Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married?

Đình NhưMay 07, 2024 at 11:15

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Recently, the producer couple Huong Giang - Pharmacist Tien "competed" to openly match each other. Pharmacist Tien is even known as the boyfriend of "people's house" when providing monthly 50 million just for beauty to go shopping.

However, it seems that the pharmacist is just a "front" for Huong Giang because netizens have shed light on a series of quality hints of the queen with another handsome guy.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 1

It is known that recently, Huong Giang often appears with a content creator named Phu Cuong. This guy often appears in livestream teasers or livestreams of Miss International Queen 2018 - Miss Transgender International as a guest. The couple is enthusiastically pushed by the online community due to being too matched and intimate gestures every time they appear together.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 2

Not publicly but also without hiding, Phu Cuong and Huong Giang often post pictures taken together.

During her trip in early April 2024, Huong Giang made fans buzz by posting pictures with a strange guy. However, look at the place, the scenery, the physique,... is 90% like Phu Cuong.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 3

In the past, Huong Jiang has publicly announced two salty love affairs with Chris Lai and Matt Liu but soon "went their separate ways", causing fans to regret. The "quality" hints with this handsome Phu Cuong guy make fans can't help but speculate about the relationship of the two. However, "the love is as clear as it was, the outside is still small", Huong Jiang decided to "remain silent" in the face of these questions.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 4

Recently, Huong Giang caused a stir when she revealed a photo wearing a wedding dress. However, according to research, the queen only wears to perform at 1 show.

However, the queen constantly hinted that "one day not far away, Huong Giang will also wear a real wedding dress", which surprised many people.

Huong Giang is a famous singer, actress and Miss Vietnam. Working in the field of entertainment for many years, Miss 9x has received a lot of attention and love from the audience. After many years of dedication in the entertainment industry, Huong Giang is the face of expensive shows, making a lot of m.oney from various activities.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 5

Currently, she has built a solid career foundation, developing her artistic ability day by day. Trusted and sought after, Huong Giang has a high remuneration, a remarkable fortune that everyone admires when researching.

Established his own entertainment company, real estate stretching from North to South

Referring to Huong Giang's achievements, perhaps many people immediately think of the entertainment company she owns. Since 2019, Huong Giang has established her own company called Huong Giang Entertainment Limited. In April 2023, many information sites said that the company of Miss born in 1991 has increased its charter capital from VND 2 billion to VND 10 billion.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 6

The company operates mainly in the field of entertainment and art, helping Huong Giang be more successful in her career path. Of course, this is not the only asset that Miss 9x has in her career. Thanks to hard work, Huong Giang took ownership of luxury real estate.

Huong Giang makes many people admire when owning a series of real estate stretching from North to South. In Hanoi, she also bought her parents a luxury villa, with great value showing her piety.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 7

Huong Giang's nearly tens of billions of VND villa in Ho Chi Minh City HCM is 1 of the outstanding real estate. When showing off the huge villa space, Huong Giang surprised many people because the house is large, fully equipped, has many large and monumental rooms, even has a wardrobe full of brands.

In 2022, Huong Giang once again wowed the public when flying from Ho Chi Minh City. HCM went to Da Nang just to see the house. She quickly "closed" the house in a prime location of Da Nang city. According to real estate sources, Huong Giang's apartment in Da Nang is worth about VND 3.3 billion.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 8

Witnessing Huong Giang buying houses continuously, many people also called her "real estate tycoon", "real estate giant". The amount of m.oney that Miss Transgender invests in villas and apartments is huge, affirming that the wealth is not medium and career is increasing.

Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married? - Photo 9

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