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Vu Linh's sister demanded all assets and appraised her brother's adoption signature

Hoàng Phúc15:48:59 14/07/2024
It has been more than a year since Meritorious Artist Vu Linh passed away, the noise surrounding the division of the family's assets, Cai Luong King Ho Quang, is still receiving attention from public opinion.

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While Binh Tinh was far away, he still followed Hong Loan and spoke up in defense, but Hong Phuong slandered her

Thảo Mai16:06:38 12/07/2024
In recent days, in addition to the conflict in which Vu Luan posted a hidden accusation of ungratefulness, Hong Loan also made people stir because of the DNA paternity test with the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh.

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Vu Luan took Phuong Le to Thailand for "plastic surgery", the livestream responded loudly to Hong Loan

Kim Lâm10:01:12 12/07/2024
Amid the noise with Hong Loan - daughter of the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh, Meritorious Artist Vu Luan recently attracted attention when accompanying Phuong Le abroad to restore her beauty. Notably, both of them also livestreamed to cover the recent controversy.

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Vu Luan "blushed" was afraid of being played badly after the noise with Hong Loan, and hurriedly announced

Pinky15:51:02 11/07/2024
After a series of noises related to Hong Loan's sister, the adopted son of the late Artist Vu Linh, Artist Vu Luan, recently posted an urgent notice on his personal page, sent to the audience and told to be vigilant, suspected of being harmed, impersonating his name.

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The daughter of the late Artist Vu Linh suddenly showed off a photo of her bridal dress in the midst of a noise with Vu Luan

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:38:04 11/07/2024
Artist Vu Luan (adopted son of Artist Vu Linh) and Hong Loan (daughter of Artist Vu Linh) suddenly had a problem when the two mentioned each other on their personal pages. Recently, Hong Loan suddenly made a strange move that attracted a lot of attention.

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Vu Linh's sister asked Hong Loan to release DNA to prove her biological c.hild, she would not reconcile

JLO10:04:33 11/07/2024
After the mediation session for the case of a dispute over property inheritance and asking for a house to live in, Hong Loan - the daughter of Artist Vu Linh caused controversy because she once claimed to be the late artist's biological c.hild but submitted to the court evidence that she was only adopted.

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Vu Linh's younger brother and sister-in-law did not submit to the results, and Hong Loan sued the DNA case of her biological c.hild

JLO15:10:59 10/07/2024
After the mediation court hearing on the case of property inheritance dispute and asking for a house to live in, the sister-in-law of Artist Vu Linh - artist Kim Thoa suddenly posted an ironic forum to ridicule Hong Loan, causing people to be outraged.

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Vu Luan "blocked" Phuong Le's head, stiffened his throat and had to be silent, forbidding 1 thing because of Hong Loan

Gia Nhi10:40:07 10/07/2024
Miss Phuong Le is famous for being hot-tempered, straightforward, ready to livestream hours on social networks to clarify black and white, right and wrong to protect the people she loves.

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Vu Luan appeared in the midst of the noise with Hong Loan, suddenly apologized for the unfortunate incident

Uyển Đình16:13:03 09/07/2024
Currently, the friction between Artist Vu Luan and the daughter of the late Artist Vu Linh is currently attracting the attention of the audience. In the midst of this, the image of Artist Vu Luan appearing on a music stage and the sudden apology attracted the attention of many people.

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Vu Linh's daughter went to court with Ms. 6, Hong Phuong turned the car, implicitly asking the audience for 1 thing?

Hoàng Phúc10:57:11 09/07/2024
Recently, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City opened a mediation session for the case of Dispute over property inheritance and claiming housing thanks to the dispute over the inheritance of the late elite artist Vu Linh.

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Ngoc Huyen revealed Vu Luan's feelings for Vu Linh, referring to Hong Loan

Đình Như16:06:52 08/07/2024
In recent days, the noise related to Artist Vu Luan and the daughter of the late Artist Vu Linh - Hong Loan has received the attention of netizens. Recently, Artist Ngoc Huyen also spoke out about the incident.

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Binh Tinh showed off the precursors to the house in the midst of the noise of Hong Loan - Vu Luan, what's going on?

Phúc Sen16:01:40 08/07/2024
Binh Tinh is a female artist who has changed her salary, known as the adopted daughter of the late Artist Vu Linh. Her singing career is also partly thanks to Vu Linh's teaching. Recently, she suddenly mentioned the story of m.oney, in the midst of the noise of Hong Loan - Vu Luan suspected friction.

