Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh

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With a small figure and a happy face, few would expect that the 46-year-old male MC is one of the artists who have talent and a strong position in the industry.

If Yoo Jae Suk is in Korea, Ha Canh is one of the favorite "national MCs" in China. Born in 1974 in Hunan City, China. Ha Canh is ranked 118th most famous in the world and 4th in the list of powerful MCs.

With a small figure and a happy face, few would expect that the 46-year-old male MC is one of the artists who have talent and a strong position in the industry. believes that in the entertainment world, no one does not know Ha Canh, moreover, Ha Canh is also a talented MC, especially intelligent, able to respond to situations that arise suddenly.

Power and respected by artists

Ha Canh is the key MC of China's No. 1 TV station - Hunan, and is also the main MC of many big shows similar to Yoo Jae Suk. In the Chinese-language entertainment world, the top stars all have a close relationship with Ha Canh, even often calling him by the intimate name "Teacher Ha". The reason for this name is because in addition to being an MC, Ha Canh is also a teacher at Beijing Foreign Language School teaching Arabic language, later he switched to teaching communication. Besides, the fact that the stars called Ha Canh like that was also because of their respect for him.

Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 1

" Happy Camp" hosted by Ha Canh is one of the most loved and rated shows in China. Artists participating in the program are not paid but only receive a symbolic amount. However, participating in "Happy Camp" is also an opportunity and honor for artists in Cbiz. When participating in the program, players, whether big or small-name artists, feel the friendliness and enthusiasm from Mr. Ha. Therefore, the relationship between Mr. Ha and the artists is very good. He also often speaks out to praise and help young artists.

Although busy, Ha Canh does not repeat herself in every show that she participates in. Ha Canh even has a reputation as a "confidential tank" for female artists like Ta Na or Trieu Le Dinh... He is everyone's friend, has never complained about anyone, turned weak. their points into their own characteristics, always conveying their enthusiasm to the audience.

Even on his 46th birthday, Ha Canh also became the number 1 "h.ot" keyword on Weibo. Because, there are too many artists "fighting" to be the first to send greetings to Ha Canh. On the occasion of Ha Canh's 46th birthday, members of the "Kai Lac Dai Ban Doanh" clan such as Ta Na, Ly Duy Gia, Do Hai Dao, and Ngo Han happily wished their "patriarch" birthday. In addition, Chinese stars such as TFBOYS, Chau Dong Vu, Truong Kiet... also congratulated him. It can be said that in the world of Chinese artists, Ha Canh has always been an artist in the entertainment world who has always admired and loved.

The relationship and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh

Besides his close junior MC Ta Na, Ha Canh also has a special relationship with Trieu Le Dinh. The two became close after participating in the show "Idol is here". When she first entered the entertainment industry and participated in reality shows, Trieu Le Dinh was repeatedly criticized for her low EQ, but Ha Canh considered it a manifestation of frankness and honesty. Thanks to that, the wave of anti Trieu Le Dinh also decreased.

In September 2015, Ha Canh and Trieu Le Dinh caused a storm on social networks with a passionate kiss in front of the public. In the picture, the two kiss lips and hold hands very affectionately. However, to the public's curiosity, Ha Canh explained that this was just one of the requirements of the program that the two participated in. In the previous IQIYI night, Trieu Le Dinh chose Ha Canh as the person she felt the most kissed. Anyway, the close friendship between Ha Canh and Trieu Le Dinh is still noticed by the public. When Trieu Le Dinh announced her marriage to Phung Thieu Phong, Ha Canh also sent sincere blessings to her dear sister.

Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh - Picture 2

Private life is still a mystery

At the end of September 2015, the news hunters of the Chinese entertainment industry caused a storm when they published a photo that is said to be the wife of the top Chinese MC - Ha Canh. His wife is Vuong Tinh, a senior manager of a famous art company. She also helped Ha Canh publish literary books and release her own music albums.

Not only that, Vuong Tinh also helped Ha Canh have his own column in famous magazines, helping her husband have a successful and stable career as today. For fear of her presence adversely affecting her husband's career, Vuong Tinh accepted to be a silent shadow by his side despite having a successful career no less than her husband. However, Ha Canh never spoke about this news. A source said that Phong Hanh - China's No. 1 news hunting team had a picture of Ha Canh kissing his wife. However, with Ha Canh's position in the entertainment industry, Phong Hanh must have his permission to publish photos.

Rolling in the entertainment world for more than 20 years but rarely being "opened" about love. Some say Ha Canh is married, some say he's actually gay. But Ha Canh does not care much about this, so do his fans. People only wonder, after more than 20 years, why Ha Canh still looks like a 20-year-old young man.

Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh - Picture 3

In addition, Ha Lao Su is also a person who loves to support and is very "cool" in helping juniors in the profession.

Among those supported by this MC are four boys named Bach Kinh Dinh, Wei Dai Huan, Henry Lau (Liu Hien Hoa), Vuong Gia Nhi (Jackson - GOT7).

With Wei Dai Huan

Ha Canh and Wei Dai Huan met for the first time as a director and actor in the movie "Dedicated Flower" directed by Ha Canh. Although he only played a supporting role, he was noticed and gradually supported by Ha Lao Su.

In the last two years, the number of times he has visited "Happy Camp" by Mr. Ha as the main MC has surpassed 10. Not to mention being a guest on a reality show on the topic of solving the case "Star of the detective". .

Handsome, talented, talkative but a bit "stupid", Henry left the audience a lot of good impressions of him. He and Ha Canh co-hosted the program "Are you normal?", because of his carefree as well as limited Chinese ability, Henry brought a lot of laughter to the show.

Realizing the audience's affection for this MC couple, the two continue to appear together in "Towards Life", where players will enjoy life in a remote countryside. The duty of the youngest brother is to do errands and bring laughter to the older brothers.

Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh - Picture 4

Not stopping there, the series of episodes to celebrate "Happy Camp" 20th anniversary of Henry Lau is one of the permanent guests of the program. Ha Canh must have loved the guy so much to give him such a favor.

Bach Kinh Dinh

Acting for the first time in the role of Kieu Nhien in "The Five Months of a Rush", when he became a brother, So Nguyen in "The Perfect G.irl", was gradually known to everyone. And only when participating in "Star of the Great Detective" did Bach Kinh Dinh really become famous.

Along with Ha Canh, Tap Boi Ninh, Devil Devil, Vuong Au, and Bach Kinh Dinh are among the fixed members. In just a few episodes, he has collected a series of impressions such as "king of beret", "likes to eat props", "accidentally driving".

Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 5

Even Bach Kinh Dinh, Tap Boi Ninh, and Ha Canh created a group called "NZND" with the intention of "surpassing" TFBOYS. Whenever Tieu Bach had the opportunity to go to "Kai Lac Dai Ban Doanh", Mr. Ha always cared, took care of him as well as spent a lot of time filming for Tieu Bach.

Among Ha Canh's "adopted children", perhaps Vuong Gia Nhi is the one with the most intimate relationship. Appearing together for the first time in "Thanks to the refrigerator", Ha Canh had to be the one to correct each pronunciation for Jackson because of his ability to speak Mandarin "í é".

Go to "Fresh Sunday", "Star of the Detective" or the next seasons of "Please ask for the refrigerator" where there are teachers Ha and Jackson, there will be laughter. From television to real life, the two have shown their close affection many times.

It can be said that Ha Canh is a very respectable senior who is not afraid of difficulties to help the followers.

Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 6

Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh - Photo 7

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