B.aby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeon's fault?

Hoàng PhúcJun 15, 2024 at 21:11

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Recently, YG confirmed that B.aby Monster will return with a 7-member lineup. After Ahyeon rejoined, it was thought that this was a turning point that would help the group make great progress in the 4th generation g.irl group race, but some netizens began to argue.

Accordingly, YG's announcement caused an uproar in the fan community because, when Ahyeon was temporarily absent due to health reasons, the 6 members released their debut song "Batter Up", but it did not receive much attention. operational strategy.

At that time, there was an opinion that YG only recognizing B.aby Monster's official debut when Ahyeon was present was an act of denying the efforts of the 6 members.

Baby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeons fault? - Photo 1

However, Ahyeon has shown her charisma and star quality at a young age.

The first time she stepped on stage, she brought home a fancam (personal performance video) of more than 1 million views, the highest among 4th generation groups.

In addition, YG is also said to favor Ahyeon when arranging for her the rap part and important high notes in "Sheesh". Meanwhile, the group has 2 main rappers, Ruka and Asa, Chiquita can rap; Rami, Pharita and Rora all have good voices, but the c.limax belongs to Ahyeon.

Baby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeons fault? - Photo 2

Receiving many compliments from the audience, Ahyeon performed with more and more confidence and flexible expressions. In some live performances, she raised her voice and changed the tempo of her rap.

At Many people suggested that female idols should moderate their voice so that their voice is not too harsh, and also respectfully, not to dominate the person they are rapping with.

Baby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeons fault? - Photo 3

However, it cannot be denied that Ahyeon is the most prominent factor in B.aby Monster, shown through the consistently outstanding fancam views and high number of discussions.

Not only is Ahyeon favored by the company, Ahyeon is also said to know how to please fans.

Previously, on Weibo, the topic "Ahyeon replied to fans" went viral. In just two days, the female rookie responded to more than 400 messages from fans on platforms in 3 languages: Korean, Chinese, and English. Cnet gave many compliments to Ahyeon's dedication and foreign language skills, affirming that this is the reason why the female idol is most favored by YG in the group. Ahyeon's sincerity deserves to be famous.

According to Cnet, patiently responding to 400 messages from fans is a commendable record for an idol. Interacting and creating fanservice on platforms sometimes puts pressure on idols. Ahyeon has shown her ability to be a celebrity just by being able to communicate with fans in 3 languages. In it, she speaks Chinese fluently without needing a translator. This will help Ahyeon win the hearts of fans in a country of billions of people, gaining more die-hard fans.

Baby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeons fault? - Photo 4

According to Allkpop, Ahyeon's case not only reflects YG's motives but also raises the issue of fairness in the Kpop industry.

In fact, the story of discrimination and gap in remuneration has been debated for many years. Many music groups have been caught up in bias noise because one member was favored too much.

In the early years of their debut, Blackpink was also "dissected" many times because Jennie repeatedly wore outstanding outfits, had many separate schedules, and always sang the opening song.

Baby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeons fault? - Photo 5

She was once called the YG princess because she received many good benefits before debuting with Blackpink. She covered the media when she was just a trainee, was the first member of Blackpink to have a solo song, and was featured in collaboration with many other artists...

YG's obvious insecurities must have made fans of Lisa, Jisoo or Rosé feel sad or disappointed many times.

The same story happened with Suzy. In 2015, Miss A caused a stir when a series of evidence showed that the other 3 members were alienated and cold towards Suzy.

Baby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeons fault? - Photo 6

In Miss A's song "Goodbye baby", there is also the line: "My name is not Suzy. Don't call me that anymore" which caused a stir for a while. At its peak, the "nation's first love" took on more than 50% of the lyrics in "Only you" even though he was not the main singer or main rap.

Due to JYP's uneven resource allocation strategy, Miss A became the group "Suzy and friends" in the eyes of the public.

Not only Jennie and Suzy, many other idols such as HyunA (4 minutes), Wonyoung (IVE), Chaeyeon (DIA) have also been criticized for being favored over their fellow group members.

Baby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeons fault? - Photo 7

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