Case of a cafe dating using a hidden mirror: Fining the shop owner more than 18 million VND

Kim LâmJun 19, 2024 at 17:16

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After the authorities stepped in to clarify the matter, recently, the owner of a "dating" cafe that paired up couples, using one-way glasses to let men see women, was fined for many violations with a fine of more than 18 million VND. .

Regarding the inspection of a "dating" cafe that pairs couples, using one-way glass to let men see women, on June 19, the People's Committee of District 1 issued a decision to sanction this cafe for administrative violations in the amount of m.oney. more than 18 million VND.

Accordingly, Ms. HTAD (born 2003, owner of Mina Dating Cafe business) was fined 3.5 million VND for entering into an unwritten labor contract with an employee who works for a term of 1 year. months or more; Failure to operate a food service business without a certificate of establishment meeting food safety conditions with a fine of VND 12.5 million; Failure to organize training and fostering professional skills in fire prevention and fighting and rescue according to regulations 2.25 million VND.

Case of a cafe dating using a hidden mirror: Fining the shop owner more than 18 million VND - Photo 1

Previously, in early June 2014, this coffee shop became the focus of attention because of its unusual business model.

According to the shop's description, this is a coffee shop model combined with a blind date service. Customers coming here will be provided with brief information about the date and will be arranged to sit in two different rooms.

Male customers will sit in a room with dark colors, called the "black room", female customers will sit in the opposite room, with light colors, called the "white room". Customers will have time to chat and get to know each other without knowing each other's face to decide whether the two will become friends or not. Female customers participating in this blind date will receive free "entrance tickets" as well as detox drinks.

Case of a cafe dating using a hidden mirror: Fining the shop owner more than 18 million VND - Photo 2

Initially, this model quickly attracted the attention of young people because of its novelty and excitement. However, when netizens pointed out irregularities in the way it operated, the shop began to become the focus of criticism.

First, although it is a blind date model, only the male party is "hidden". The type of glass separating the two rooms is a one-way mirror, female customers can only see themselves in the mirror and not male customers. Meanwhile, male customers can observe every action of female customers.

Case of a cafe dating using a hidden mirror: Fining the shop owner more than 18 million VND - Photo 3

Second, the seats of female customers are designed to be higher than those of male customers. This poses a potential risk of female customers being harassed and secretly filmed, especially when wearing outfits such as short skirts, shorts...

Third, the shop has a regulation that female customers get free "entrance tickets" and drinks, while male customers have to pay a fee. The shop has 4 dating packages divided into 1 hour, 3 hours, 1 day, 3 days but female customers do not have to pay to buy them. Many people expressed concern that the shop's activities were showing signs of being invasive and harmful to women.

After social networks posted a lot of information about the coffee shop, at noon on June 2, Ben Thanh Ward Police coordinated with relevant units to conduct an inspection. At this time, the authorities recorded Ms. D., 3 employees and a foreigner.

Case of a cafe dating using a hidden mirror: Fining the shop owner more than 18 million VND - Photo 4

Through work, Ms. D. said that the establishment has been open to welcome customers for 20 days and the purpose is for male and female customers to come to drink coffee to get acquainted and make friends.

To keep the restaurant crowded, the owner makes signs and menus in many different languages; posting promotional articles on many social networking sites and groups related to foreigners, and the shop also hired 2 Tiktokers to film reviews.

Case of a cafe dating using a hidden mirror: Fining the shop owner more than 18 million VND - Photo 5

Therefore, male customers coming to use the service are mainly Chinese, Korean, Japanese... On June 1 alone, this cafe welcomed 20 male customers, 24 female customers and achieved total revenue. nearly 7.5 million VND. Each male guest spends about 350,000 VND for a coffee session and female guests do not have to pay.

Case of a cafe dating using a hidden mirror: Fining the shop owner more than 18 million VND - Photo 6

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