Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near

Quỳnh QuỳnhJan 27, 2024 at 16:43

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After a period of being single, Huong Giang suddenly announced that she was preparing to get married, causing a stir all over the internet. The queen also revealed the time she got married, making people even more anxious. Everyone wonders who the other half is?

Miss Huong Giang is on the list of famous showbiz artists thanks to her beauty and singing talent. At the same time, she is also one of the most successful transgender people known to the public.

On her personal page, Huong Giang shared a photo of herself wearing a beautiful pink Ao Dai with the caption: "Bien Ngan Hong, get married next year." This post of the beauty born in 1991 quickly attracted the attention of colleagues and fans.

Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near - Photo 1

Many people expressed their anticipation for the day they receive pink cards. But many people doubted the information from Huong Giang, thinking she was joking. Below the post, her student Pham Kien also commented , "Let us be rich, so we can make thick envelopes." In addition, most people hope that Huong Giang's happy day will come soon and are curious about the identity of her current boyfriend.

In fact, Huong Giang is just "catching the trend" of spider lilies that have been "making waves" for many days on social networks. Each color of the spider lily flower is associated with a corresponding meaning and message. So when wearing pink clothes, Huong Giang shared the phrase "get married next year" just to rhyme.

Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near - Photo 2

Since announcing her breakup with ex-boyfriend Matt Liu in mid-2022, Huong Giang has been very secretive about her personal life. She does not publicize her relationship with anyone and focuses on developing her own career. In recent times, Huong Giang has mainly invested in producing reality TV shows, going to fashion shows, and attending events.

Huong Giang was born in 1991 and is a famous transgender artist in the LGBT community in Vietnam as well as Vbiz. She began her artistic activities as a singer, participating in the program Vietnam Idol. In 2018, Huong Giang participated in the Miss International Transgender contest in Thailand and was crowned the top winner. After that, Huong Giang expanded into the fields of fashion and modeling. The beauty's beauty received many compliments for her beauty and charm.

Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near - Photo 3

Not having a modeling background, Huong Giang is good at catwalks and has the ability to train and perform. Thanks to her sought-after name, she is one of the top priority names for the vedette position of many Vietnamese fashion shows.

Working in the entertainment field for many years, Miss 9x received a lot of attention and love from the audience. After many years of dedication in the entertainment industry, Huong Giang is a famous face, making a lot of m.oney from various activities.

Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near - Photo 4

Currently, she has built a solid career foundation, developing her artistic abilities day by day. Trusted and sought after, Huong Giang has a high salary and remarkable assets that everyone admires when they learn about her.

Not long ago, the beauty suddenly revealed the revenue she earned within 5 hours of livestreaming sales on a social networking platform. Miss Transgender 2018 only took a few hours to bring in more than 1 billion VND, which proves her strong attraction to the internet.

Previously, Huong Giang was exposed for performing a vedette for a show along with attending the red carpet. It is known that the manager told a member of the event crew that if Huong Giang attended the fashion show as a "show closing" it would cost 7,500 USD, and if it included an image of the beauty appearing on the red carpet. will increase to 10,000 USD.

Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near - Photo 5

At the age of 33, Miss Huong Giang is successful on her chosen path. She was also praised for her ability to make good m.oney and soon achieved complete success.

Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near - Photo 6

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