Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang?

Đình NhưApr 19, 2024 at 10:21

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Tran Thanh Tam - associated with the title "Hot fried egg girl". She actively participates in showbiz but gets into a lot of noise. Recently, she even "offended" Huong Giang when she brought out her seniors to create content to attract views.

Accordingly, after becoming famous thanks to the clip "Fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter, love doesn't need an excuse, just you!", the beautiful g.irl born in 2000 gradually entered showbiz. She played small roles in a number of film projects but was not highly appreciated for her acting skills. When she was invited to play a game show, she encountered opinions that her expressions were too exaggerated and exaggerated to the point of making viewers uncomfortable.

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 1

The h.ot fried egg g.irl also had to face a lot of controversy and was rumored to have had plastic surgery. In particular, her statement that looked down on a university caused her to receive a lot of criticism. After the incident, the beauty apologized, admitted that she was thoughtless and said she would be more careful.

After that, she continued to cause controversy in public opinion with her statement about making m.oney between less intelligent people and "people's children" who study well: "It's better to study stupid and m.ake m.oney." than those who get 25, 30 points but don't earn any money"

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 2

During the time of silence and enjoying personal happiness, Tran Thanh Tam created a stir by making a sensitive video, which people said had content that "offended" Huong Giang and the LGBT community.

Specifically, Tran Thanh Tam recently posted a video with the topic "Transgender beauty" with content that is said to be both responding to antifans and "shaming" her sister Huong Giang: "I don't like girls, so I I just transformed into a g.irl. Before, I was Pham Van Hieu, but now I'm the top of showbiz and hold all the power in my hands.

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 3

I want to inspire my anti-fans, because they are the ones who made me successful. The more they comment about me, the more famous I become. The more upset you are, the more satisfied I am." Although she added the words "untrue story" below the video, many people realized her "intentions" and left many comments. bored.

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 4

"Want to know how Huong Giang reacted when watching this video"

"Huong Giang: Are you looking for trouble? Who's teasing you?"

"Uncharming but thought it was funny";

"The crew has changed but the content is not better";

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 5

In addition, netizens have compared Tran Thanh Tam with Le Bong. While Le Bong is striving and achieving much success, the "fried egg" h.ot g.irl is considered to be lacking in integrity and not paying attention to her work. my product. Even though she previously promised: "I promise everyone that from now on I will never speak thoughtlessly again and will curl my tongue 7 times before speaking. I hope everyone understands that if there are any comments in the future, Any words from the past belong to the young Tran Thanh Tam of the past, that Tran Thanh Tam no longer exists. I hope everyone will welcome a new Tran Thanh Tam of the present and the future."

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 6

Having spoken out in support of the LGBT community, Tho Nguyen took to the forum and patted his juniors' faces to defend Huong Giang.

Specifically, on her personal page, the youtuber shared an article related to the above incident, and at the same time she wrote: ​"Fill in the missing word in the 2 dots."


You guys go do your homework, I'll go to sleep and I'll grade the papers tomorrow. (Okay, go away, I'll be a good monologue, just fill in 2 words, I'll report 3 words.)

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 7

I'm not making any enemies, I'm just sharing it, don't scold me and I'll say it again."

Below, Tho Nguyen left the answer: "glued" eggs. She also humorously blamed netizens: "You guys are too mentally unpure, one point is all for me."

The fact that Tho Nguyen "took people's religion and gave it back to people" and "hit his back with his stick" made people gloat.

Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang? - Photo 8

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