Nha Trang Nemo was splashed with shrimp paste at 2am on the 27th of Tet, who is the culprit?

Hoàng PhúcJan 29, 2022 at 08:26

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The day before, Page Nemo posted a clip of apology after the incident happened at his shop.

At 6 a.m. on January 29 (ie 27 of the Lunar New Year), Trang Nemo suddenly posted a clip extracted from a private home camera with the status line "Tat shrimp paste at home".

According to recorded developments, the incident happened at about 2 am of the same day. At this time, there were 4 subjects on 2 motorbikes, after observing no one around, 1 male subject threw a bucket of shrimp paste into Trang Nemo's house, then all got on the car and left.

Nha Trang Nemo was splashed with shrimp paste at 2am on the 27th of Tet, who is the culprit? - Photo 1

Currently, in addition to posting the clip on social networks, Page Nemo has not yet shared any more about this incident.

Starting a fashion business for 7 years, each livestream "closes" thousands of orders. Since the incident occurred at a fashion shop in front of Nguyen Trai Street (District 5. HCMC), Trang Nemo's business has been severely affected.

Previously, on January 27, Page Nemo posted a clip of apology after the incident happened at his shop. In the clip, Trang admitted that she was wrong when she behaved inappropriately, making the matter serious.

"It's been a week since I dared to apologize because I didn't dare to face it, I was afraid that the online community would continue to criticize. In the days before that, both my mother, husband - children, husband's family were all The netizen attacked a lot. The m.oney loss is there, but the spirit is bigger," Trang Nemo shared.

In addition, she said that there are many people who disrupt the business of the shop: "In the past few days, I have been bombed a lot. From the very beginning, I determined that my staff's actions could cause damage like this. , I accept them all. Many of you, in addition to shopping for clothes on Shopee or fanpage, also order food - drinks, many other strange items to my shop. Food - drinks, I can receive, things Other miscellaneous things must be refused. I love the shipper the most. One day I went to the shop to hear the other guy say: Oh my god, I canceled the order at 10 am at your shop. Luckily I knew so I canceled it myself. always".

The owner of the fashion shop also wants people to have a more objective view of the case: "This time Trang wants everyone to see it more objectively while Trang and Tran My try to solve it almost smoothly, but no one wants to. No matter how loud it was, they were all business people who wanted to earn a bad reputation about themselves.. Trang also apologized on behalf of her two male employees when there were bad actions, while being too angry. good for such a thing to happen.

Trang will be responsible for the final conclusion of the police about this incident. Hope everyone will see the story in the most open way, really, no one wants the story to go that far. Trang hopes to solve it amicably for both sides to avoid causing more bad publicity!".

Nha Trang Nemo was splashed with shrimp paste at 2am on the 27th of Tet, who is the culprit? - Photo 2

After all, Trang Nemo said that she had learned a great lesson for herself. She said: "My biggest lesson is to have to tell myself to "fix my grandmother!" Not everyone can understand or sympathize with me like the people around me. All decisions need to be wise. I need to control my hasty actions, reduce my ego to listen to everyone's suggestions. . Where there is a mistake, fix it there".

Nha Trang Nemo was splashed with shrimp paste at 2am on the 27th of Tet, who is the culprit? - Photo 3

The incident happened on January 16, at this time, Trang Nemo invited Tran My to come to his shop to talk about Tran My using her image in the livestream to sell products.

When a woman named Khanh went with Tran My to defend her "sister", Trang Nemo invited her out because she thought it was unrelated to the incident. Then, Trang Nemo took action to pull down Khanh's mask, some male employees at Trang Nemo shop then rushed in to beat the woman named Khanh. It is known that after that, Khanh had to be hospitalized for treatment of multiple injuries.

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