Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentine's Day, it turned out to be this foreign boy

Phong TrầnFeb 15, 2024 at 16:39

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Most fans believe that Huong Giang has found "new happiness" after nearly two years of being single. However, after finding out the identity of this young man, many people had to bury their joy as they blessed the queen.

On Valentine's Day 2024, Huong Giang surprised by posting a photo holding hands with a guy with the caption: "Love will come at a time we don't expect. 14/2/2024". The beauty also checked in to Korea, showing that the two had a very happy trip in the land of Kimchi. The identity of the b.oy is still unknown because the image of Huong Giang posted only revealed the shadow of his back. Many fans and friends of Hau have left congratulatory comments when they think that Huong Giang is borrowing a special occasion to publicize her new person after more than 1 year of being single.

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 1

After only a few minutes since Huong Giang shared a picture of love next to a hidden man, many viewers have been constantly curious and curious about this photo. The majority of fans believe that the singer has found "new happiness" after nearly two years of being single: "Amazing! Congratulations on my brother's happiness!", "Concussion on this trip", "Waist, do you love Korean boys?", "I wish you had more than me"....In front of the congratulations of the audience, the beauty is currently keeping silent and has not made any moves on social media.

However, just a few hours later, Huong Jiang made a new move that caught his attention: "Trôn... Tron Vietnam". The keyword "Tron Vietnam" or "Troll Vietnam" has recently become a new trend on social media. This is inherently a joke that netizens make fun of others and record their reactions. Huong Giang's actions made netizens sure that the beauty is still single, the post that caused a stir about "new love" is just a Valentine's Day fun.

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 2

Not only that, on her Tik Tok profile, Huong Giang also revealed the face of the guy walking with her hand in the land of kimchi. People immediately recognized the identity of this brother, it turned out that it was not a stranger but a Korean YouTuber - Choi Jongrak.

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 3

If you regularly follow YouTube, it is not too strange for Jongrak when he and 2 other Korean friends have established the popular HanQuocBros (Korean Boys) channel and has more than 930 thousand subscribers.

The group "Korea Bros" consists of 3 Korean boys who fall in love with Vietnamese food, culture and tourism: Sung Rak, Jong Rak and Dong Rin. All three went to Vietnam and ran a restaurant together in Saigon.

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 4

This is not the first time Huong Giang has given netizens a "trick". Remembering on Valentine's Day last year, Huong Giang also surprised when showing a photo of squeezing a person's hand with the sweet message: "Thank you for coming". However, just a few minutes later, Huong Giang revealed that the "other half" in the photo turned out to be a friend, the two just "lived virtually" to swing the Valentine's Day trend.

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 5

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 6

Previously, Huong Giang had been rumored to be dating many people, but only two love affairs were publicized by the beauty. In particular, the character known to the public is Matt Liu, a young master of Singapore nationality.

Despite being suspected of breaking up many times, rumored to be a contractual love, however, Huong Jiang and Matt Liu are still together, often showing off their love moments that people admire. Even when Huong Giang was embroiled in scandal, her boyfriend chose to stay by her side and accompany her.

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 7

In August 2022, Huong Jiang announced that she had broken up with Matt Liu because of incompatibility of views in love. When parting, Huong Giang once shared: "A journey of love ends. The journey that makes you will unfold. Will always be there when needed, sharing the sorrows and joys in life, the best we have for each other still cannot be changed! Thank you for all the wonderful things you've done for me!. Always beside you my special man."

Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentines Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy - Photo 8

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