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Luu Huong Giang revealed new details about Ho Hoai Anh's divorce, hinting at happiness

T.P15:35:55 27/02/2024
Female singer Luu Huong Giang continues to attract people's attention when she suddenly posts a moody post, hinting at happiness on her personal page. Amid the noise, she divorced her husband, musician Ho Hoai Anh.

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Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentine's Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy

Phong Trần16:39:44 15/02/2024
Most fans believe that Huong Giang has found new happiness after nearly two years of being single. However, after finding out the identity of this young man, many people had to bury their joy as they blessed the queen.

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Lan Khue resigned, Huong Giang - Pharmacist Tien was the MUVN Producer, Bui Quynh Hoa caused trouble

Hoàng Phúc15:31:59 29/01/2024
On the morning of January 29, the press conference to sign the announcement of the Producer of the Miss Universe Vietnam contest took place in Ho Chi Minh City. The people who stand in charge of MUVN are none other than Pharmacist Tien and Huong Giang.

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My Linh broke the habit of wearing a s.exy short dress, but Dieu Nhi still took the spotlight away

Nguyễn Tuyết07:28:29 29/01/2024
The WeChoice Awards Gala took place with a series of unique and eye-catching performances, including Mashup by the Beautiful Sisters of the Wind group. Diva My Linh and Dieu Nhi brought many surprises in this performance.

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Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, r.evealing the time was near

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:43:27 27/01/2024
After a period of being single, Huong Giang suddenly announced that she was preparing to get married, causing a stir all over the internet. The queen also revealed the time she got married, making people even more anxious. Everyone wonders who the other half is?

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Colombia will choose transgender runner-up for the MU competition, Huong Giang - Nam Are you calling my name?

Thảo Mai07:25:09 22/01/2024
Jasmine Jimenez - 1st runner-up Miss International Queen 2022 participated in the casting session in her hometown to search for a ticket to Miss Universe Colombia. The decision of the transgender beauty from Colombia has excited beauty fans.

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Quynh Nga resigned as national director of MUVN, Huong Giang - Pharmacist Tien took her place?

Bảo Nam17:18:26 19/01/2024
Recently, the official homepage of the Miss Universe Vietnam organization announced to fans that Quynh Nga left her position as National Director of Miss Universe Vietnam due to personal reasons.

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Phuong Vy revealed the results of the show Ms. Dep, Quynh Nga was awarded the title by Le Quyen

Nguyễn Tuyết09:55:07 14/01/2024
After Luu Huong Giang left in the public performance round of 4 shows, Sister Dep Dap Gio, Phuong Vy teamed up with her seniors to form a 2-member music group, surprising people.

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Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and "tragedy" when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh

An Nhi10:19:19 09/01/2024
The story of Liu Xiangjiang's divorce from Ho Hoai Anh has received the attention of the online community in recent days. As soon as the marriage news was revealed, Liu Xiangjiang had the first reactions that attracted attention.

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Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind", still surprisingly optimistic

Nguyễn Tuyết15:10:02 08/01/2024
With continuous efforts during the participation, Luu Huong Giang still had to stop at Sister Dep Pedal Wind. Although she has regrets, the past journey has left her with many good memories.

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Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, "flying color" from Sister Dep

Thiên Di18:55:26 07/01/2024
Singer Liu Xiangjiang due to a family incident was absent for a few days without coming to practice. Then she came back with signs of fatigue, boredom. At the end of round 4, Liu Xiangjiang had to leave in the surprise of the audience.

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Liu Xiangjiang revealed the breakup of her marriage, and Liu Tianxiang's sister reacted in s.hock

Thiên Di12:06:50 05/01/2024
After My Linh posted a forum talking about Huong Giang's relationship with her ex-husband, many Vietnamese stars left interactions, while comforting the artist. Besides, the online community also wondered in the midst of the breakdown of her sister's marriage, what did Liu Tianxiang do?

