80-year-old woman "grabbed" a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car

Bảo NamJun 05, 2024 at 18:04

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George (24) is a widow, has five children, and Catherine Thomas (80, lives in Tanzania) has a 56-year age difference, but they have overcome conflicts to love each other with all their hearts.

As her children grew and matured, Catherine had a great fortune. Although she lived comfortably with the m.oney she earned, she always craved attention and love.

George is a gentle guy who, because of his difficult family situation, leaves school early. He earned m.oney as a motorbike taxi driver and was hired by Catherine to drive him every day.

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 1

However, their feelings really blossomed after the rich woman left a bag with the amount of 6 million Tanzanian shillings (more than 57 million) on her motorbike.

When she got off, Catherine didn't remember the bag containing a lot of m.oney. She then left her hometown to travel for a few weeks, and when she returned, George went door-to-door to return the bag and all the m.oney.

"When I came back, he brought a bag with m.oney to pay. That act captured my heart. I needed to be loved," she recalled.

Admiring and grateful to the kind guy, Catherine takes the initiative to start the relationship and confesses to the guy who is 56 years younger.

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 2

George said: "It took me a while to believe it was true and agree to her confession. A lot of people wonder why I love a woman my age, but I don't care what they think."

The hardest thing for Catherine was introducing her boyfriend to her children. Because the eldest son of this woman is more than 40 years old, everyone in the family was surprised when his mother fell in love with the young man.

Luckily, Catherine's children were open and agreed to let her have the love she wanted. However, the couple is not immune to the suggestions and probing eyes of everyone in the house every time they appear. Some even suspect that George loved Catherine to "dig mines."

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 3

"I've started to accept their relationship. The age gap of the two is too large. They confuse love and madness," said George's sister Mary.

Currently, George is like a solid support for Catherine when she is old and weak. "My life is meaningless without him," Catherine said.

After George and Catherine's love story was shared, many netizens spoke out, with the majority of comments wishing the couple a happy ending with a romantic, memorable wedding.

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 4

"In a love story, it's important how two people feel about each other... I wish them happiness," one netizen commented.

Another expressed: "Their love is legit, everyone let this couple be happy."

As can be seen, love stories in today's society are not lacking. Recently, the unexpected love story between Xiao Fang, a 23-year-old g.irl from Hebei, China, and Lao Wang, an 80-year-old man, has touched many people. Together, they overcame family opposition and society's probing gaze to prove that love knows no bounds and that they have found the right partner.

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 5

Xiao Fang and Mr. Wang first met at a party. Despite the huge age gap, they quickly fell in love with common interests. In the process of researching, Xiao Fang realized that Mr. Wang was not only a talented but also sincere man, which made her admire and love him more and more.

However, this age-difference love affair was met with strong opposition from Xiao Fang's parents.

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 6

In the face of his family's fierce opposition, Xiao Fang did not back down. She believed in her feelings and true love, did not let her detractors sway her decision. After careful consideration, she decided to leave her family for the love of her life.

Their wedding was simple and unobtrusive, in search of tranquility for his love.

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 7

After marriage, the couple lived a warm and idyllic life. They often go for walks, watch movies and enjoy sweet moments together. Xiao Fang regularly posts photos and shares about her happy life on social media to spread positive things.

80-year-old woman grabbed a 24-year-old motorbike taxi driver by leaving 1 item on the car - Photo 8

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