The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild

Hoàng AnhJun 29, 2022 at 10:55

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Still knowing that love does not distinguish between distance,, gender, but if it does not distinguish between types, it makes many people bewildered. After marrying the doll, Meirivone said that the two did not use safety measures every time they were close. As a result, she was 'pregnant' and had just welcomed her first c.hild. More specifically, the son is quite similar to his father.

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 1

Ms. Meirivone Rocha Moraes (37 years old, Brazil) could not find a worthy person to marry and suffered from loneliness. Her mother decided to help her daughter by making her a rag doll in the form of a man with blue eyes, brown hair and a mustache.

As soon as she received the gift from her mother, Meirivone was very happy and felt that she had loved this 'man' ever since. The two even have dates that are similar to real-life couples.

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 2

In the end, Meirivone decided to marry Marcelo (the doll's name) in a party attended by 250 people. Meirivone shared her feelings on her big day: 'It's a wonderful thing. I am very emotional and happy. He's the man I've always wanted in my life."

Meirivone revealed about the 'new husband' that: 'Marcelo never quarreled with me. He didn't even bother arguing because he understood me so well. The most important thing is that my husband never cheated. He makes every woman jealous because of me'.

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 3

However, the only minus point that Marcelo possesses is 'very lazy, refuses to do anything!', but Meirivone insists it's okay because she is a resilient, strong woman who knows how to keep happy. .

After the marriage, Meirivone said that the two did not use safety measures every time they were close, as a result she was 'pregnant' and gained significant weight in the first months of pregnancy. This past May, the couple welcomed their first c.hild after a 'painless' birth, lasting 35 minutes.

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 4

The woman gave birth at home in front of doctors and nurses, and broadcast it live on the Internet, attracting 200 followers.

The couple named their b.aby Marcelinho. Meirivone said she is having a happy but difficult marriage because she is the only breadwinner in the family. She added that her husband is the perfect person because he doesn't argue with her and accepts anything about her.

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 5

When people commented that her 'husband' and this marriage were 'fake', Meirivone was angry and asserted that everything for her was real.

In fact, Meirivone is not the first person to marry a doll and feel happy about it. Before that, a man caused a stir with a special wedding with his dream lover. It is a beautiful and s.exy doll. According to news sites, Yuri Tolochko from Kazakhstan has been living with a doll named Margo for about a year and a half and said he proposed in December 2019.

It is known that the man is an athlete who began to get acquainted with the doll's "wife" at a nightclub and he originally planned to get married in March 2020 but because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The plan was therefore shelved.

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 6

After two weddings f.orced to postpone, Yuri finally performed a dream wedding with the doll in front of dozens of guests.

After the wedding, Mr. Yuri said he was looking for a house in Almaty or Nur-Sulatan city to move in with his new wife. Earlier, at the beginning of the year, Yuri also took Margo for plastic surgery because she was concerned about her appearance.

"When I showed people Margo's photos, there were many people criticizing and disparaging her. So we decided to cutlery for her. Margo has changed a lot now," the man said.

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 7

According to local media, the marriage of the man and the doll will take effect. The only requirement for a wedding to take place in Kazakhstan is that both consenting parties must be male and female and over the age of 18. Sharing about his special wife, Yuri Tolochko said that Margo "has the ability to do what others cannot".

The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild - Photo 8

Yuri Tolochko also regularly shares his life with his doll "wife". The two often date romantically, travel together. For Yuri Tolochko, Margo is a person of flesh and b.lood, they don't need to talk much just being together can feel love. Their s.ex life is also wonderful, Yuri Tolochko has nothing to complain or blame about his special wife.

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