Young man picked up a "block of gold" after Truong My Lan's trend of finding treasure?

Hoàng PhúcApr 17, 2024 at 15:47

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Recently, social networking sites are buzzing with the hashtag "Looking for treasure" or "Sail to find treasure", in fact this is a keyword inspired by the character Gold D. Roger in the famous series One Piece. .

In One Piece, the character Gold D. Roger was once the captain of the Roger Pirates and was built as a very great man, the only person in history to find the treasure.

The reason for this trend is due to the huge amount of m.oney that had to be reimbursed in the Van Thinh Phat case related to Ms. Truong My Lan. A humorous person (unknown identity) immediately started the trend of "looking for Ms. Truong My Lan's treasure" at sea. In fact, there is no treasure lost at sea.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 1

On April 11, 2024, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City announced the first instance verdict in the case related to Ms. Truong My Lan in the serious case at Van Thinh Phat. Accordingly, Ms. Lan was sentenced to d.eath for property embezzlement, 20 years in prison for bribery, and 20 years in prison for violating regulations on lending in credit and organizational activities. Synthesis is the d.eath penalty.

At the same time, regarding civil liability, Ms. Truong My Lan is f.orced to reimburse SCB Bank for the outstanding debt of the remaining 1,243 loans as of October 17, 2022, equivalent to an amount of VND 673,849 billion. Netizens compare this compensation amount to a huge treasure.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 2

If you want to follow this trend, just post pictures and videos related to the sea, with the status line "looking for treasure", and netizens can join the online treasure hunt.

It seemed that the "trend of going out to sea to find treasure" was only making waves in the country, but unexpectedly the influence was so great that it also became known on social networks in other countries. Some internet users from other countries also followed this trend, posting photos and videos related to the sea, along with the status line "searching for treasure", thus joining the online great voyage.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 3

Accordingly, recently, a fisherman in Scotland also joined this trend, walking along the beach in Ayrshire when his dog found a blob on the beach, suspected to be a block of gold of great value. "I was walking along Irvine beach with my dog. I looked at something in the seaweed, and the dog ran over and dropped his ball. Dogs don't usually drop their balls so I knew something was up." something there," Mr. Williamson said.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 4

Through research, it was discovered that the "golden block" the b.oy picked up was ambergris. Accordingly, ambergris in Chinese means "dragon's saliva". This treasure is created in the digestive system of s.perm whales and has long been known for its extremely expensive value, up to 370 million VND/kg.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 5

After the whale fish releases ambergris into the sea. The plastic mass can spend many years lying in the deep ocean or drifting ashore. Over time, this rare material will gradually turn into a solid mass that is dark gray or black, yellow or white with a waxy and brittle texture.

Ambergris is likened to the incense of the sea, possessing a very strange fragrance, it carries the smell of the earth, the sea and creatures.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 6

Previously, ambergris was used in the perfume industry.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 7

Ambergris' rarity is due to the fact that it can only be found in s.perm whales, and only about 1 in 100 s.perm whales can produce ambergris. The substance is solid by weight, and a block found in the Canary Islands weighing 21 pounds is worth nearly $500,000.

Young man picked up a block of gold after Truong My Lans trend of finding treasure? - Photo 8

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