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Hong Loan let the person kick Vu Luan, face the manipulation, affirm 1 thing?

Phúc Sen11:38:42 08/07/2024
Continuing to be noisy about the family of the late Artist Vu Linh, including the relationship between Hong Loan's biological son and Artist Vu Luan's adopted son. Although the two brothers had previously maintained a close relationship, recently there have been constant doubts about emotional chipping.

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Vu Luan accused Vu Linh's nephew of being ungrateful, Sister Ni refuted, and would release a recording containing many secrets

Hoàng Phúc07:12:21 08/07/2024
In the past few days, information has appeared on social networks that Hong Loan - the daughter of the late Artist Vu Linh and Artist Vu Luan have an emotional rift. Accordingly, the male artist was said to have turned his back on Hong Loan.

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Binh Tinh wanted to heal Vu Luan and Hong Loan, saying 1 sentence that everyone felt cool

Minh Lợi07:35:53 06/07/2024
The drama between brother 2 Vu Luan - Hong Loan's sister is attracting the attention of the audience. In the midst of this, the adopted daughter of the late artist Vu Linh, Binh Tinh, had an attention-grabbing share.

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Thoai My sadly mentioned Vu Linh, reacting suddenly to rumors that Vu Luan was hated

Minh Lợi16:14:45 05/07/2024
Recently, Artist Vu Luan suddenly got into a suspicion of friction with Hong Loan - the daughter of the late Artist Vu Linh. Immediately, he immediately explained, tagging his sister directly to make a point.

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Vu Luan wiped out the MV with Hong Loan, suspected of canceling the show, sealed like Hong Phuong

Thảo Mai14:53:06 05/07/2024
On the afternoon of July 4, Artist Vu Luan shared the deletion of 5 MVs that he had made for Hong Loan, namely The Day Without You, The Trips of Life, Visiting the Western Rice Barn, 20 Years of Beautiful Love in the Rambutan Season.

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Binh Tinh silently helped Hong Loan, Ms. Ni sobbed, eating "brother 2"

JLO15:00:27 04/07/2024
In the midst of Vu Linh's children being involved in rumors, recently, Ms. Ni spoke up to clarify the relationship of Binh Tinh and Hong Loan. She gave the female artist Cai Luong many winged compliments.

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Vu Luan challenged Hong Loan, Sister Ni immediately came out, scolding directly: Ngu Junzi?

Bảo Nam10:27:27 04/07/2024
For more than a month, the relationship between the biological daughter of the late Artist Vu Linh, Hong Loan, and the adopted son of the male artist, Artist Vu Luan, has become a topic of discussion among netizens.

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Vu Luan declared that he would kneel down and apologize if there was evidence, when Hong Loan accused him of turning his back

Hoàng Anh17:21:45 03/07/2024
Recently, Hong Loan, the daughter of the late NSUT Vu Linh, suddenly posted a video, implying that her brother Vu Luan turned his back, faded his feelings, and cried while saying that people sympathized. After being mentioned by name, Vu Luan also did not just write a letter naming his sister

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Close friend Vu Linh spoke out about Vu Luan slapping Hong Loan's face, defending Ms. Ni

Đình Như14:17:14 03/07/2024
For many years in the profession with the dedicated guidance of his predecessors, including Vu Linh's father, Artist Vu Luan has now also become a big name of the Cai Luong stage.

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Phuong Le defended Vu Luan, counterattacked Vu Linh's daughter and Sister Ni?

Keng16:21:42 02/07/2024
Hong Loan and Vu Luan, Binh Tinh - Vu Linh's 3 children were once said to be very close, ready to embrace each other after the late artist's d.eath. However, recently, there have been many false rumors.

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Vu Luan suspected of "scratching" Vu Linh's daughter, publicizing her relationship with Phuong Le

Hoàng Phúc10:18:36 01/07/2024
Recently, the famous adopted son of the late Artist Vu Linh, Vu Luan, was involved in rumors of romance with Miss Phuong Le. Not only that, many markets around his gender are also rumored all over the internet.

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The news that Vu Linh compensated 1 billion VND for beef noodle p.oisoning, how real is it?

Minh Lợi14:56:13 10/05/2024
In recent days, information related to singer Hong Phuong's beef noodle shop has caused a stir in the online community. Recently, the granddaughter of the late Vu Linh has officially denied rumors of being f.orced to pay compensation of 1 billion for customers to eat at the restaurant.

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