Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now "burst"

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Transgender beauty Huong Giang has just made people buzz with the moment she first wore a wedding dress, doing a big thing for the first time despite keeping her promise to keep this moment for the day she got married. People jokingly promised but have now "burst out".

Appearing at the announcement event of the project "Cadie couture fashion exhibition" on the evening of 4-5 in Ho Chi Minh City, Miss Transgender International Huong Giang attracted attention in a gorgeous wedding dress. Pitted against 2023 Universe runner-up Anntonia Porsild and model Lukkade Metinee, Huong Giang is not inferior in beauty, even slightly better in demeanor.

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 1

Transgender Miss Huong Giang said that she herself has never accepted the invitation to participate in the wedding dress show . "For me, the moment I put my wedding gown on me is the most sacred moment. So, I always save that moment for myself and my family.

I expect Huong Giang to appear at her own wedding reception with a beautiful wedding dress of her choice. But at the invitation and persuasion of wedding dress brand Cadie Couture, I decided to agree," Huong Giang shared.

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 2

During the event to meet the media, Huong Giang said that she had shown many fashion shows but always refused the wedding dress show: "I have a little difficulty wearing a wedding dress in my life so I want to keep that special moment to myself. This time, I was persuaded by many people to fall in love and accept."

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 3

Huong Giang expressed: " Giang wants to share it all with all women, imagining when wearing wedding dress designs to show at a mountain is a special moment. There will be strange and special feelings but the important thing is: Huong Giang has a wedding person, everyone can do it, just live confidently with yourself and there will be people and wedding dresses for you."

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 4

With this image of wearing a wedding dress, Huong Giang made fans buzz, looking forward to the day when she got on the real flower car. However, regarding the current love affair, Huong Giang is still completely private. Last March, Huong Giang was rumored to be dating underage actor Chen Ren. The two often appear at close friend gatherings or attend events together.

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 5

Notably, Huong Jiang and Chen Ren were suspected of wearing double shoes. At the end of 2023, the two will also travel together in Dalat. When sitting down for dinner with friends, Huong Giang and Tran Ren did not hesitate to choose a seat next to each other. On the occasion of Tet, the "god" of Confession of Love Hoan My posted a photo of check-in at the gate of the queen's villa. He also posted clips that appeared inside Huong Giang's home many times. In addition to daily activities, "rumored boyfriend" and Huong Giang also attracted attention with fun interactions on social networks.

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 6

Previously, Huong Jiang had a period of dating businessman Matt Liu. However, after 2 years of dating, in August 2022, the two announced their split. Specifically, the British singer is somewhere he wrote: "A journey of love ends. The journey that makes you will unfold. We will always be there when needed, sharing the sorrows and joys in life, the best we have for each other still cannot be changed. Thank you for all the wonderful things you've done for me. Always beside you my special man."

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 7

At the same time, Matt Liu sent a message to Huong Jiang below her post: "Thank you for always bringing the best to me, will always support and care for me on the way ahead." At the same time, on his personal Facebook, the businessman also changed to single, as a way of confirming the information that has "gone their separate ways" with Miss Transgender International 2018 after 2 years of dating.

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now burst - Photo 8

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