Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage

Hoàng AnhJun 08, 2022 at 16:15

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Push Puttichai plays the male lead - Chatchavee in the Thai movie that is causing a fever all over Asia "The leaf rolls away". He is considered a handsome Thai screen man, has a successful career and a happy married life.

Recently, on his personal page, actor Push Puttichai was happy to announce that his wife Jooy was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage.

The couple thanked everyone for their wishes during the past time, and said that this is the best gift for the couple's upcoming birthday.

Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage - Photo 1

Previously, in March, Push and Jooy were criticized for not appearing at the funeral of actress Tangmo Nida. It is known that Push and Tangmo played husband and wife in the hit movie The Leaf Gone.

At that time, Push and his wife livestream revealed the reason for not going to the funeral of their co-star: "There have been a lot of comments, some of them going too far.

Please use language in moderation. We also have feelings. I feel extremely bad. I'm about to have a b.aby and the doctor advised me to stay away from crowded places. We also wanted to make space for people who are really close to Tangmo. I don't want to cry, but I'm in a bad mood.

All I can do is pray for Tangmo. When I heard she fell into the water, I was hoping for a miracle."

Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage - Photo 2

For Thai fans, Push Puttichai is a familiar name. The American male born in 1986 has a flourishing career and a happy married life with his partner. Despite many successes with the 7th art, the starting point of Push Puttichai surprised many people. In a sharing with the press, Push Puttichai said he used to be timid and shy. To overcome his weaknesses, Push decided to study at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University of Communication. At first, the young man in the province struggled a lot to earn a living and pay for school fees. He worked many jobs from checking tickets at cinemas, removing and pasting posters on the street and finally pursuing his dream of becoming a DJ at Chill FM 89.

Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage - Photo 3

Push's first role came by chance while he was still working as a DJ at Chill FM 89. Although it was only a small role in the sitcom Koo Rak Tang Kua, it was a stepping stone for later roles. Thanks to his handsome appearance, he quickly caught the eye of famous directors.

In 2014, taking on the lead role in the movie Catching the Angel brought Push Puttichai's age to stardom. In 2015, Push continuously took on the main role in five hit projects. From a little-known DJ with no formal acting training, Push has become one of the most powerful actors in Thailand. Push's career also flourished from here, he constantly received invitations to participate in film projects from the "big men" of the entertainment industry of the Golden Temple. In addition to acting, Push is also the MC of some famous TV shows here.

Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage - Photo 4

In the movie "Flying Leaf", the beautiful and tumultuous love story of Uncle Chatchavee (Push Puttichai) and transgender niece Nira (Baifern Pimchanok) is the factor that attracts the audience. Many people commented that both of them were very beautiful and secretly hoped that one day they would "fake love for real".

However, in real life, Push Puttichai has a happy life with his wife, also a famous actor in Thailand - Warutaya Nilakhuha (also known as Jooy). Before having a happy married life like the present, the couple encountered many ups and downs when, from the first day of public love, the audience protested loudly. The reason is because Jooy has a less prominent appearance when standing next to Push, moreover, she is 3 years older than Push. However, despite the whispers and discussions, in 2018, the couple's dreamlike wedding still took place. Until now, Push and Jooy's happy life still makes many people jealous.

Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage - Photo 5

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