There are many cases of doctors being physically affected at the clinic in a row

An TưJul 20, 2023 at 17:30

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Recently, a doctor (living in Dak Lak) was suddenly assaulted by a man who broke into his private clinic. Before that, another doctor (living in Ho Chi Minh City) was also "strangled" by the patient's family at the hospital.

On the afternoon of July 19, Mr. Phan Quang Trung (doctor, owner of a clinic on Tran Phu Street, Thanh Cong Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak) said that he had made a report to the police about the goods being stolen. Neighborhood is Mr. DT. broke into the clinic to act.

Thanh Cong ward police also confirmed that the unit had received Mr. Trung's report and was clarifying the case.

There are many cases of doctors being physically affected at the clinic in a row - Photo 1

Mr. Trung reported the incident as follows: at noon on July 15, Mr. D's daughter. Park his car in front of his clinic - making it difficult to receive patients. Therefore, he took the initiative to go to Mr. D's house. to suggest parking to another location.

Here, Mr. Trung rang the doorbell but did not hear the bell and did not see Mr. open the door. Thinking that the bell was broken, Mr. Trung rang the bell several times. Also for this reason, the two sides exchanged words.

Around 5pm on July 17, when Mr. Trung was examining a patient, suddenly Mr. rushed in to scold.i.i and hit Mr. Trung twice in the face. The entire incident was recorded by the clinic's camera.

"After being assaulted, I was shocked, my right cheek was swollen and painful, my eyes were congested, I had to go to the hospital for a CT Scanner and examination. I made a report to the ward police to handle it for Mr. This behavior no longer exists," said Mr. Trung.

There are many cases of doctors being physically affected at the clinic in a row - Photo 2

At the police station, Mr. He admitted that it was wrong to hit Mr. Trung, stating that he lacked self-control because he had suppressed his anger for a long time.

According to Mr. D., Mr. Trung opened a clinic near his house. For many years, Mr. Trung's guests often parked in front of his house, making him very uncomfortable. Recently, Mr. Trung's customer also dented his car and this customer has compensated for the cost of repairing the car. However, he did not agree with Mr. Trung because he thought it was an unintended incident.

There are many cases of doctors being physically affected at the clinic in a row - Photo 3

"At noon on July 15, my daughter parked her car in front of the clinic, so Mr. Trung rang the bell continuously. I was very upset, while I sympathized with Mr. Trung's parking in front of the house, why is my c.hild? Passed a little, Mr. Trung did not sympathize with my family.

On the afternoon of July 17, Mr. Trung's customer's car was parked at the door, so I went to see Mr. Trung and couldn't control it, so I beat him. The incident happened, I was very sad because I was angry because of suffering for many years", Mr. D. shared.

Perhaps it is because of this that Mr. became angry, leading to the fact that he could not control his emotions in the recent incident.

There are many cases of doctors being physically affected at the clinic in a row - Photo 4

Another incident took place on the afternoon of July 18. The Police Investigation Agency of Binh Thanh District (HCMC) said it had served the decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused and a 2-month ban from leaving his residence with Dao Quoc Bao (41 years old, living in the district). Binh Thanh) for the crime of "disturbing public order".

Before that, around 11 am on July 28, 2022, the Police of Ward 7 (Binh Thanh District) received a criminal complaint from Doctor PHT (34 years old) about being assaulted while on duty. at Gia Dinh People's Hospital.

Through investigation, the police determined, around 9 pm on July 27, Mr. Bao took his daughter, named D.NT (11 years old), with a fish bone fracture, to the emergency department of Gia Dinh People's Hospital for examination and treatment. treat.

At this time, the HTHT female nurse received and made medical records for the pediatric patient. After that, the patient was brought to the doctor by nurse T. for examination and diagnosed with mild neck pain, normal health, and appointed an otolaryngologist to pick up bones.

There are many cases of doctors being physically affected at the clinic in a row - Photo 5

After waiting for about 10 minutes, Mr. Bao didn't see any medical treatment for his son, so he went to the file counter to see doctor PHT (Chief of Emergency Department) to ask. Bao said that the doctors were slow to give first aid and asked to remove the bone or write a referral.

When asked, Doctor PHT replied that the g.irl's condition had been examined by a doctor, now there is no difficulty in breathing, no respiratory failure, no crying and waiting for the otolaryngologist to endoscopically pick up the bones.

However, Bao used his hand to squeeze Dr. T's neck and pushed him to fall backwards. The incident was interrupted by many witnesses. Then, Bao took b.aby T to Children's Hospital 2 for examination.

Through the investigation process, the Investigative Police Department of Binh Thanh District Police determined that Bao's behavior had hindered the emergency and treatment activities of Dr. T. and the emergency department's shift, affecting the lives of patients. The psychology and reputation of Doctor T. and the emergency shift have committed the crime of "Disturbing public order".

There are many cases of doctors being physically affected at the clinic in a row - Photo 6

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