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Vu Thuy Quynh repeatedly revealed that she was dating a "beautiful sister", denying that no one believed

Khánh Huyền17:40:44 02/01/2024
Vu Thuy Quynh has repeatedly denied dating rumors with model Ha Kino, but people find it difficult to believe because of the series of actions, gestures and eyes that the two give each other every time they appear together.

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Bui Quynh Hoa did a touching thing with Huong Giang after all the beauty queen noise

Mộc Trà09:48:12 30/12/2023
Although Bui Quynh Hoa is the reigning queen of a major, prestigious beauty contest in Vietnam, she rarely appears in front of the media or attends events like other queens.

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Miss Cosmo VN: Cao Thien Trang is sure to be runner-up, student Huong Giang reveals her weakness?

Thảo Mai09:33:26 30/12/2023
Before the finals of Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, many predictions have been made. Among them, Ngo Bao Ngoc and Cao Thien Trang are the two most highly rated candidates.

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Huong Giang - Diep Lam Anh: "we have each other" after many years of being publicly "apart"

Phong Trần17:16:06 27/12/2023
Huong Giang - Diep Lam Anh shared many times the moment the broken mirror healed after announcing that they had canceled their friendship and stopped playing. Most recently, at the Christmas party at Huong Giang's private home, the pair of close friends had fun together and took pictures with many artists.

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Trang Phap was criticized for writing 'nonsense' lyrics before reappearing in Beautiful Sister, two of which were Chi Pu's hits.

Phi Đức08:16:18 14/12/2023
Trang Phap received more attention from the audience after returning to the spotlight with the Vietnamese version of the show Beautiful Sister. Few people remember that she once had compositions that made listeners ache because the lyrics were too cheesy.

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Student Huong Giang continues to be "love-lit" by the mic, eliminating her chance to be crowned Miss Cosmo

Vân Anh16:50:42 11/12/2023
Although proud to grow from The New Mentor, even achieving the title of runner-up. However, Vu Thuy Quynh continuously made the audience shake their heads when she showed weakness in the tasks of leading the team and presenting.

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Hoa Minzy made a big fuss at the wedding, sticking a chicken leg on her head and singing to entertain, causing a character to say "scandalous".

An Nhi13:14:46 10/12/2023
Hoa Minzy is a female singer who is loved not only for her singing talent but also for her cheerful and enthusiastic personality. Every time she attends a colleague's wedding, she always attracts attention with her provocative performances that make people laugh.

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Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hang's lips, confidently "hit" Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point

Mưa14:33:37 08/12/2023
Thanh Hang chose a plain dress with bold cuts to help the supermodel o.ff her slim waist and especially her famous 1m12 long legs. The model's beauty is said to have become more and more charming and attractive since she got married.

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Cao Thien Trang, Vu Thuy Quynh succumb to new faces despite being predicted to be crowned Miss Cosmo

Vân Anh16:45:04 07/12/2023
Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 (Miss Cosmo Vietnam) is halfway to finding a new owner for the prestigious crown. The strong contestants also gradually become more visible in each broadcast episode.

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Huong Giang met 'fate' after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu?

Khánh Huyền09:55:28 07/12/2023
After more than 1 year of separation, Huong Giang first made a move that interested many fans when sharing a love moment with a hidden man, who is said to be the actress's new lover.

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Cao Thien Trang continues to 'out' at Miss Cosmo VN, student Huong Giang was corrected by Le Hang

Đức Trí13:33:35 04/12/2023
Cao Thien Trang continues to make a strong mark in the latest broadcast episode of Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023, which is said to balance this year's cast of contestants, with inherent skills and knowledge. Vu Thuy Quynh - Huong Giang's student was corrected by the BGK.

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Lam Khanh Chi shows off her beauty after restoration, what is the beauty's attitude when compared to Huong Giang?

Anh Thụy09:34:43 29/11/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Lam Khanh Chi showed off a set of beautiful photos after her beauty restoration. Notably, an audience compared her beauty with Huong Giang. The beauty's attitude attracts attention.

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