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Doan Van Hau and his wife filled the month for their first c.hild, when was Doan Hai My born?

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:41:55 03/06/2024
On their personal pages, Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My happily posted photos of filling the month for their first c.hild. This information surprised many fans when the two were previously silent, not r.evealing that the WAG had successfully overcome.

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Shark Binh welcomes two children into the world in a different way, standard "technology shark"

An Nhi16:54:13 14/05/2024
Recently, actress Phuong Oanh posted a photo of successfully giving birth to twins. Many colleagues and audiences sent their wishes to Phuong Oanh and her family. During this time, Shark Binh suddenly reached the top of searches because of his move to welcome his c.hild into the world.

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Justin Bieber announces that he is going to become a father, Hailey Bieber wears a wedding dress that shows off her pregnant belly

Châu Anh11:31:22 10/05/2024
Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber revealed their joy of having a b.aby on a surprise date in Hawaii. Here, the singer born in 1994 worked as a deputy to take photos showing off his pregnant belly for his wife. The good news has received countless congratulations from everyone.

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Zhou Qingxuan hugged his pregnant belly and told the story of "rice filled with tears", he was afraid of this

Uyển Đình09:03:12 09/04/2024
Just finished her wedding, Zhou Qingxuan made headlines when she quickly returned to livestreaming despite being pregnant with her first c.hild. Quang Hai's wife's revelations about eating rice chan with tears received attention from everyone.

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Doan Hai My "flexed" the top pregnant mother's figure, "scored" when responding to delicate matters

Thiên Di17:11:10 03/04/2024
Doan Hai My and defender Doan Van Hau have been married for 5 months, recently the couple officially announced Hai My's pregnancy. Therefore, each time she appears, she receives a lot of love and attention from the people.

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Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My officially announced they had a b.aby, releasing amazing maternity photos

Kim Lâm14:13:01 24/03/2024
After a while of fans guessing that Doan Hai My was pregnant, Doan Van Hau and his wife finally officially welcomed b.aby Dragon with a series of amazing maternity photos. Many viewers and close friends sent their congratulations to the couple.

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Dang Thu Ha announced the good news of having a b.aby after more than 1 month of marriage, it's true that the wedding was a pregnancy

Uyển Đình06:47:14 30/01/2024
After more than a month of officially joining the family with a lavish wedding, h.ot tiktoker Dang Thu Ha announced the good news of having a b.aby on her personal page. Many netizens, friends and colleagues sent their congratulations to her.

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"Pregnant sister" Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu announced h.ot news after 1 year of marriage, people eagerly waited for the happy day

An Nhi09:34:48 01/12/2023
After more than 1 year of marriage, Dieu Nhi and her husband Anh Tu have officially announced the happy news to fans. As soon as the information was released, fans were feverish and eagerly waiting for the happy day that the couple announced.

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Puka "5 times 7 times" was rumored to be pregnant with her first c.hild, angrily released strong evidence in response

Thiên Di07:32:39 26/11/2023
After marrying Gin Tuan Kiet, Puka has always been in the sights of netizens as he was constantly scrutinized about having his first c.hild. Unable to let things go too far, Puka officially spoke out to clarify the matter.

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Sam lamented her pregnancy journey, but just as she announced the good news, she encountered a health change

Phúc Sen15:43:04 30/10/2023
Actress and h.ot g.irl Sam has just shared a remarkable story about her journey of getting pregnant with her first c.hild, full of hardships and difficulties, and everyone who hears it feels sad. Not long after announcing the good news, she already talked about changes in her health.

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Minh Hang lost her appearance after giving birth and was seriously stressed when she looked in the mirror and did not recognize herself

Đức Trí14:06:42 02/10/2023
Female singer and actress Minh Hang recently shared information about her life as a mother. Reappearing in public, Minh Hang shocked people when she said she had been severely stressed because her beauty had declined.

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Lucie - Tuan Duong were "strong" at their first c.hild's first month ceremony, fans shook their heads because they were too "loving foreigners"?

Bảo Tiên12:11:57 15/09/2023
As their first daughter, h.ot KOL couple Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong are not afraid to spend m.oney on their b.aby's first month party. However, despite its grandeur, the party still caused controversy.

