B.aby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didn't get their wish?

Thảo MaiJun 18, 2024 at 16:39

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Recently, Blackpink's junior group B.aby Monster successfully held a fan meeting event. Images of this event quickly received great attention from the Kpop fan community.

In the shared image, many people could not help but be overwhelmed by the scale of the fanmeeting. The number of fans participating was extremely large and the stage held was also very majestic.

Baby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didnt get their wish? - Photo 1

Many people also compared B.aby Monster's fanmeeting event to a real concert. Having a strong fan base is very beneficial for B.aby Monster in its upcoming career.

B.aby Monster is a Korean g.irl group founded by YG Entertainment, debuting in April 2023. The group is dubbed the "rookie monster" of YG Entertainment, with high expectations for their talent and potential for success. labour. B.aby Monster has attracted attention since its debut with the vibrant and attractive MV "SHEESH".

Baby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didnt get their wish? - Photo 2

However, B.ABY MONSTER's debut also received a lot of controversy. YG Entertainment seems to be directing B.aby Monster to pursue a strong, individual girl-crush style similar to "seniors" 2NE1 or Blackpink. This is clearly shown in the MV "SHEESH". The product is still heavily invested and has eye-catching images, but it is commented that it lacks creativity and has no new or surprising elements. In particular, it is not difficult to see some familiar angles, backgrounds and effects that have appeared in previous MVs of YG artists. From there, the audience once again had to ask: "What is B.aby Monster's unique color?".

Through B.aby Monster's music products, the audience agrees that YG Entertainment seems to be going into its own rut.

However, it cannot be denied that B.aby Monster is YG's favored pet. Specifically, YG "broke the rules" for the first time with this 7-member group.

Accordingly, recently, YG suddenly released a poster revealing a new product called BABYMONSTER's RSVP that will be released on July 1. This also marks the return after 3 months since the first mini album of "BLACKPINK's sister". The information immediately made fans restless.

Baby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didnt get their wish? - Photo 3

Recently, BABYMONSTER was allowed by YG to continue promoting the b-side Like That. YG listened to fans' wishes and let the 7 "little monsters" show their bravery through the most popular song in the first mini album. At the same time, BABYMONSTER carried out a fanmeeting tour schedule throughout Asia.

After nearly half a year of making fans "boo" because of their strange promotional methods, causing BABYMONSTER to struggle during their first debut, YG has finally invested properly in the promising rookie group. Releasing new music right at a time when the public is sympathetic to BABYMONSTER is a reasonable strategy that will please fans. YG is famous as the "Mars calendar company". Therefore, many fans were surprised by YG's dedication to "BLACKPINK's younger sister".

Baby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didnt get their wish? - Photo 4

It is known that this comeback, B.aby Monster will have 7 members. However, this causes a lot of controversy. Because, when Ahyeon was temporarily absent due to health reasons, the 6 members released their debut song "Batter Up", but did not pay attention to their operational strategy. At that time, there was an opinion that YG only recognizing B.aby Monster's official debut when Ahyeon was present was an act of denying the efforts of the 6 members.

Baby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didnt get their wish? - Photo 5

However, Ahyeon has shown her charisma and star quality at a young age. The first time she stepped on stage, she brought home a fancam (personal performance video) of more than 1 million views, the highest among 4th generation groups. Receiving many compliments from the audience, Ahyeon performed more and more confidently. trust, flexible expression. In some live performances, she raised her voice and changed the tempo of her rap.

Baby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didnt get their wish? - Photo 6

It can be seen that information about BABYMONSTER's comeback caused a fever in the Kpop following community. Right now everyone has only one wish, which is that YG will release good music for the 7 "little monsters". The group has enough talent, visuals and popularity - but just lacks a hit.

Baby Monster was given something special by YG, but Blackpink didnt get their wish? - Photo 7

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