The case of the g.irl being attacked by a man and a woman: the other one surrendered

Đình ThiJul 19, 2023 at 07:59

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On the morning of 5-7, the social network suddenly spread a clip recording a scene where a man and woman used their hands and helmets to attack a g.irl, causing public opinion to stir.

Recently, on the afternoon of July 18, the remaining suspect - T went to Vi Thanh City Police to surrender. Both K and T were prosecuted by the police agency for the crime of "Intentionally causing injury".

According to the initial verification of the PLO, the incident happened in Vi Thanh city, Hau Giang province. The muscular man kicks the man named TTT, the woman wears a helmet, the man named VTK Both are husband and wife and live in Vi Thanh city, Hau Giang province. The female victim is D.TTL (19 years old, living in Long My town) currently living with her grandmother, her mother is working in Binh Duong.

The case of the g.irl being attacked by a man and a woman: the other one surrendered - Photo 1

Specifically, the clip is about 46 seconds long, capturing a scene of a tall young man holding a woman of small stature. While talking, this young man repeatedly physically hit the face of the victim - the woman above.

Worth mentioning, accompanied by the young man was another woman who took advantage of the time the victim was being held and used a helmet to hit the victim's head several times, accompanied by the words "cursing" curse" heavily.

The case of the g.irl being attacked by a man and a woman: the other one surrendered - Photo 2

At the police station L. - the victim reported the incident: she and K. are friends. The two contradict each other because L. calls K. "it". K. did not agree with this way of addressing, so he called L. to meet. Around 9 pm on July 3, K. and her husband went to a motel in Ward 4, Vi Thanh City, and asked L. to come down to "talk". Here, the g.irl apologizes but K. disagrees. "When we met, I admitted I was wrong, but they were still beaten. They beat me for about 5 minutes," L. said.

The case of the g.irl being attacked by a man and a woman: the other one surrendered - Photo 3

The case of the g.irl being attacked by a man and a woman: the other one surrendered - Photo 4

L. shared, because he was hit by two people at the same time, he was not strong enough to f.ight back, he could only use his hands to support punches, and he did not know anyone around to ask for help. The next morning, ie 4/7, the family heard that L. was beaten, so they took him to report to the police. On the same day, L. was taken to assess the injury, check the wounds.

On July 7, Vi Thanh City Police (Hau Giang) said that the unit had grasped the situation and was clarifying the case of the g.irl being brutally beaten by a couple, causing public outrage. At this time, Vi Thanh City Police also confirmed - they are working with K. and related people. As for T., the authorities could not work because T had fled.

Earlier on July 11, at the press conference for the first 6 months of 2023 of Hau Giang province, a reporter asked a question related to the case of "a man and a woman brutally b.eating a g.irl that happened in ward 4, Vi Thanh City".

Colonel Nguyen Van Gia said that up to this point, the investigation agency has prosecuted the case and prosecuted the accused against VTK to investigate the act of "Intentionally causing injury". However, because defendant K is 8 months pregnant, the police agency released him on bail.

After the incident, the Vi Thanh City Police Department conducted verification and invited relevant people to work. As a result of the examination, victim L. was injured 6%.

"Up to this point, the suspect Thien has escaped. In the next week, if the suspect is not arrested, the investigation agency will issue a wanted decision. The police's point of view is to strictly handle the case." Hau Giang Police Director confirmed.

Another similar incident - on the evening of July 16, on the fanpage of more than 3 million followers, there was an image of a young man using a plastic chair to "affect" a g.irl. According to posted information, the incident happened at a restaurant on Nguyen Xi Street, Truong Thi Ward, Vinh City (Nghe An) on the evening of the same day.

The content of the clip shows, a man wearing white clothes holding a red plastic chair hit a g.irl in a black shirt. Another man at the table also waved his hand at the g.irl.

The case of the g.irl being attacked by a man and a woman: the other one surrendered - Photo 5

The g.irl who was beaten could only hold her head in battle and say "I'm sorry". However, the man holding the chair only stopped when a man wearing a black shirt hugged him and pushed him out.

The clip of the incident was posted on social media and attracted more than 2,300 comments. Many accounts expressed outrage at the violent action and used words like "cowardly", "humiliating" for the man mentioned above.

But one account said that the g.irl in the incident must have said something and acted like that to be beaten. However, most of the comments said that the act of hitting women by the two men in the clip was wrong and unacceptable.

According to Dan Tri, after receiving information from the people, the Truong Thi ward police force was present to bring the relevant people to the office.

Initially, the cause of the incident was determined to be a conflict between two women. The case is being handled by the Truong Thi ward police according to its competence.

The case of the g.irl being attacked by a man and a woman: the other one surrendered - Photo 6

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