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Puka reveals 'spirituality' related to pregnancy amid suspicion of having her first c.hild

Bảo Tiên16:14:18 12/09/2023
Publicly in love not long ago, Puka was suspected to be pregnant with her first c.hild. Recently, the actress's sharing in the midst of this scandal is attracting the attention of the online community.

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Ho Quang Hieu and his wife who are 17 years younger officially have "good news", information about their first c.hild is revealed?

Huỳnh Phúc15:50:43 11/09/2023
After a few months of marriage, recently the couple Ho Quang Hieu and his model girlfriend Tue Nhu officially have good news. Currently, this topic is being hotly discussed by netizens.

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Minh Hang announces the birth of his first c.hild, surprise beauty after his mother's d.eath

Nguyễn Kim09:19:49 24/08/2023
The news that Minh Hang gave birth to a son for her businessman husband after more than 1 year of marriage has received many blessings from everyone. The first information of the c.hild was also shared by the singer.

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Do My Linh revealed loopholes about the postpartum health condition, how the appearance of the prince made the online community curious

Đình Thi17:27:38 10/08/2023
In recent days, the news that Do My Linh gave birth to her young master's husband's first c.hild has received a lot of attention from the public. The queen's family remained as private as she was ; however, Do My Linh has made a new move on Social Media.

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Do My Linh hid her first c.hild "as tightly as a child", the husband revealed a loophole to r.eveal the image related to the c.hild

An Nhi17:37:01 09/08/2023
The news that Do My Linh gave birth to the young master's husband's first c.hild received special attention from the public. So far, the queen has not publicly revealed any information about the little angel, but the husband revealed loopholes.

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Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before "going to the bath", the guest cast did 1 stun job

Nhật Hân11:09:40 08/08/2023
Tuan Duong organized a pregnancy party for Lucie Nguyen before the day she died, welcoming the couple's first c.hild. But what caught the attention was the cast of guests present at the party.

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Touched by the "boy without legs" who accompanied his wife throughout the birthing journey, the fans praised him for being so kind!

Hàn Di10:27:22 31/07/2023
The story of the life of the couple To Dinh Khanh - the b.oy without legs and Tran Thuong, continues to make fans touched and admired. It is known that although he was disabled with his legs, he always accompanied his wife throughout the birthing journey.

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Lindsay Lohan - "Teenage Queen" gave birth to her first c.hild, officially becoming a mother at the age of 35

Hàn Di15:28:46 18/07/2023
Former US c.hild star Lindsay Lohan married fiance Bader Shammas in an intimate ceremony - just hours before celebrating her 36th birthday. Recently, the teenage queen also announced that she had given birth to her first c.hild

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Singer MiA: Once shocked when she "wished for a life without having children", now happily welcoming her first c.hild?

Pipi16:01:43 21/04/2023
MiA is one of the female singers who are interested by many young people because of their diverse and personal style. After getting married, MiA was determined not to give up her art work, even decided not to have children, however, recently, the singer officially welcomed her...

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Mau Thuy has just "passed out" and was worried about "fever" for her son because of this, r.evealing the mother's life?

N.P15:50:38 24/02/2023
Not only recording a close-up of the successful birth, Mau Thuy is also quite comfortable in sharing pictures of her current son. Recently, the female supermodel said that she had joined the association of c.hild addiction and expressed concern for her son. Not long ago, Mau Thuy...

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Son Ye Jin posted a photo of her first son with her husband Hyun Bin, r.evealing the b.aby's intimate name

Jisoo14:32:17 24/12/2022
Accordingly, her son's name at home is Kim Alkkong which means "sweet, cheerful". Son Ye Jin said she was worried when the b.aby was born a little earlier than expected. Korean actress Son Ye Jin - wife of actor Hyun Bin - gave birth to her first son on November 27. According to...

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Goalkeeper wife Bui Tien Dung regained her neat shape, showing off her slim waist style after giving birth to her first son

Mộc16:57:40 10/12/2022
Bui Tien Dung is the right psychological husband when he wakes up early to help his wife take care of the children. Netizens expressed their admiration for Dianka - the goalkeeper's wife had just given birth for 2 weeks, but her waist was slim, seemingly without any excess fat...

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