Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK?

SnowApr 23, 2024 at 14:23

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Huong Giang just attracted the attention of many netizens when she appeared at YG Entertainment headquarters. Many people speculate that there will be an explosive music project in the near future.

Recently, Huong Giang received a lot of attention from the online community when she posted some photos of herself at YG Entertainment headquarters in Korea on her personal page. It is known that YG is the management company of famous Kpop groups such as: BLACKPINK, BABYMONSTER, TREASURE,...

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 1

In the series of posted photos, the singer H.ot Hon H.ot appears in simple clothes, checking in at spaces associated with YG's name such as: music room, dance practice room,...

Not stopping there, Huong Giang also made fans "stand still" before the moment of chatting with the producer of the "giant" of the Korean entertainment industry. Whether there is any surprise that the female singer is about to r.eveal to the audience r.emains a mystery?

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 2

On her personal TikTok channel, Miss International Queen 2018 has also just updated a clip recording the moment she, along with Denis Dang and Pharmacist Tien, caught the dancing trend at YG Entertainment's gym space.

This place once appeared in BLACKPINK's dance practice video "Lovesick Girls", so it made the online community in Vietnam even more excited.

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 3

Below Huong Giang's post, many comments expressed questions and curiosity about the appearance of the female singer with Pharmacist Tien and Denis Dang at YG Entertainment headquarters this time.

If you follow the artistic activities of the singer born in 1991, you will definitely know that she has a very strong love for Kpop music as well as idol groups. The female singer also once admitted that she was the "10th member" of SNSD - SM's "favorite chicken".

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 4

So, an audience humorously left a comment under the clip asking Huong Giang if she had left SM Entertainment to "join" YG - the second most famous company in Korea today? Responding to this question, the female singer said: "Also in the process of negotiating that item."

Worth mentioning, some "gods" of online photo collages also created a picture of Huong Giang sitting between 4 BLACKPINK members, making the community of fans of the female singer and the famous music group excited.

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 5

Besides the entertaining interaction from Huong Giang and the audience as well as the interesting collage, many people also questioned that this was most likely a meeting between her and YG Entertainment staff for the show. some music project in the future?

In the past year, besides being a producer with hit shows, Huong Giang also made the audience happy when she returned to music with two resonant products. The first is the MV "Hot Hon Hot" with the "lu dance" dance that went viral on the internet for a long time.

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 6

And a music project in collaboration with his close friend of more than 10 years, Pham Hong Phuoc, is called "And We Sing Together Again After 10 Years". The opening MV for this project is "When We Get Bored of Each Other", which was very well received by the audience with extremely positive reactions.

Releasing this MV, Huong Giang once shared: "When We Get Bored of Each Other in the EP We Sing Together Again After 10 Years includes 3 songs: When We Get Bored of Each Other, I Come Back to That Person and Friendship is.

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 7

The song is written about the feelings and thoughts of two people in the precarious stage of a relationship. It tells about the love story of a couple who after a period of love has begun to enter the stage of not being able to end. The connection led to an unbearable breakup and continued love.

Each person has their own stories, perspectives, and blames for the other person, but no one is willing to say it out loud, making everything pent up and beyond tolerance. Throughout the MV is the experience of two people who are lonely, lost and helpless in their own relationship in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Saigon city."

Huong Giang left SM to join YG, preparing for an explosive collaboration with BLACKPINK? - Photo 8

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