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The wife put on beautiful makeup and told her to go to the hospital, but the husband followed her to the place and saw a difficult situation

Bút Màu11:48:55 19/05/2024
Acumen accidentally becomes a tool to help the husband discover his wife's secret. Chinese netizens say this is a lesson for both men and women to know how to control themselves and not let themselves go beyond their limits.

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David Beckham publicly announced his affair, wife Victoria cried in pain

Gia Nhi10:07:14 19/05/2024
Former football player David Beckham recently made a big splash when he revealed all the rumors of his affair and cheating on his wife Victoria to the public. He admitted his past mistakes and faced them frankly, making the audience both shocked and sympathetic.

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Soanh first spoke out about the news of the affair, having a "rain sister" after breaking up with Ye

Quỳnh Quỳnh19:41:47 10/05/2024
After a series of hotgirl dating questions caused the marriage with Ye to break down, recently, Soanh has spoken out about the incident that attracted the attention of netizens. At the same time, the guy also clarified the relationship with the rumored 3rd person.

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Fat Cat's girlfriend Dam Truc is constantly accused of flirting with both boys and girls

Mẫn Nhi09:23:40 07/05/2024
During the time of falling in love with Fat Cat, during 2 years, Dam Truc only met him exactly 2 times. The rest of the time is to use the Fat Cat's m.oney to saw, flirt with many other girls and boys.

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The guy married 2 wives at the same time: Lovers of 10 years, who hit "love thunder"

An Nhi14:39:49 05/05/2024
Standing between 2 choices, one side is the love that has been attached for many years, the other side is serious feelings in adulthood. Both women were precious and didn't know who to choose, so he chose them both.

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Liang Chaoyu was entangled with the news that there were children, Liu Jialing hurriedly sold his house for $ 9 million

Thiên Di15:30:52 04/05/2024
Over the past time, rumors of Leung Chaoyu's affair have attracted a lot of attention. In the midst of this, Liu Jialing was revealed to have sold many properties urgently because of problems with his marriage to Liang Chaoyu.

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Nemo shows her bruised face, crying about her husband's a.dultery before his wife goes to jail?

Uyển Đình13:32:52 02/05/2024
After a row with his former assistant over the past few days, Nemo Page has again attracted attention with a video accusing her husband of having an affair. According to the footage shared, she appeared with a bruised face, accusing her husband: "Wife is going to jail, husband at home having an affair first."

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Diep nonchalantly showed off her s.exy bare shoulders, her beauty improved after the noisy breakup with Soanh

T.P12:42:30 29/04/2024
Tiktoker Diep without a broom continues to make the internet stir when suddenly there is a new move on his personal page. Accordingly, Soanh's wife showed off her s.exy bare shoulders, confidence in her beauty and hidden self-love after the noise related to love.

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Trang Nemo's ex-assistant came forward and accused her husband of having an affair, causing her to go to jail and feel anxious

Phúc Sen06:47:55 29/04/2024
H.ot g.irl selling clothes Trang Nemo, who caused a stir on social networks throughout 2023 when she got into a noisy f.ight with white-shirted sister Mai Khanh, had to go to jail 1 month ago. While serving the sentence, her former assistant suddenly came forward and accused her husband of having an affair.

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Soanh was "caught" by netizens to have divorced Diep, the evidence was made public by the owner

An Nhi14:58:42 24/04/2024
Since resuming activities after a series of noise, every move of Soanh and Diep has been noticed by netizens. Accordingly, a move that people believe is that the two have now truly gone their separate ways.

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Diep posted a photo holding Soanh's hand, hinting at their current relationship, do fans suspect they are about to return?

Kim Lâm15:03:27 22/04/2024
After a period of silence amid the drama storm, without mentioning anything about her other half, Diep surprised many people by posting a sweet photo with Soanh. This move of hers attracted a lot of attention and questions about their current relationship.

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Diep appeared haggard, determined to become a new person, doing the same thing as Soanh

Kim Lâm17:03:07 19/04/2024
After announcing his stay in hiding, Diep Khong Choi publicly revealed himself, attracting attention from the online community. Notably, the h.ot female tiktoker also did something identical to Soanh, raising many questions.

