Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate?

KengMay 30, 2024 at 07:24

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On the morning of May 29, Allkpop newspaper reported that male idol V (BTS) was suddenly suspected of secretly having a son at the age of 29. Rumors spread widely across the internet after a series of posts and clips about a b.aby having a b.aby. V's appearance quite similar to V suddenly became viral in Korea on May 28.

Some account owners did not hesitate to directly tag V's name in the post about the c.hild. It is known that the b.aby's name is Kim Suho, and he has Korean and Filipino bloodlines.

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 1

In the midst of a storm of rumors, V fans also "terrorized" Kim Suho's mother's personal page, and demanded that she r.eveal the truth about the c.hild's father: "Tell me you don't have any relationship." What is your relationship with Mr. V? Give a proper statement because this could have a negative impact on V. We should have reported you to the management company HYBE."

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 2

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 3

This move from fans made netizens even more confused, discussing the relationship between V - Kim Suho.

On the evening of May 28, Kim Suho's mother officially denied the rumors related to V. Accordingly, she confirmed that b.aby Suho's father is nearly 50 years old, definitely not a member of BTS. At the same time, she also shared a rare image of Kim Suho's father to further reinforce her statement.

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 4

Kim Suho's mother's post has the following content:

"Suho's father is almost 50 years old. He doesn't want to post his pictures and videos on Instagram at the moment. So, I decided to share his childhood pictures. And he I also agreed to do that. Today I read an inappropriate comment. You can see that comment on Suho's 50-day-old photo post extremely outrageous. I've seen many bad comments from netizens before. Just kidding, that can still harm other people's lives and careers.

Kim Taehyung (V's real name) deserves everyone's respect. He is very kind and famous. V also worked hard to be successful. If you are a fan of Kim Taehyung, you should try to protect his image. Once again, Suho has nothing to do with Taehyung. Please respect other people's lives."

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 5

On forums, netizens simultaneously sent words of encouragement to Kim Suho's family, and at the same time criticized a group of c.razy fans who had not yet clearly understood the truth, causing chaos on the b.oy's mother's personal page.

Elsewhere, amidst the noise of V's b.aby, Jennie suddenly received good news and celebrated her new achievement.

Accordingly, Jennie officially surpassed Blackpink group members on the most prominent Korean star rankings in May.

Specifically, the personal reputation rankings of Korean stars in May were announced by the Korean Business Research Institute. The rankings were determined through analysis of consumer participation indicators, media attention, interaction and community awareness of 1,730 stars, data collected from April 23 to May 23.

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 6

Among them, Blackpink's Jennie took 4th place on this list with a reputation index of 3.05 million points. This is a notable achievement for Jennie as she surpassed other members of the Blackpink group including Jisoo (No.10), Lisa (No.13) and Rose (outside the Top 30).

Meanwhile, Jang Won Young of the music group IVE leads the list with 4.81 million points, marking a whopping 355.59% growth compared to April. Typical phrases in Jang's keyword analysis Won Young includes "Lucky Vicky", "super positive", and "wonyoung-like accident", while related terms with the highest scores are "positive", "lucky", and "beautiful". Her positive-positive analysis also showed a positive reaction rate of 91.87%.

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 7

Astro's Cha Eun Woo ranked second with a reputation index of 4.80 million points. An Yu Jin of the IVE group increased its reputation index by 584.79% and rose to third place with a total score for May of 3.99 million points.

Finally, coming in 5th place is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon with a score of 2.83 million. Positions from 6 to 10 belong to: Jimin (BTS), Jungkook (BTS), Wonbin (RIIZE), Wonhee (ILLIT) and Jisoo (Blackpink).

Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate? - Photo 8

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