Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is "pushed the boat" back to Midu

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Since the movie "4 years, 2 guys, 1 love", Midu and Harry Lu have maintained a close relationship for nearly a decade. The couple is also many times enthusiastically "pushed the boat" by the audience in real life.

Recently, Midu and Harry Lu were suddenly warmly paired by netizens. One of the reasons is said to stem from video clips, which record a series of explosive "chemistry" between the two cult actors during their time filming together.

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 1

Facing an enthusiastic "boat push" from the audience, recently, Midu made a move regarding Harry Lu. Specifically, she actively reshared the opponent's story on her personal account.

Earlier, the 9X actor posted a picture of himself sitting next to his former co-star, made by a fan in hopes the couple would see it. Harry Lu's move to repost the post from Midu immediately caused fans to explode.

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 2

Many expressed hope that the Lu-Du "boat" would arrive soon. At the same time, I want to see the two reunite for some film project in the not too distant future.

In 2016, Midu and Harry Lu acted together in the movie "4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love". This is an opportunity for the two actors to meet, get to know and maintain a close friendship so far.

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 3

Around this time, the couple remained single, not publicly dating anyone. This in turn made netizens constantly label them as a couple soon.

When Harry Lu's career was on the rise, he suddenly had an accident at the end of February 2017. The unintended incident caused the actor's face to be completely disfigured.

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 4

He endured 60 hours of surgery to reconstruct his face, then was sent back to Taiwan (China) for further treatment. After 7 years since the accident happened, the guy gradually closed himself and chose to live in hiding, no longer active in the showbiz world as much as before.

Recently, the dialogue in the movie "4 years, 2 guys, 1 love" starring Harry Lu and Midu suddenly became viral on social media. The lines of the male lead who are being shared by people can be mentioned as: "Baby, you drive me to eat ice cream", "Shut up, don't let me be upset", "Take a car home".

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 5

After watching this cute scene, many viewers also expressed their love for the 2 actors when "pushing the boat" for them together. However, while the majority is pairing Harry Lu with Midu, some netizens suddenly recalled that the actor was once close to a female Vbiz artist. She later became Miss Transgender International.

Accordingly, about 10 years ago, Harry Lu had a relationship that was said to be above the level of friendship with Huong Jiang. At that time, the singer had just walked out of a singing competition, and Harry was filming "Idol" with Hoang Thuy Linh.

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 6

At a press conference introducing the gameshow in 2013, Huong Giang and Harry Lu were seen happily posing for photos together. After that, the two had an intimate private dinner date and the actor also acted to feed each other.

Although in fact, the couple is not in a relationship, just close colleagues, but now, their series of intimate photos has suddenly interested many netizens.

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 7

After 1 decade, Huong Giang is now a multi-talented female artist in Vbiz when she has achieved many remarkable successes. Meanwhile, Harry Lu took a long hiatus from his artistic activities because of an accident that severely affected his face. Fans can't help but regret for such a talented actor as him.

Harry Lu, real name Lu Tan Vu, born in 1992, is a Taiwanese living and working as an actor in Vietnam. He can speak fluent Chinese, English and Vietnamese. After the incident of the past year, now the actor is developing his career in his hometown and also achieving certain successes.

Xiang Jiang is named, as Harry Lu is pushed the boat back to Midu - Photo 8

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