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The man who was just released after 57 years in prison has asked to re-enter, why?

Phi Yến17:52:47 26/04/2024
Having been in prison for more than 50 years, after being released, the man asked to be returned to prison, surprising everyone. Many people believe that he is used to life in detention.

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The U50 groom disregarded the controversy and tattooed the marriage certificate and plane ticket on his hand

Hoa Tuyết06:54:42 30/03/2024
A U50 man in Ho Chi Minh City decided to tattoo his marriage certificate and plane ticket on his hand after the wedding. Few people know that behind it lies a special love story.

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The man pretended to be a beggar for more than a decade, earning half a billion a year

Hoa Tuyết11:17:44 10/03/2024
Working as a beggar for 12 years at a tourist area, the man earned 50 million VND per month, even buying 5 insurance packages for himself. It turns out this profession is so easy to m.ake m.oney.

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"The first man in Vietnam to give birth" what is life like after 4 years?

Minh Ngọc17:52:10 09/03/2024
Registering the mother's name with her real name, Minh Khang will be both a father and a mother to take care of her first daughter. After 4 years, Khang was commented that he looked more masculine, and he also devoted all his time to taking care of the b.aby.

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The U70 man has muscles billowing like a young man, thanks to his strange way of training

Snow17:18:27 05/03/2024
Looking at the man's muscular b.ody, no one thought he was 70 years old. In order to look as young as a young man in his twenties, this person has maintained training for many years.

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Strange man beggars driving luxury cars practicing, earning several million a day

Nguyễn Kim15:22:42 02/03/2024
When they see beggars on the street, many will feel sympathy and do not hesitate to pull out their wallets and give them some m.oney. However, there are also cases of fake poverty faking misery to ask for m.oney.

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Vietnamese "man" is pregnant naturally, touched by the day "father round square child"

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:31:01 01/03/2024
After registering their marriage, LGBT couple Ngo Quyen and Hong Son decided to have children. Just two months into their release, the couple broke down when they learned they had become parents. It is known that the process of conception and pregnancy are completely natural, making many people surprised.

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The U60 man took 3 girls to be his wife. When they learned the truth, everyone sighed

Bình Minh18:08:39 24/02/2024
Many people were surprised by the news that a 50-year-old man living in Japan married three wives. But when looking at the photos of these 3 girls, everyone shudders.

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How real is the man who won the jackpot by helping the old lady sell l.ottery tickets?

Hoa Tuyết18:35:30 02/02/2024
The man in Tra Vinh borrowed m.oney from a friend to buy l.ottery tickets to help the old woman sell frogs, which was eventually rewarded with 4 billion VND. The story after posting on social media has attracted the attention of many netizen.

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Henry Cavill: The most handsome Superman in history but also the unluckiest in Hollywood

JLO15:46:20 25/01/2024
Possessing a handsome face and sculpted b.ody, Henry Cavill is considered the perfect version of Superman in real life. He was once voted the Sexiest Man in the World by Glamor magazine.

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A confident U40 man with a doll face, after seeing each other 100 times, is still single

Hướng Dương18:13:06 13/01/2024
A matchmaker named Vuong in Hangzhou recently shared that for the first time she met the special case of a 45-year-old man who, despite going on blind dates 100 times, still could not find a suitable match.

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What did the man who snatched the bride's chain of 16 gold rings declare?

Tuyết Ngọc17:14:08 13/01/2024
Taking advantage of the bride and groom's loophole, the man drove a motorbike close and quickly snatched the chain containing 16 gold rings and escaped. He admitted that this was not the first time he robbed.

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For more than a decade, the man was devastated when he learned that his children were not his

Bình Minh11:21:59 12/01/2024
The poor man had been married for 16 years and had four children, and suddenly one day he discovered that all of them were not related by b.lood. Even though his wife did something wrong, she still blatantly said something shocking.

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Dong Nai: The man died unexpectedly in his car, with no signs of robbery

Phi Yến17:27:36 17/12/2023
Seeing the car stop on the side of the road without any movement, people approached and called continuously but no one answered. When the authorities came to pry open the door, they discovered that the driver had stopped breathing.

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The g.irl blatantly spit on the food in the supermarket, the result that followed made many people gloat

Snow17:18:19 11/12/2023
The actions of the g.irl wearing a hospital uniform were strongly condemned, after a clip recording the moment of spitting into a drink in a supermarket was spread on social networks.

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Playing tricks with his best friend to "steal" 10 jackpots, the man discovered a moving truth

Huỳnh Phúc17:01:04 09/10/2023
Because of the act of letting m.oney cover his eyes, a man in Tay Ninh did not hesitate to reach out to his close friend. It was from here that he learned a lesson at the expense of his own life.

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How real is the man who was stopped by a luxury restaurant waiter, demanding 13 million VND in tips?

Snow19:51:40 18/08/2023
After eating, the man, before leaving the restaurant, left at the table 13 million VND in tips. However, he was suddenly called back by the waiter, asking for another 13 million to leave.

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The case of a man with a knife attacking a neighbor: the subject was summoned, suspected of having mental signs

Hàn Di15:18:22 25/07/2023
In the past few days, social networks have been stirred up by a clip that shows a man suddenly bursting into an apartment room, holding a knife to attack his neighbor.

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The case of a g.irl being hit on the head by a man holding a chair: R.evealing the cause of the incident

Ngọc Sa11:22:45 20/07/2023
Regarding the incident where the g.irl was hit in the head by a man with a chair at a restaurant, causing a stir in public opinion, the authorities have now summoned 4 people involved, as well as found out the cause. of the problem.

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The male diners went out to eat hooligans, smashed their bowls and chopsticks, demanding to buy incense to worship the owner just because of the wrong dish

Đức Trí11:42:50 11/06/2023
Netizens are extremely excited and angry at a clip of male diners, going to eat but acting like a senior, thugs s.mashing dishes, knocking over food just because the owner serves the wrong dish.

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Feeling sorry for the sight of a disabled man being abandoned by a bus, and "rubbing more salt" with this sentence

Thanh Phúc07:23:00 02/03/2023
The story of a disabled man who was abandoned by a bus and refused to be transported in Nghe An has made many people feel sad, besides being indignant at the lack of humanity from the garage. Netizens are spreading and sharing dizzy images of a man, disabled in both arms and...

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The case of a man who "spoils" in the notary's office: He has threatened many times due to conflict

Chi Chu13:13:04 26/02/2023
Regarding the case of the man who kicked the face with purple face and spat on the female head of the notary office, it is known that this man is D. has repeatedly cursed and threatened the victim. Ms. T. has also been hospitalized and made a petition for help. In the past few...

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The case of the dog owner's physical impact, the family challenged: "This is a little bit, it won't work".

Nam Phương16:13:41 06/02/2023
According to information from Dan Tri Newspaper, at the office, Mr. D's family apologized to the victim, but one of his companions suddenly challenged: "This is a little bit, it won't work." . On the evening of February 2, public opinion could not help but be angry after...

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Chris Evans - The sexiest man in Hollywood dating a girlfriend 16 years younger, the beauty is right

Hoàng Anh16:58:34 15/11/2022
Media reports that Chris Evans and Alba Baptista have been dating for more than a year. The star couple has many things in common such as the same orientation towards the family, the love for charity. On November 11, People reported that a source close to Chris Evans was dating...

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