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Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other party's assets were frozen?

JLO17:24:40 22/04/2024
Immediately after airing in 1988, the movie Hoan Chau Cach became a television phenomenon causing fever throughout Asia. In particular, the two characters Tieu Yen Tu and Tu Vy became national phenomena, loved and sought after by the audience.

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Wind Pedal 2024: Suni Ha Linh has an unpleasant attitude when being commented on, far behind Chi Pu?

Bảo Nam13:33:10 22/04/2024
Just opening the opening of The Wind and the Wave 2024, Suni Ha Linh made a serious mistake. When criticized for her outfit, the female singer responded, making many people unhappy.

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Bright "ignored" rumors, acted romantically with Trinh Nai Hinh, confirmed dating?

Chitshere09:18:10 22/04/2024
Despite fans leaving, Bright and Nene continued to r.eveal photos of them dating in Japan, rumored to have been secretly in love since September last year. They even re-uploaded the Story on Instagram with Nene's presence, causing dating rumors between the couple to explode even more.

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Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales

Hoàng Phúc19:10:39 20/04/2024
She used to be very confident in herself when she declared that if she played Hoan Chau Cach Cach, she would be more famous than Trieu Vy, but now, actress Trinh Gia Du's career has gone backwards, shocking everyone!

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Trieu Le Dinh was confessed to by the famous director, making people openly jealous

Phương Thảo19:09:42 20/04/2024
Recently, director Vuong Ba publicly confessed his love to Trieu Le Dinh on social networks, promising to give her a private plane if she agreed. However, this action angered many people because they thought he was taking advantage of Trieu Le Dinh to increase his popularity.

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Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent?

Diệu Anh12:37:06 20/04/2024
The latest photos of Trinh Sang in the US were shared by a Chinese blogger on Weibo on the evening of April 18. The actress appeared with a fresh appearance, however many people think that Trinh Sang's face is much different from when she was active in showbiz.

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Riding the wind: Suni Ha Linh swings on a rope, somersaults like a fairy "descending to earth", the sisters show their attitude

Minh Lợi06:48:12 20/04/2024
After many days of anticipation, the representative of Vietnam, Suni Ha Linh, officially presented at Dap Gio 2024 with the performance "Just chill". In particular, the staging of this performance made the Chinese stars gasp.

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Trieu Le Dinh was attached to Phung Thieu Phong, his secret with a male star was rediscovered

Hoàng Phúc15:44:26 19/04/2024
Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong were once a famous couple in the Chinese entertainment industry. The couple confirmed their marriage in October 2018 and quickly welcomed their first son in April 2019.

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Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused

Minh Lợi14:04:14 17/04/2024
On April 16, Sohu reported that the Beijing court (China) had just decided to freeze Trieu Vy's assets at Hop Bao entertainment company. The estimated value of this actress's assets is up to 5 million yuan (17.4 billion VND).

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Bach Loc "drown" himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi

Diệu Anh11:04:00 16/04/2024
Recently, netizens were confused when Bach Loc appeared looking like an ancient aunt in the new historical drama Lam Giang Tien. Completely different from her usual image of being beautiful and radiant, causing her to be compared to a woman.

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Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu

Hoa Tuyết15:18:40 15/04/2024
Having caused a fever over the past month, Trieu Le Dinh's Du Phuong Hanh finally met a formidable opponent, Thua Hoan Ky starring Duong Tu. The film has just aired and has achieved results beyond expectations.

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Riding the wind: Suni Ha Linh speaks Chinese and "beats" Chi Pu, swings on a rope, making cbiz stir up

Minh Lợi15:08:23 15/04/2024
Suni Ha Linh is attracting people's attention when she announced her participation in the reality TV show Pedaling the Wind 2024. In addition to her beauty, the foreign language ability of the beauty born in 1990 is also a hotly discussed topic among netizens.

