Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo

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Truong My Lan was ranked top 1 on Weibo search results with the title: Truong My Lan, the richest woman in Vietnam, was sentenced to d.eath. Accused of defrauding 12.5 billion USD, the largest financial f.raud case in Vietnam, has attracted the attention of netizens.

Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo - Photo 1

On the afternoon of April 11, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City issued a sentence against defendant Truong My Lan (Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group) and 85 people related to violations at Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank ( SCB).

Accordingly, Ms. Truong My Lan was sentenced to 20 years in prison for violating regulations on lending in the operations of credit institutions; 20 years in prison for bribery and property embezzlement. The general defendant who received the general sentence must receive the highest sentence according to the provisions of law.

Ms. Truong My Lan, former Chairwoman of Van Thinh Phat Group, took advantage of her position and authority to appropriate m.oney from Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SCB) through sophisticated illegal tricks. The case has exposed hidden corners in the banking system's operations, and also sounded a wake-up call about anti-corruption work.

This is the largest financial embezzlement case in our country's history, exposing flaws in the financial and banking management system, while also dealing a strong blow to people's trust in the political system.

Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo - Photo 2

The consequences caused by defendant Truong My Lan and his accomplices were particularly serious, causing particularly great damage to SCB, pushing the bank into a state of illiquidity, causing confusion for customers and people.

Therefore, the court believes that it is necessary to apply the most severe penalty prescribed by the Penal Code to defendant Truong My Lan.

We still know that it is legal cause and effect, life's cause and effect, but looking at the image of Ms. Truong My Lan, it is still difficult to avoid sadness.

On Weibo, the name Truong My Lan became a h.ot topic, attracting the attention of many netizens. This one-time real estate "queen" of Vietnam had to receive an appropriate punishment according to the law for the crime of embezzling 12.5 billion USD, a huge amount of m.oney that was considered an unprecedented "shock". in the country's financial history.

Ms. Lan's trial attracted special attention from the media and public opinion as one of the top 10 major cases in the world. Listed on the H.ot Search board, information about the case went from NO.1 on the front page of the Chinese press, Weibo, to NO.2.

Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo - Photo 3

Keywords with more than 210 million reads and 17 thousand discussions. However, this is still a shocking event, showing the seriousness of the case and international attention to the issue of corruption in Vietnam.

Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo - Photo 4

Not only Chipu and Suni Ha Linh, Truong My Lan is the next Vietnamese person to appear on H.ot search Weibo. Many Chinese gangsters have expressed their admiration for Vietnamese law. They believe that Vietnamese laws are quite strict and more progressive than their home country.

Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo - Photo 5

Some C-Net netizens commented on the case of Ms. Truong My Lan:

- We're still good in China, even one person doesn't believe

- Vietnam is much more advanced than us!

- Not to exaggerate, but Vietnamese law is really clear, transparent and strict.

- After reading this, I suddenly don't want to have plastic surgery anymore. She's so rich and her face has to end up like that...

- It looks scary, it looks so unnatural

- The two police officers next to me have beautiful skin like flowers.

- The level of beauty salons in this country is not very up to standard.

- Going to the other world will also leave a huge economic hole. It is estimated that for many years to come, it will be difficult to fill again

Besides, there are also many comments expressing "quite disappointment" with our country's aesthetic level when such a rich woman has an appearance that is not commensurate with the amount of m.oney she owns.

The Truong My Lan case not only caused a stir because of the huge amount of embezzlement of 12.5 billion USD, but also because of its complexity and massive scale. 6 tons of records and nearly 1 million notes related to the case show the seriousness and involvement of many individuals and organizations.

Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo - Photo 6

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