Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoai's wedding and the ending

Phong TrầnMar 29, 2024 at 15:16

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On her personal page, Huong Giang suddenly announced that she would get married, making many people feel extremely surprised and confused. Accordingly, everything stemmed from social networks spreading rumors about "hot TikToker" Pham Thoai... getting married!

Specifically, after the news that Pham Thoai was about to get married, along with pictures of invitations and wedding scenes that made Huong Giang feel "resentful, shy of Vietnam", she excitedly posted them on her personal page. status line: "If Pham Thoai got married, I would get married too. Don't believe it!!!" .

Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoais wedding and the ending - Photo 1

Not only Huong Giang, but close friends like Long Chun and Tun Pham all expressed surprise at the information from Pham Thoai. Long Chun shared: "Two days ago, Pham Thoai sent me a horrifying message, like lightning struck my ears. Thoai texted me, saying he would get married in 2 days, March 28 and 29. I kept seeing It was wrong, so I asked again why the invitation was so urgent! .

As for Huong Giang, when she posted that status on her wall, she did not believe it and asserted herself that such a thing would never happen.

But today, when he actually witnessed the wedding taking place, Pham Thoai led his wife into the ceremony, Huong Giang was stiff as if "sprayed with glue". She continued to share: "My heart is b.eating loudly" .

Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoais wedding and the ending - Photo 2

The audience liked to leave comments urging Huong Giang to quickly fulfill her promise to "get married": "When will you get married?" , "Pham Thoai is really married, sister" , "Keep your promise, sister" ...

Talking about the relationship of the "bride" and "groom", Thanh Van and Pham Thoai have had a love relationship that has lasted since 2019. Through many storms, the duo has encountered problems in their love. feelings, even announced their separation for a while, making many audiences feel regretful. With the recent wedding photos, many comments expressed surprise when they learned that the bride was Thanh Van.

Pham Thoai was born in 1996, comes from Hai Phong, is a famous TikToker on social networks, owns a TikTok channel with about 4.7 million followers. For a long time, Pham Thoai has been famous for his image of pretending to be a g.irl, wearing makeup, and wearing dresses. Therefore, the news that a male Tiktoker got married made many people quite surprised and surprised.

Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoais wedding and the ending - Photo 3

That's why even his close friends couldn't believe that their friend was actually getting married.

Tun Pham continuously expressed his surprise, emphasizing the phrase "unbelievable" many times after receiving an invitation to the wedding.

Meanwhile, to convince Tun Pham that the wedding was true, Pham Thoai continuously sent evidence such as invitation cards, behind-the-scenes wedding photos, videos showing off the wedding theater in his hometown...

Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoais wedding and the ending - Photo 4

Until the pictures from today's wedding of Pham Thoai were revealed, Tun Pham was surprised, stunned and apologetic for not believing his friend, so he did not attend his friend's wedding.

Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoais wedding and the ending - Photo 5

Not only Tun Pham, Huong Giang or Long Chun, there are also many longtime viewers of Pham Thoai who are skeptical that this may just be "content" that Pham Thoai is making because this TikToker is quite "trickster" and causes trouble. noisy on social networks. Before the information about getting married, this male TikToker's personal page did not have any information about getting married.

Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoais wedding and the ending - Photo 6

It is known that the girlfriend who married Pham Thoai is h.ot g.irl Nguyen Thi Thanh Van (21 years old, from Bac Giang). Thanh Van is currently living and working in Hanoi, studying Hotel Management. She is known as a KOL, a popular photo model with more than 1.7 million followers on TikTok. According to Thanh Van, her average income is about 30 - 50 million VND/month thanks to advertising and photography contracts. Sometimes this number even reaches 100 million VND.

Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoais wedding and the ending - Photo 7

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