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Tu Hanh - "Mother" Trieu Vy: Famous for exactly one role, "clean" life, extremely mysterious marriage

Keng16:58:20 12/04/2024
In addition to the main roles, the supporting cast of the movie New Song Farewell also left a deep impression on the audience. But perhaps the role of Pho Van Boi - Y Binh's mother, played by Tu Hanh, left the deepest impression.

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Truong My Lan kicked out a series of Cbiz artists and ranked TOP 1 H.ot Search Weibo

Phương Thảo13:57:47 12/04/2024
Truong My Lan was ranked top 1 on the Weibo search results with the title: Truong My Lan, the richest woman in Vietnam, was sentenced to d.eath. Accused of defrauding 12.5 billion USD, the largest financial f.raud case in Vietnam, has attracted the attention of netizens

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Trieu Le Dinh was "betrayed" by Lam Canh Tan, Duong Mich suddenly came out to protect?

Bảo Nam10:21:16 12/04/2024
Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan are an on-screen couple receiving great public attention. The extremely successful reunion in Du Phuong Hanh seemed to revive the explosion of So Kieu Truyen 7 years ago.

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Lam Canh Tan abandoned Trieu Le Dinh and dated hotgirl 11 years younger than Su Nhue Y?

Phương Thảo13:57:32 11/04/2024
The love life of male god Lam Canh Tan became a h.ot topic on social networks when paparazzi posted photos of him dating with h.ot g.irl Su Nhue Y while promoting the movie Du Phuong Hanh with Trieu Le Dinh. The incident is causing public stir and fierce debate.

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Will Liu Yifei "fail" in front of Chi Pu when comparing beauty to create a costume?

Bảo Nam10:38:27 11/04/2024
After consecutive successes from art to business in the Chinese market, Chi Pu became a well-known name in the land of billions of people. Even recently, she was said to be entering the Chinese film industry.

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The reason Trieu Lo Tu turned his back on cinema, related to Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh?

Chitshere21:07:52 10/04/2024
Even though rating queen Trieu Lo Tu dominates the small screen with a series of successful projects, the actress has not really made a mark in the film industry. Recently, the news that she refused many movie invitations caused a stir in public opinion.

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Rumor has it that Phung Thieu Phong suddenly sent a wedding gift to Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan?

Minh Lợi16:05:22 10/04/2024
Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan achieved great success as a team again in their second collaboration at Du Phuong Hanh. Both continuously established a series of huge achievements on the small screen in 2024.

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Zhang Cezhi's son loves women more than his mother's age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed?

Thảo Mai15:11:23 09/04/2024
Recently, Chinese social media was abuzz when a blogger posted a post on Weibo saying that Lucas (son of Cecilia Zhang and Xie Tingfeng) had a crush on the 46-year-old female coach.

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Lin Jingjin pursued Zhao Liying for this reason, and even threw himself in the same house

Tuyết Ngọc07:43:35 09/04/2024
After 2 film collaborations, Lin Jingjin was advised by netizens to pursue Zhao Liying. In the midst of being pushed enthusiastically, the guy and his long-time co-star in question went home together.

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Zhao Liying and Yu Fengxing were lifesavers, bringing Lin Jingjin out of the quagmire

Hướng Dương15:18:20 08/04/2024
Once the dream of hundreds of millions of girls, Lin Jingjin fell into a career decline for many years. It wasn't until recently that he returned to his prime.

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Data Phuong Hanh does not have a part 2 despite helping 1 province attract a large number of tourists?

Thảo Mai18:46:53 07/04/2024
Recently, the final episode of Data Phoenix aired. Despite many controversies, with a happy ending, the film somewhat satisfied viewers. Even thanks to the movie, the number of tourists to 1 province in China suddenly increased.

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Na Chen: Feng Chen's 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema

Minh Lợi17:15:39 05/04/2024
Having no acting experience, his age is still young, but he was assigned the responsibility of portraying the role of Dat Ky in the masterpiece Feng God, Na Nhien caused many controversies for the audience.

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