Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a heart-fluttering love story

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The fate between Ta Na - Truong Kiet is what makes people feel warm, not ostentatious, not noisy, simple and gentle, but it is an emotion that gradually seeps into fans' hearts... so much so that everyone in their life wishes meet such a fate.

Ta Na was born on May 6, 1981, nicknamed "NaNa". She is a famous Chinese singer, actress, and MC, especially those who have watched the program "Happy Camp" of Hunan Radio can not help but know her.

Smart, beautiful, talented and rich. However, she is never arrogant and conceited, but always lively, cheerful and kind to everyone. Anyone who needed her help would not hesitate to extend their arm. NaNa entered showbiz and made an effort to go up from zero, so she always helps her colleagues in difficulty.

It's been a bit unusual since the first time we met

Before falling in love with Truong Kiet, Ta Na had a fierce love for actor Luu Diep. At that time, their love was so famous that everyone knew by heart his declaration of love: "As long as Ta Na says that she wants to get married this year, tomorrow I will register her marriage with her."

But then they broke up for no reason, Luu Diep got married, Ta Na stayed up all night crying, the person wearing the wedding dress was not her. At that moment, Ta Na collapsed, but it became a milestone that opened a big turning point in her life, so that she later wrote a beautiful love story with Truong Kiet.

The two met for the first time at KTV (Karaoke), as soon as she saw his face, she greeted him with a passionate hug. However, contrary to her feelings, he was somewhat startled.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a touching love story - Picture 1

Only later, when remembering that hug, Truong Kiet confusedly shared with male MC cum good senior Ha Canh that: "The first time a g.irl met someone hugged someone else, foreigners are fine but Chinese people are not. ..". That statement is still open, but Ha Canh frankly understands that Ta Na - his close brother - is a bit unusual.

As for Ta Na, she is also quite shy because of her "enthusiasm", the female MC said she was moved by Truong Kiet's voice before entering KTV.

Before that, the company and his representative called to invite her to be the MC for the new album release. However, she said she did not have time and at that time did not want to be the host for the music press conference. And every decision quickly changed since hearing that voice, since she knew more about his difficulties, since she sympathized with what he went through.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a touching love story - Picture 2

In him, what she feels is a person who always strives to fulfill her dreams, someone who is passionate about everything she does. From two strangers, she decided to accompany him. Concluding this predestined relationship, Ha Canh said: there are many similarities between the two and this is one of the bridges linking the two names Truong Kiet - Ta Na together.

September 26, 2017 is the 6th wedding anniversary of Truong Kiet - Ta Na. Many people were overwhelmed with emotion when on this very day, the little king of the Chinese music village announced that his wife was pregnant. They loved each other for 10 years, including 6 years as husband and wife, going through a long way, both finally reaped the first "sweet fruit".

Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a touching love story - Picture 3

Many friends congratulated the couple, the fans tried their best to congratulate the fullness of Truong Kiet. At the age of 35, he succeeded with his series of tours, at the peak of fame, the 3rd member appeared as full of joy.

It is all thanks to the efforts of both of them to cultivate and build families. It's been a long journey over a decade.

Simple love named Ta Na - Truong Kiet

It can be said that in the midst of showbiz full of temptation, people often come together for material values, for benefits and necessary status in life. In hundreds of people, their connection can stop at the level of etiquette, or even exchange and trade-off. It's rare for "one sun two dew" love stories that don't care about the reputation or value that exists around.

So the fate between Ta Na - Truong Kiet is what makes people feel warm, not ostentatious, not noisy, simple and gentle, but it is an emotion that gradually penetrates fans' hearts... to anyone in life. I also hope to meet such a fate.

The two officially announced their love at the Baidu Awards ceremony, surprising and touching many people. Truong Kiet said that hiding his feelings was making himself uncomfortable, and in the past, he was not good at speaking, so for every job, he chose to tell the truth.

This is a couple that when they come together, each other's fans support. Because right from the start, what he said was all his own efforts to take good care of Ta Na, so that she wouldn't be under too much pressure.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a touching love story - Picture 4

In Happy Camp - Happy headquarters, the audience witnessed many emotions of the couple. From the first vibrations of life to the happiness in life or the little things with tears and smiles every day, the two always share their hearts with Ha Canh, Ngo Han, Ly Duy Gia or the audience watching the radio.

The whole of China clearly knows the moment Ta Na passionately listened to Truong Kiet sing, at each of his brother's concerts, she went to the scene to watch.

In the eyes of others, Ta Na is beautiful, intelligent, multi-talented, and loves to speak English. But in his eyes, she is a l.ittle g.irl who needs to be cared for and protected, an important person to love wholeheartedly.

Ta Na said on television, Truong Kiet was the white horse prince in her life. He was the one who made her understand how to love herself and how to love others. He was the type of person who, when he saw her sleeping in the car, would patiently wait until she woke up before happily seeing her in the house. He's the type of person who, when he sees her caught in the rain, rushes into the car and impatiently takes off his shirt and wipes her quickly.

Just like that, such small things crept into the fans' hearts, like sound waves quietly pouring into the eardrum, and then... Ta Na - Truong Kiet became a simple but undying love.

Difficulties make us appreciate each other more

Love without hardships is not inherently love. Ta Na - Truong Kiet's love too. The two went through a difficult time leading to the decision to break up.

Ta Na cries to Ha Canh about her trapped time, her cheerful and warm personality couldn't help more than Truong Kiet's instability. Truong Kiet also felt that he had not taken good care of her, he could not bear to leave this g.irl.

Finally, Ha Canh asked both of them a question, whether they still love each other or not. Ta Na confided that he still loves the other party very much, and in Truong Kiet he affirmed that he loved Ta Na to d.eath.

After that, the difficulty passed, Truong Kiet told himself in his heart, need to give her more warmth, need to give her a home where the man she loves is waiting for her to return, not an empty bed. cold.

Ta Na once said that she did not feel safe when she was with Truong Kiet before, because he was both talented and talented and very handsome. But now, she feels safe because he is both talented and talented, very handsome and always loves her.

He also shared: "Before getting married, I loved her. After getting married, I loved her even more." This makes the audience believe in Ta Na's sense of security. They also create a sense of security about their own monument of love.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a touching love story - Photo 5

It is because the love between them is so simple that it becomes a wonderful thing in this life full of chaos, calculation and sorrow. The day Truong Kiet announced Ta Na was pregnant, the miracle was multiplied many times over.

Unique love

Remember on April 24, a netizen accidentally discovered an abnormality in Ta Na's behavior when she deleted all photos of Truong Kiet on her personal network. Even the sentimental post on the previous Valentine's Day is no longer "missing". All raised a series of bewilderment and anxiety about when... put an end to the most beautiful love story in Chinese showbiz.

Fortunately, amidst countless rumors, the two are still peaceful, all unusual actions actually stem from receiving too many negative and offensive comments from a part of netizens. Ta Na could not help but delete all the photos of the couple, so that from then on, to limit malicious words.

It has been 5 months since the incident, but people still remember vividly the feeling of collapse in their hearts, the feeling of the monument of undying love that they have cherished for so long, almost disintegrating.

It's hard to imagine if they're no longer together, it's hard to accept if they're going two separate ways. Because, their pervasive power has touched everyone's heart. One person named Truong Kiet, another named Ta Na, their love is unique in this world.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a touching love story - Picture 6

Ta Na - Truong Kiet: From an unusual meeting to a touching love story - Photo 7

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