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Yong Jun Hyung: HyunA's fiancé, who was involved in Seungri's Burning Sun scandal

Uyển Đình17:17:04 10/07/2024
Yong Jun Hyung is a member of the group BEAST as the group's main rapper. In addition, he is also known as a talented musician, singer, and producer. He is also a professional actor and dancer.

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Han Tuyet quietly married her husband over 18 years old, the identity of the other half was surprising

Kim Oanh11:44:03 10/07/2024
Sohu reported that Han Tuyet and her husband, businessman Van Son, were spotted eating with friends in Hong Kong. This is a rare time for the two to appear together. According to Sohu, Han Tuyet and his wife wore simple clothes. A few days ago, the information that Han Tuyet secretly married...

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Luong Bang Quang showed off sweet wedding photos with Ngan 98, about to take her "home"

Uyển Đình11:39:16 10/07/2024
Luong Bang Quang posted on his personal page a series of wedding photos that attracted great attention from the online community. Netizens speculated that the couple was about to hold a wedding after 7 years of ups and downs together.

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Hyuna: the queen of seduction followed Junhyung to the palace, netizens argued fiercely

Hoàng Anh16:08:53 08/07/2024
Korean showbiz was stirred by the news that Hyuna and Junhyung (HIGHLIGHT) were about to get married. However, this is no longer a rumor, because the star couple has set a date for the wedding ceremony on October 11, which will take place in Seoul, recognizing her as the top, taking poison

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Mango Non: serious weight loss after divorce, revealing an alarming health condition?

Mỹ Hoa13:43:15 08/07/2024
In some posing moments, Xoai Non accidentally revealed her skinny b.ody and alarmingly thin legs. Many fans who have followed Xoai Non for a long time also think that she is thinner than before.

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Tin Nguyen confessed that he once had a husband, "broke the burden" because of the little tam, revealing the story of his children

Thiên Di13:46:53 06/07/2024
Tin Nguyen is one of the popular female TikTokers, receiving love from everyone. Recently, she suddenly admitted that she used to have a husband but broke up because a third person stepped in.

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Ms. Giang Taiwan, the bride of Taiwan, criticized Vietnamese boys on the air of your country, causing frustration

Kim Oanh11:34:59 06/07/2024
Social networks spread an upsetting video, specifically a person named Ms. Giang Taiwan went on TV in your country to criticize the value of Vietnamese men, on the contrary, she praised her foreign husband, making the public feel quite disgusted

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Suspicious of Prince Thao secretly registering marriage and wedding held this year?

Kim Oanh14:23:21 03/07/2024
The noisy love affair of Prince Thao and his girlfriend Tu Nghe Duong is rumored to have come to an end, making Chinese fans confused about the authenticity. Some netizens think that the former EXO member will be the groom at the end of this year

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Miss Olivia Culpo ended her 4-year love affair with an important event

Hoàng Anh13:51:09 01/07/2024
The wedding ceremony of Miss Olivia Culpo and rugby player Christian McCaffrey has just taken place in Rhode Island (USA). The couple exchanged vows in the Watch Hill chapel, in the presence of family and close friends

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Thuy Ngan admits that she has a c.hild, will she continue to strive to get promoted soon?

Hoàng Anh08:00:29 29/06/2024
Thuy Ngan's image publicized a series of photos taken at the same location as Lam Thanh Kim, and also included the appearance of the b.aby. This coincidence made people suspect that she had secretly given birth. After that, the actress had to speak up and admit that she was the c.hild's mother

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Me and the Marriage War: Phung Thieu Phong lost his form and got a new wife

Bảo Yến17:31:36 25/06/2024
After his divorce from Trieu Le Dinh, recently actor Phung Thieu Phong suddenly publicly appeared together with his new wife. The two are about to get married and receive the blessings of many people.

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The leader of Japan's heaviest music group gets married and reveals her future husband

Bút Chì15:54:28 30/05/2024
The leader of the plus-sized band Big Angel announced that she would get married early because she was pregnant with her first c.hild. It is known that her group brings together girls with plus-sized and chubby bodies, with the goal of becoming a positive cultural inspiration for plus-sized women...

