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Student Huong Giang continues to be "love-lit" by the mic, eliminating her chance to be crowned Miss Cosmo

Vân Anh16:50:42 11/12/2023
Although proud to grow from The New Mentor, even achieving the title of runner-up. However, Vu Thuy Quynh continuously made the audience shake their heads when she showed weakness in the tasks of leading the team and presenting.

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Hoa Minzy made a big fuss at the wedding, sticking a chicken leg on her head and singing to entertain, causing a character to say "scandalous".

An Nhi13:14:46 10/12/2023
Hoa Minzy is a female singer who is loved not only for her singing talent but also for her cheerful and enthusiastic personality. Every time she attends a colleague's wedding, she always attracts attention with her provocative performances that make people laugh.

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Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hang's lips, confidently "hit" Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point

Mưa14:33:37 08/12/2023
Thanh Hang chose a plain dress with bold cuts to help the supermodel o.ff her slim waist and especially her famous 1m12 long legs. The model's beauty is said to have become more and more charming and attractive since she got married.

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Cao Thien Trang, Vu Thuy Quynh succumb to new faces despite being predicted to be crowned Miss Cosmo

Vân Anh16:45:04 07/12/2023
Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 (Miss Cosmo Vietnam) is halfway to finding a new owner for the prestigious crown. The strong contestants also gradually become more visible in each broadcast episode.

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Huong Giang met 'fate' after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu?

Khánh Huyền09:55:28 07/12/2023
After more than 1 year of separation, Huong Giang first made a move that interested many fans when sharing a love moment with a hidden man, who is said to be the actress's new lover.

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Cao Thien Trang continues to 'out' at Miss Cosmo VN, student Huong Giang was corrected by Le Hang

Đức Trí13:33:35 04/12/2023
Cao Thien Trang continues to make a strong mark in the latest broadcast episode of Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023, which is said to balance this year's cast of contestants, with inherent skills and knowledge. Vu Thuy Quynh - Huong Giang's student was corrected by the BGK.

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Lam Khanh Chi shows off her beauty after restoration, what is the beauty's attitude when compared to Huong Giang?

Anh Thụy09:34:43 29/11/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Lam Khanh Chi showed off a set of beautiful photos after her beauty restoration. Notably, an audience compared her beauty with Huong Giang. The beauty's attitude attracts attention.

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Pham Huong reveals life in America, netizens have to exclaim: "Aura is worth the exchange"

Vân Anh08:03:20 28/11/2023
Pham Huong recently regularly shares many everyday moments in her million-dollar villa in the US. The queen makes the online community unable to stop gushing about her elegance and beauty, which is increasingly ranked.

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Ho Ngoc Ha "straightforwardly" pulled Huong Giang's hair in the middle of her birthday, the "extreme" attitude of both attracted attention

Thiên Di15:39:50 26/11/2023
After the program The New Mentor, the relationship between Ho Ngoc Ha and Huong Giang received a lot of attention from netizens. After a noisy break, the two recently had a reunion and Ho Ngoc Ha's unexpected actions attracted attention.

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Cao Thien Trang dropped out of the Miss Cosmo VN contest, student Huong Giang had a stomach ache and was about to faint, the judges were stunned

Gia Nhi16:21:20 25/11/2023
Two contestants Cao Thien Trang and Vu Thuy Quynh took the spotlight in episode 5 of the reality TV show Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023, when suddenly both of them had health problems that made the judges stunned.

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Luu Huong Giang's daughter 'blooms' into a young woman, her hair takes the spotlight, fans scream Ho Hoai Anh's name

Trí Nhi15:24:04 25/11/2023
Little Mina - the daughter of Luu Huong Giang and Ho Hoai Anh was praised by people for her pure beauty at the age of 12. Possessing gentle, natural features, plus the ability to blossom into a young woman, made her Mina took the spotlight when she appeared.

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Huong Giang was angry with Luong My Ky after the Miss International Queen incident, once speaking out to clarify the current MQH

Bình Yên13:59:02 24/11/2023
Luong My Ky is known as the runner-up of the 2020 Perfect Ambassador program. Soon, this beauty will go to Thailand to participate in the Miss Fabulous International 2023 contest.

