's land costs 10 dong and I buy it for 12 dong or more, then I will compensate. If it's 9.9 dong or lower, I don't do it. I'd rather live idle."

Journalist Han Ni quoted the law and said straight to her face that Ms. Phuong Hang, when announcing the news of being fired, withdrew her lawyers card - Photo 6

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