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Vuong The Thoi's parents "scorned" their daughter-in-law's gait during pregnancy and constantly spoke ill of her

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:39:02 19/04/2024
The drama between Vuong The Thoi and Hoang Phuong Thi has not shown signs of cooling down, but the male tiktoker's parents released a clip depicting their daughter-in-law's gait when pregnant. This is like pouring fuel on the fire, making the online community angry.

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Vuong The Thoi blamed all the blame on his wife's family and was severely insulted by the community

Vân Anh11:08:50 19/04/2024
Vuong The Thoi, after being accused by his wife with enough evidence, even his parents revealed a clip of defaming his daughter-in-law in front of his son's ex-girlfriend, he responded harshly but the argument was too lame. , shy...

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Ex-lover Vuong The Thoi came out to complain, fans scolded her and slapped her face, unable to keep up

Đức Trí09:43:18 19/04/2024
Regarding the noisy tiktoker couple Vuong The Thoi and Hoang Phuong Thi going their separate ways, the wife accused her husband's family of being bad, the husband had an affair, and the parents-in-law were welcoming to their son's ex-lover. Recently, the character believed to be a minor spoke up.

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Tran Hach: Had an affair with his co-star and left his wife, was criticized and his career still flourished

Bình Minh18:19:48 17/04/2024
Tran Hach is one of the special cases in the showbiz world, despite having an affair, his career is still flourishing. He used to be a man who was faithful to his wife for 13 years until he left with his wife.

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Vuong The Thoi "counterattacked", accusing his wife of being too fond of playing games and leaving her children unqualified to be a mother

Thiên Di17:21:01 17/04/2024
The drama between Vuong The Thoi and Hoang Phuong Thi is causing noise on social networks. After his wife exposed his bad habits on social media, Vuong The Thoi also responded.

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Soanh hinted that there was a new person, "out of love" for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice?

Uyển Đình17:17:35 15/04/2024
Every move of Soanh - Diep is now the center of attention of the online community. Recently, he also made people confused when he secretly said this about his ex-wife.

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The case of a 22-year-old nanny snatching her husband: The fans revealed their fate, their true nature was exposed

Trí Nhi16:08:29 15/04/2024
The Vietnamese online community is extremely excited about the series about a 22-year-old Canadian nanny who snatched her landlord's husband. Recently, netizens also debunked this g.irl's horoscope, r.evealing her true personality in terms of numerology.

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Soanh revealed her personal changes after the scandal of divorce from Diep, the wedding ring on her hand attracted attention

An Nhi16:57:23 13/04/2024
After a period of noise on social networks with news of their separation, Soanh and Diep have yet to make any official announcement. Until recently, Soanh attracted attention when she first publicly appeared with a strange status line.

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Soanh announces the time to sign Diep's divorce papers, fans are confused to find out the truth

Thanh Phúc13:30:12 02/04/2024
Netizens are extremely abuzz with the image that is said to be the announcement of tiktoker Soanh, about the date and time of signing divorce papers with his wife Diep. Netizens immediately made waves, finding out the truth behind the story.

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Soanh revealed her sad mood and denied having a new love, but Diep happily said she loved him

Keng13:48:13 28/03/2024
Soanh and Diep were once a popular couple. After 4 years of love, in early 2023, the couple moved in together with the enthusiastic support of both families.

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Diep spoke up to confirm his breakup with Soanh, "blocking the way" to mend the relationship?

Uyển Đình15:01:00 27/03/2024
In recent days, the keywords Soanh and Diep, Soanh and Diep divorce... are among the top searches on social networks. Every move of both of them is watched by people. Recently, Diep's status line confirming their breakup immediately attracted attention.

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Soanh hinted that Diep was greedy, admitted that he was a good man, and divorced because his ex didn't know enough?

Keng14:02:15 25/03/2024
After announcing that they were going their separate ways, every move of the couple Soanh (Tran Minh Son Anh born in 1998) and Diep (Bui Thi Bich Diep born in 1999) during this time received great public attention. .

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