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The runner-up of The New Mentor was criticized for being fake and lacking leadership ability when competing in Miss Cosmo Vietnam

Phong Trần11:28:21 23/11/2023
Vu Thuy Quynh is considered a potential contestant for the crown of Miss Universe Vietnam - Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023. However, in the latest reality TV episode, the audience discovered Thuy Quynh's weak ability to win. leader.

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Bui Quynh Hoa "lost" miserably at Miss Universe 2023, a series of Vietnamese beauties were urged by fans to "take revenge"

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:35:57 20/11/2023
At the Miss Universe 2023 Finals, the fact that Vietnam's representative - Bui Quynh Hoa was in the top 20 did not surprise many people. To take revenge in the 2024 MU season, a series of Vietnamese beauties with huge profiles have been named by beauty fans.

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Huong Giang plans to win Miss Universe, inspired by Top 20 transgender beauties?

Phương Thảo13:34:36 20/11/2023
The results of the Top 20 Miss Universe 2023 with the appearance of transgender beauties and plus-size beauties have made beauty fans excited. Miss International Queen 2018 - Huong Giang immediately posted a status line that made the online community excited.

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Miss Cosmo VN: Cao Thien Trang accused student Huong Giang of "grouping in groups of 5 and 3" talking behind her back, fans were dissatisfied

Hoa Tuyết16:05:07 19/11/2023
Cao Thien Trang made an impression on the public when she twice ranked high in Vietnam Next Top Model, and recently continued to attract attention by enrolling in the 6th Miss Universe Vietnam contest.

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Vu Thu Phuong 'favored' student Xuan Hanh at Miss Cosmo, pet chick Huong Giang was f.orced to be punished even though she passed out?

Giáng Chiều15:30:41 13/11/2023
The victory of Bui Thi Xuan Hanh - student Vu Thu Phuong in episode 3 of Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023 caused controversy, the online community commented that it was not equal to The New Mentor runner-up - Vu Thuy Quynh.

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Bui Quynh Hoa suddenly mentioned Huong Giang during the exam, revealing the reason why she only dared to smile

Hướng Dương14:55:21 08/11/2023
On the next day of activities at the harshest beauty contest on the planet - Miss Universe, Quynh Hoa excitedly showed off the enthusiastic encouragement of many beauty fans in Cambodia.

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Huong Giang was suddenly "caught alive" while being intimate with a handsome Vbiz man: What's the mystery behind?

Bình Yên16:08:20 31/10/2023
Recently, the online community shared a clip recording the image of Huong Giang gathering and singing with friends, after a long period of focusing on work and being busy as a coach for a modeling program. .

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5 Lines: Famous music group goes against the crowd; The members' different lives in the present

Gia Linh15:34:50 31/10/2023
Speaking of 5 Lines, 8x and 9x certainly cannot be ignored. Not choosing an easy path for themselves, the 5 Line girls gradually conquered the public with their talented hands and burning hearts.

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Thanh Hang is pregnant with her first c.hild just one day after the wedding, what does the owner say?

Ning Jing20:25:41 24/10/2023
After only 1 day of marriage, Thanh Hang's latest series of photos have sparked rumors that the famous model in Vietnamese showbiz is pregnant with her first c.hild. At the same time, many people also think that she got married on a whim.

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Huong Giang "faced" producer The Face Vietnam at Thanh Hang's wedding, filled with the smell of drama in a photo frame

An Nhi10:32:46 24/10/2023
Thanh Hang's wedding is one of the events that gathers huge stars of Vbiz. Notably, the appearance of Ms. Trang Le - Producer of The Face Vietnam and the photo frame taken with Miss Huong Giang and Pharmacist Tien are being widely shared by netizens.

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Shocked at Thanh Hang's wedding menu full of delicious dishes, the wedding flowers were a million each

Juni Nguyễn13:44:30 23/10/2023
In addition to the beauty of the October bride and the huge guests, the wedding space as well as the menu and regulations of supermodel Thanh Hang's wedding are equally noteworthy.

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Ngo Bao Ngoc 'encountered' student Huong Giang and broke down when she was ranked first to continue in Miss Universe VN.

Phúc Sen14:13:17 22/10/2023
The organizers of Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 officially announced the first 10 contestants to advance to the Top 59 of the competition. Many prominent faces have appeared, including two stormy names: Ngo Bao Ngoc and Vu Thuy Quynh.

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