The husband of 'Yanxi Gong' beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a 'stamp match' with a strange g.irl

Ning JingAug 24, 2023 at 10:59

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After being exposed for a.dultery leading to divorce, recently, Beijing young master - Forever Super continued to be seen cuddling and making intimate gestures beyond the limits of his husband Zhang Jiayi, causing netizens to be outraged.

Ending the love marriage in a lot of noise, recently, Chinese social networks once again made waves when a series of pictures of young master Beijing - Forever Super dating another beauty.

Specifically, earlier, the media posted some pictures showing Forever Super and her friends going to the bar to continue the game after dinner. In the video, Mei Super just walked in and nestled on the sofa, then a coolly dressed beauty appeared, sitting next to Forever Sieu, while the two were talking, Forever Super gently hugged each other's beautiful shoulders. During their time here, they both laughed and talked happily, even intimately, affectionately.

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 1

After these series of photos were posted, they received a lot of talk from CNET. Most people condemned Forever Super for being promiscuous and having an affair that hurt his ex-wife Zhang Jiayi. Besides the criticism from netizens, at the same time, some congratulated Zhang Jiayi for getting out of this tearful marriage.

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 2

With criticism and stones for Forever Super five times seven times caught having an affair with one g.irl after another, the Forever Super side has also spoken. Accordingly, the young master of Beijing said that he himself was collaged and made up by paparazzi to bring down his honor and image in the eyes of many people.

She posted a response: "Don't put it out of context and don't make it up, I was given an annual ticket, right? Let you follow me like this. If you don't follow up for a year, you won't pay the balance, right?"

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 3

However, the subsequent public video shows that Mai Sieu's hand was indeed draped around the beauty's shoulder, making matters even more complicated.

With clear evidence, along with Forever Super's idle case against paparazzi wings, netizens questioned why Forever Super did not dare to face the incident directly and why they avoided reacting directly. Such behavior has led many to be more suspicious of him, and some argue that his words are clearly an expression of a biting conscience.

It is worth noting that Forever Super closed the comment area after posting the article, which also caused the discontent of netizens. Many people believe that, as a public figure, Forever Super should bravely receive doubts and comments from netizens, instead of avoiding gossip.

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 4

The closure of the comment section is seen as aimed at avoiding the suspicion of netizens, causing many to feel angry and frustrated. In public disputes, open dialogue and feedback should be a worthy responsibility of public figures, but Forever's move violates this principle.

This is not the first time that Forever Super has been caught in a back-and-forth with the beauty. In 2022, Forever was also caught and recorded images spending the night in a hotel with a beautiful woman, prompting his wife Zhang Jianyi to voice her desire for a divorce.

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 5

Even a popular Cbiz entertainment blogger, Fruit fruit, revealed that before the incident was revealed, Forever Super and Zhang Jiayi had been separated for nearly half a year as well as they had discussed divorce during this time.

At the same time, the beauty "Yanxi Gong" has also increased the conditions for divorce, requiring the young master's husband to once give tens of millions of yuan in c.hild support and a villa in Beijing.

With his wife's request, he felt that he was at fault and accepted the request of the beauty surnamed Zhang. However, because he could not afford to pay in cash, he sold the house for m.oney and gave it to his wife. The home is currently on sale.

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 6

However, in this incident, Forever has not explained or reacted to the outside world, even his social media profile is still labeled "Zhang Jiayi's husband". To the public, this behavior was irresponsible and raised many questions about his actions.

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 7

Whatever the truth, Forever's words and actions this time have definitely negatively affected his image. As a public figure, he should handle controversial incidents more carefully and responsibly, and respond to netizens' suspicions with more candor and transparency. The closure of the comment section and the contradictory words are not conducive to maintaining his image in the case.

The husband of Yanxi Gong beauty Zhang Jianyi was arrested at a stamp match with a strange g.irl - Photo 8

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