Trang Nemo was splashed with water by a strange man and "eaten his ears" in Ben Tre on the first day of the year, what did the white shirt lady say?

Hoàng PhúcFeb 04, 2022 at 07:11

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After the clip was spread on MXH, "white shirt sister" immediately made a move to make people talk.

After 3 days of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year, declaring "no karma", Trang Nemo continued to have problems when she returned to her hometown to celebrate Tet. The clip recording the incident is spreading on many forums and became a "hot" topic this afternoon, February 3 (ie the 3rd of Tet).

Specifically, in the clip Trang Nemo was sitting with friends and family, a man wearing a denim shirt and hat came over to throw a glass of water, slapped her in the face and said, "This time it's just a warning, okay? you".

Trang Nemo was splashed with water by a strange man and "eaten his ears" in Ben Tre on the first day of the year, what did the white shirt lady say? - Photo 1

The man splashed water and slapped Trang Nemo in a crowded place. Image cut from clip

Suddenly being assaulted, Trang Nemo quickly got up and grabbed the phone and shouted. The people around saw the anger to intervene and asked who the above group was.

In the 20-second video, it is easy to see that Trang Nemo is wearing a tight black dress - the dress that appeared in Trang Nemo's livestream announcing Ben Tre for Tet the day before.

Trang Nemo was splashed with water by a strange man and "eaten his ears" in Ben Tre on the first day of the year, what did the white shirt lady say? - Photo 2

One day before, Trang Nemo announced that he was returning to his hometown in Ben Tre to celebrate Tet with his family

Although the exact cause of the incident is unknown, the man's behavior towards such a woman is unacceptable.

After the above incident, contacting Trang Nemo, she said: "The incident took place on the evening of the 2nd of the Lunar New Year. At that time, my husband was not with me, but only friends around. While sitting and talking, there was a group of people. the person consisted of 4-5 men, one of them splashed water and slapped me in the ear.At this moment I am very scared, don't think that being in the middle of a crowd of people can act without respect. such a law".

In another development, after learning that Trang Nemo was splashed with water and slapped in the face, the white shirt lady named Khanh (the victim in the f.ight between Trang Nemo and Tran My) made a new move on her personal page. Specifically, Khanh shared a clip of Trang Nemo being splashed with water and slapped. This person also wrote a caption expressing the same question as netizens: "Uu ji za" (Wow? What's the matter) with a smiley smiley icon.

Trang Nemo was splashed with water by a strange man and "eaten his ears" in Ben Tre on the first day of the year, what did the white shirt lady say? - Photo 3

The move of the lady in white in the clash between Trang Nemo and Tran My

Not stopping there, a person named S. - a close sister in the team Tran My and the woman in white also reup the clip and wrote: "Lucky to be beaten under Ben Tre, not on Ho Chi Minh City is to blame. by my side."

Before the line shared by Khanh and the person named S., many netizens turned to be curious about the move of Tran My - who had a dispute with Trang Nemo not long ago. However, she has no statements or activities related to this incident. The matter is still being discussed on the forums.

Before that, on New Year's Eve, Trang Nemo had experiences about a year full of discord for herself.

As usual on New Year's Eve, the online community is excited to post pictures and deep status lines to welcome the new year and say goodbye to the old year. When the old year has passed, everyone has sad, happy and meaningful promises for the new year.

After a series of troubles being thrown with shrimp paste, pretending to order controversial year-end days on social networks, Trang Nemo continued to greet the new year and did not forget to mention the troubles that she had experienced.

Accordingly, on the 29th of Tet, h.ot g.irl Trang Nemo posted a clip wearing a long dress with a long status line saying goodbye to 2021. She opened her heart: "Trang knows she has many shortcomings, sometimes her mouth harms her b.ody a lot. But I understand how I am and what I need to change is okay.

What went wrong, I accept and try to fix. What is wronged, I will also accept because it is sometimes a challenge that I need to bear, not at times. If not now, it will be later."

Trang Nemo was splashed with water by a strange man and "eaten his ears" in Ben Tre on the first day of the year, what did the white shirt lady say? - Photo 4

Nemo page won't waste time fighting with people who already hate me

After the "bad luck", she declared "not wasting time fighting with people who hate me, it's like kicking the leg with a stone". At the same time, in the new year, she promises to let go and embrace.

After the experience of Page Nemo, netizens' reactions were also mixed. While many people sent her good wishes, many "unlucky" people commented negatively, repeating the old scandal. Many people also remind her to say you can do it, don't say it and leave it.

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