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Baifern Pimchanok is attractively beautiful in Switzerland, revealing the truth about the love of a c.hild 4 years younger than her

Bút Màu20:41:34 27/05/2024
Baifern Pimchanok and actor Nine Naphat had a fun trip to Switzerland. Here, the two had many romantic moments together. The actress excitedly showed off her boyfriend's photography talent, no need for any editing.

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ViruSs's mother raised the criteria of being picky about brides, fans criticized her paternalism and advised Ngoc Kem to choose again

Bút Máy19:56:58 27/05/2024
Stories revolving around the relationship between husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are receiving more attention from netizens than ever. That's why ViruSs's mother's sharing about the criteria for choosing a daughter-in-law suddenly became a topic of discussion.

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A 23-year-old hotgirl fell in love with an 80-year-old man who was the same age as her grandfather, only to break up after getting married

Thảo Mai18:50:20 26/05/2024
Despite being rejected by her family and rejected by society, this 23-year-old g.irl still decided to marry a man 50 years older than her. After a period of living together, more and more difficulties came to them.

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Ha Tri Quang shows off her big bust, her boyfriend Thanh Doan announces the success of her "dragon hunt".

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:31:29 24/05/2024
Ha Tri Quang's unusually large bust made many viewers surprised and confused. Right after that, Thanh Doan also announced that dragon hunting attracted even more attention. So what is the reality of the images?

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Does Phuong Nhi act strangely when meeting a group of sisters, revealing a hint that she is about to become a wealthy bride?

Bút Chì13:37:22 17/05/2024
Runner-up Phuong Nhi's attitude makes beauty fans confused as she is always the queen who interacts most with the camera. Many people predict that perhaps the Thanh beauty is about to become a wealthy daughter-in-law.

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Marriage tragedy among Chinese men, experts use Fat Cat as an example

Bút Chì16:24:13 16/05/2024
Not only is it a lesson in love, the case of Chinese gamer Fat Cat also raises a serious problem in China - where men outnumber women and are under pressure to provide for their girlfriends immediately. even before marriage.

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Ngo Kien Huy introduced his girlfriend's family who is 9 years younger than him, taking advantage of the surprise

Bút Máy14:25:31 15/05/2024
After being questioned about dating, Ngo Kien Huy continued to r.eveal a series of details about the family of his rumored girlfriend - h.ot g.irl Uyen Endy. Fans questioned the two of them thinking about getting together.

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Uhm Ki Joon was once rumored to be in love with a K-pop idol, but now announces his marriage

Bút Máy16:32:17 13/05/2024
The news of actor Uhm Ki Joon getting married caused a stir in Korean public opinion today. According to many sources, Uhm Ki Joon tried to protect his fiancée's identity until the wedding because she was not active in the entertainment industry.

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Do Ha mentioned that her boyfriend was about to get married and had many changes after falling in love

Phương Thảo21:33:22 11/05/2024
After responding to the information about preparing to marry her young master's boyfriend, Miss Do Ha seems more comfortable in making her current relationship public. The queen also secretly mentioned her lover on her social network.

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The guy married 2 wives at the same time: Lovers of 10 years, who hit "love thunder"

An Nhi14:39:49 05/05/2024
Standing between 2 choices, one side is the love that has been attached for many years, the other side is serious feelings in adulthood. Both women were precious and didn't know who to choose, so he chose them both.

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Miss Y Nhi had a "misfortune" with Miss World, the possibility of "unfinishing" her studies to participate in the competition

Thiên Di14:41:25 20/04/2024
Recently, Y Nhi caused a stir by secretly marrying her boyfriend, which could lead to her losing her spot in the Miss World contest. Recently, the beauty queen was said to have to temporarily stop her studies after news broke about the time of Miss World.

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The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision

Tuyết Ngọc17:55:58 19/04/2024
Frustrated that his only daughter refused to get married and have children, the father then decided to use a surrogacy service to have a grandchild. After hearing this, the mother immediately became angry and demanded a divorce.

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