Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important?

JLOJun 12, 2024 at 15:02

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Recently, Pham Minh Huu Tien (also known as Pharmacist Tien) - producer of Miss Universe Vietnam 2024 suddenly made a controversial statement regarding the criteria for selecting the new Miss Universe.

Specifically, when receiving a surprising question about the criteria for choosing the new beauty queen, Pharmacist Tien frankly said that "being beautiful is enough". In addition, he also believes that we should not pay too much attention to the education level, degrees and English of the beauties. Because according to Pharmacist Tien, this will unintentionally destroy the "Cinderella dream" of many other girls.

Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important? - Photo 1

"If the girls have just graduated from high school, but have the desire to participate in beauty queens to continue their dream of going to university, it is also a very inspirational story," Pharmacist Tien shared.

Although, Pharmacist Tien has explained in detail that prioritizing beauty over education is so that every g.irl can confidently participate, without having to be shy and self-conscious about her academic ability. close. However, most of the audience expressed dissatisfaction with this criteria for choosing Miss. They believe that a beauty queen must be a woman with integrity in both sound and beauty, so that her image can inspire the public.

Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important? - Photo 2

Not to mention, if you choose a beauty queen who is not academically qualified, it will cause many consequences such as: controversial statements, unhealthy lifestyle... and it will be difficult to inspire the next generation. young.

Not to mention, over time, all beauty will fade, only knowledge will last forever. Finding the owner of the crown doesn't just stop at the beauty in the finale but is also a whole journey to follow.

Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important? - Photo 3

"Choosing a beauty queen without education is the same as nothing." "No wonder everyone says the flower vase is portable." "Looking at your country's beauty queens, all with master's degrees and doctorates holding big roles, looking back at our country, I'm bored." "Misses still have to study well. If they don't have qualifications, who can they inspire?"... Many netizens left angry comments.

However, besides that, some viewers think that Pharmacist Tien's opinion is partly correct. Because there are so many beautiful girls out there who need a contest to find their true beauty. And the Miss position is still suitable for these Cinderella girls if they know how to turn pressure into motivation in the Miss Uninverse Vietnam journey. This means that girls have to spend many times more effort in training and studying than others to be worthy of the opportunities they have.

Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important? - Photo 4

Previously, at the press conference to launch the contest, Pharmacist Tien also affirmed that the criteria of Miss Universe Vietnam 2024 is to promote girls who are beautiful, intelligent, independent, and know how to spread positive messages. to the public and can carry out projects that benefit themselves and society, positively inspiring everyone.

Pharmacist Tien said that this year's w.inning g.irl must pass the 4 I's including: Image, Independence, Intelligence, and Inspiration.

Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important? - Photo 5

Miss Huong Giang also said that the Organizing Committee promotes inspirational projects, no matter how large or small, and will not force contestants to bring too large volunteer projects when they do not have the conditions. .

Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important? - Photo 6

Miss Universe Vietnam 2024 is expected to take place in September 2024. As previously revealed, the g.irl crowned this year's contest will receive cash (not including the value of the crown, artifacts or other prizes). up to 2 billion VND.

In this year's contest, registered contestants must be female aged 18-33, Vietnamese nationality, unregistered marriage, unmarried, unmarried and without children.

Pharmacist Tien argues for choosing MUVN: Being beautiful is okay, education is not important? - Photo 7

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