Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, "nose lift of a lifetime", incredibly thin

Đức TríJun 14, 2024 at 16:36

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Do Thi Huong Giang (born 1999, Hanoi) is a freelance model, working in parallel in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Before pursuing a career in fashion, Huong Giang was a student majoring in Business English at Foreign Trade University.

She is widely known for being the runner-up of The New Mentor - Universal Model 2023 contest. The capital beauty is a member of the super mentor team with the same name, Miss Transgender Huong Giang. Throughout the competition journey, Do Huong Giang has made strong changes and progress through each broadcast episode and left many marks in the public's hearts.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 1

At the program, Huong Giang also became the contestant chosen by many mentors. The beauty was persuaded by the coaches to join her team. Not only does she have an impressive model-like physique with a height of 1m75, weight of 47 kg, and three measurements of 76 - 58 - 88 (cm), Huong Giang is also highly appreciated for her beauty and natural charisma. believe, "bloody war".

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 2

Although she has a perfect charisma, Huong Giang still says she has weaknesses: "On the outside, I have the appearance of a cool g.irl. But deep inside I always have a constant feeling of insecurity and sensitivity. I have a fear of insecurity and bad reviews from people. Maybe that's why Huong Giang said she joined The New Mentor to prove her abilities At least this is also an opportunity for Huong Giang to conquer the highest position, be recognized by experts in the profession and then the audience will also evaluate her positively," she said.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 3

Besides her modeling skills, Do Huong Giang also made an impression when she had a super surprising journey of "turning into a swan". Many audiences were stunned by Huong Giang's rapid change. Compared to 5 years ago, the beauty's appearance is much more perfect and attractive.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 4

Regarding the process of changing her appearance, Huong Giang said in the media: "Previously, I was quite self-conscious about some parts of my face. With the desire to improve myself, I edited it a bit to feel better. more confident.

I looked for rhinoplasty and braces very early to make my face more harmonious. Not only me, but anyone who has undergone those two methods will have a turning point in their beauty."

Currently, the beauty born in 1999 feels satisfied with her appearance and has no intention of making any further changes to her face. According to Huong Giang, charisma is the main factor that determines people's attention for her.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 5

After the contest, there was also a time when the beauty was said to have a b.ody that was too thin, even "skin and bones". Accordingly, Possessing an outstanding height of 1.75m, Huong Giang only weighs 45kg, making her b.ody unbalanced. Compared to the time of filming the show "The New Mentor", Huong Giang has lost about 2kg and achieved a waist of 53cm.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 6

However, the beauty feels that her figure is not unusual because her b.ody weight is thin so her small waist is completely reasonable. With a slim, slim figure, Huong Giang has many times encountered unfortunate situations when she could not fit any size of designer clothes.

Starting as a student at Foreign Trade University, there were many open job opportunities, but Huong Giang decided to change direction and follow the potentially risky fashion field.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 7

"I personally think that any field will have certain potential risks. After having a period of exposure and experience in the fashion industry, I realized that this is a job that gives me a sense of freedom. "Do, fully express your personal identity and have a stable source of income," Huong Giang confided.

Huong Giang feels lucky because she doesn't need to go through the step of convincing her family when doing something. The beauty's parents always trust and respect all her decisions in life, work and love.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 8

In addition to being a photo model for fashion brands, Huong Giang also tries her hand at business. When participating in The New Mentor contest, Huong Giang also had to adjust and have difficulty arranging her time to be able to complete her work well but still have enough strength to participate in the contest. After the stressful practice sessions on the show, Huong Giang said that she herself had to constantly change to be able to adapt to the intensity of the competition. Thanks to that, beauties have more knowledge and new experiences to become more sensitive at work.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 9

Do Huong Giang confided that her sweetest reward after The New Mentor was the lessons from the judges, especially her coach - Miss Huong Giang. She hopes to receive the audience's support in her upcoming journey

"If I could only spend one word to say about this journey, it would be gratitude. Grateful for all the people I have met and grateful for all the experiences I have had in the past." , Do Huong Giang confides.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 10

Talking about her upcoming plans, Huong Giang revealed: "In the future, I will definitely try my hand at a beauty contest to gain more valuable experiences." With this hint, beauty lovers are extremely looking forward to seeing Huong Giang appear in a certain beauty playground. It promises to be extremely explosive and create an earthquake in the media, because Huong Giang's name now has a place in the modeling industry.

Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, nose lift of a lifetime, incredibly thin - Photo 11

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