The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to "predict" her own end, everyone who read it was haunted!

Hoàng PhúcOct 18, 2023 at 06:47

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The case of the Ao Dai beauty queen being m.urdered and then dumped in the Red River is still causing a stir on social networks over the past few days. Currently, Hanoi City police have arrested the suspect and taken initial statements.

The victim was identified as runner-up HYN, currently a freelance model. The family took a DNA test and received the b.ody, planning to cremate it and send it to a temple in their hometown of Bac Ninh.

HYN won the 2nd runner-up position in the Miss Vietnam Ao Dai 2022 contest, held in January 2023. At the time of participating in the contest, N. registered as a student at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema.

Even though she won the runner-up a.ward, N. leads a rather private life. She only occasionally posts photos about her life or volunteering.

The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to predict her own end, everyone who read it was haunted! - Photo 1

N. always limits accepting invitations to cooperate and does not encroach on showbiz. According to the Asian beauty, she wanted to focus the best on studying and improving her expertise. The beauty wants to pursue an acting career, this is also the dream she is aiming for.

Regarding private love affairs, HYN said that she does not have any romantic relationships. She wants to focus on studying and fulfilling her mission as a Vietnamese Ao Dai runner-up.

The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to predict her own end, everyone who read it was haunted! - Photo 2

In particular, HYN once shared her opinion about falling in love with rich people: "Not every Miss or Runner-up competes to get to know rich people and change their lives, but they simply compete to want to test themselves, to be independent. Be more confident and bold when standing on stage. But when you have determined your emotional relationship with someone, it is very normal for men to proactively give gifts to their lovers because then they want to prove their love. feelings for the person you love".

"I carry within me a loving heart that spreads and touches other loving hearts. I feel grateful and appreciate the beautiful relationships in this life. I believe, as long as I am Be gentle with the world and the world will give you good things. Sometimes it doesn't come right away, but it will definitely come, because I believe," the runner-up shared.

On her personal page, the last status she wrote was on September 8. Specifically, the beauty posted a photo of picking roses in a large garden with the caption: "If anyone wants to eat rose hips, I'll pick them for you."

The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to predict her own end, everyone who read it was haunted! - Photo 3

On October 16, people reviewed her caption and found it creepy because the word "Hong" was written in capital letters and the place where she was suspected of being dumped was also the Red River.

The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to predict her own end, everyone who read it was haunted! - Photo 4

Returning to the case, at the press conference announcing the results of the investigation, Major General Nguyen Thanh Tung, Deputy Director of Hanoi Police, said that the authorities had mobilized hundreds of officers and soldiers to arrest suspect Ta. Duy Khanh, including plans to prevent subjects from fleeing abroad.

Accordingly, when they learned the identity of the unfortunate g.irl, the police quickly created a portrait of the victim and her relationships and determined the time of her d.eath. According to Mr. Tung, this is a very important initial investigation step to find, clarify and localize suspects.

The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to predict her own end, everyone who read it was haunted! - Photo 5

Following the trail since clarifying the victim's whereabouts, criminal police have collected many documents to serve the investigation. In it, an image extracted from the camera emerged showing that the suspect was Ta Duy Khanh.

"Khanh has a wife and children, has no criminal record and is not addicted to banned substances," the Deputy Director of Hanoi Police summarized the results of verifying the identity of the suspect responsible for the crime. Khanh resides in an apartment in the Vinhome Ocean Park urban area in Gia Lam, which is also a crime scene, but his wife and children live elsewhere.

Immediately, hundreds of police officers from Hanoi Police coordinated with professional units of the Ministry of Public Security and police across the country to search for Ta Duy Khanh's whereabouts. A plan to prevent subjects from escaping abroad was also quickly established by sending images of subjects to units at the border gate.

Following the traces, the criminal police determined that on the afternoon of October 13, not long after HY N's b.ody was discovered, Ta Duy Khanh went to the bus station to flee to Thai Binh. This important clue immediately directed the investigation to focus on Hong Thai commune, Kien Xuong district, where Khanh's parents have a house.

The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to predict her own end, everyone who read it was haunted! - Photo 6

According to Major General Nguyen Thanh Tung, when the criminal police approached the house, Khanh was hiding under the bed. During the process of being rounded up, the subject planned to end his life, but scouts promptly controlled him and arrested him, stopping him.

Promptly treated by doctors at Thai Binh General Hospital, Khanh escaped d.eath and confessed all of his bad behavior.

The last post of Ao Dai Ao Dai seemed to predict her own end, everyone who read it was haunted! - Photo 7

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