Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an "exploder" on the Cannes red carpet

Minh NgọcMay 17, 2024 at 14:12

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Huong Giang's name was constantly called out when she checked in to Cannes city, but fans did not see Le Thu Trang - the champion of The New Mentor, has the queen forgotten her previous promise?

This week, the 77th Cannes Film Festival event is a "hot search" keyword for global fans, in which Vietnamese fans are also looking forward to the presence of Vbiz stars.

Among them, Miss Huong Giang was predicted to be a Vietnamese star who would appear at this year's event but has not yet appeared. Recently, the queen born in 1991 suddenly checked in to Cannes, France on the opening day of the largest film festival on the planet.

Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an exploder on the Cannes red carpet - Photo 1

Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an exploder on the Cannes red carpet - Photo 2

However, Huong Giang's appearance in France also caused the audience to ask the queen some questions about whether The New Mentor champion - Le Thu Trang will participate in Cannes 2024 as producers Pharmacist Tien and Huong Giang said. promised before?

During the organization of "The New Mentor" - a competition to find an all-round model, Miss Huong Giang and creative director Pharmacist Tien once attracted attention when announcing that one of the privileges of the Champion is to be able to s.how o.ff. walking on the red carpet of the prestigious Cannes film festival.

Cannes Film Festival is known as a major film event, walking on the Cannes red carpet is not easy. Therefore, the promise of the organizers of "The New Mentor" immediately attracted the attention of a large audience. Many people expressed their expectations for the impressive appearance of the two beauties on the Cannes red carpet this year.

However, recently, Huong Giang suddenly announced that Le Thu Trang would not be able to attend the Cannes red carpet. This caused many viewers to question the credibility of the program "The New Mentor", and at the same time gave Huong Giang the title of "holy detonator".

Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an exploder on the Cannes red carpet - Photo 3

Faced with the noise and criticism, Huong Giang spoke up to explain on her personal page. She said that Le Thu Trang's inability to attend Cannes was due to an unexpected incident.

"Everything has been prepared, from invitations, air tickets, hotels are all booked. But now Le Thu Trang still doesn't have a visa so she can't go to France" - Huong Giang shared.

Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an exploder on the Cannes red carpet - Photo 4

On the livestream, Huong Giang sadly said: "My outfit is being kept by Le Thu Trang and the crew. If everyone doesn't fly over in time, I won't be able to participate. The crew has already prepared everything, the invitations, the flight tickets." , the hotel is all booked, it costs a lot of m.oney but now Le Thu Trang's visa still doesn't have it. All my plans have been turned upside down, we were planning to go to the red carpet together on May 16 but now Le Thu Trang is here. I couldn't fly over in time, and I didn't have any clothes. The distance was from Vietnam to France, not Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City, so how could I ask someone to carry it over, how could I make it in time?"

Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an exploder on the Cannes red carpet - Photo 5

In addition, Miss Huong Giang said that if from now until May 25, Le Thu Trang prepares her visa in time to be able to come to France, then she will attend the event alone. Because of busy work, Huong Giang could not stay in France for 10 days to wait.

"I can't lie here for 10 days. From now until May 25, if Le Thu Trang has a visa, she will go alone, I can't stay here and go there. According to the original plan, I only attended. The event is only on May 16, we cannot stay here for 10 days," said Miss Huong Giang.

Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an exploder on the Cannes red carpet - Photo 6

Two years ago, Huong Giang attended the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. She wore a flowing white dress and walked alone on the red carpet. At that time, Huong Giang also revealed the difficulty of a Vietnamese star coming to Cannes, which is that her photographer cannot enter the red carpet. The female singer confessed that because international reporters did not know who she was, she was not sure if they would take pictures of her, it all depended on luck.

Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an exploder on the Cannes red carpet - Photo 7

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