The Nemo page just recorded a clip of bowing her head to apologize, the white shirt g.irl immediately "finished" a sentence that made the fans stir

Hoàng PhúcJan 28, 2022 at 07:45

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The sharing of "White Sister" - the victim in the incident at Trang Nemo shop quickly attracted the attention of the public.

Recently, before Trang Nemo's apology, "white shirt sister" named Khanh - who stood up to defend Tran My made an immediate move on her personal page. She posted a status: "Does everyone find that clip satisfactory for me? Give me your opinion, everyone."

The Nemo page just recorded a clip of bowing her head to apologize, the white shirt g.irl immediately "finished" a sentence that made the fans stir - Photo 1

This person did not mention Trang Nemo by name, but many people quickly guessed what she was talking about and left enthusiastic comments. Many people think that it is not satisfactory, but there are also many opinions on the fun and non-crowd option.

It can be said that the clash between Trang Nemo and Tran My groups has been a topic that has caused a stir in the online community in recent days. Despite normal operation on social networks, the Nemo page received a lot of trouble because it was constantly called by netizens. After a week of silence, at noon on January 27, Trang Nemo suddenly posted a clip to apologize.

The Nemo page just recorded a clip of bowing her head to apologize, the white shirt g.irl immediately "finished" a sentence that made the fans stir - Photo 2

Specifically, Page Nemo said that after a week, everything was calm enough to speak officially. She said: "What happened recently was something that Trang did not want because it affected those she loved and her customers. The incident went too far and made people have a bad view of Trang. Trang please Sincere apologies to everyone."

Trang admitted that the last incident she handled was not good and acted badly so that the incident caused a stir in public opinion for many days. At the same time, she apologized on behalf of the staff for letting you cause inappropriate actions. This will be a profound lesson for Trang about how to behave in the future when dealing with things.

At the same time, she also talked about Tran My taking her image. "My taking my picture is also very happy about it. However, deeper because I used to be a mother, what products I use for my children I think and ponder a lot because you say ( Tran My-PV) the product can be used by pregnant and lactating women. I am afraid of the influence, it is not suitable. Whatever I do, I will protect myself first and then my b.aby."

The Nemo page just recorded a clip of bowing her head to apologize, the white shirt g.irl immediately "finished" a sentence that made the fans stir - Photo 3

About the story of a g.irl named Khanh being assaulted, Trang said: "If I were a friend of My, I would be like that. When something happens to relatives and friends, I will also side and protect. I think Khanh's behavior is right. I'm wrong here because I talked on the livestream and pushed things too far, Everything happened too quickly. I looked back why I didn't intervene, such an attitude."

In the end, Trang Nemo wanted people to look more objectively and revealed that she and Tran My had tried to solve it almost peacefully, but no one wanted to make a fuss because it would affect the business.

In addition, in the past few days, Trang has also coordinated with the police agency to come up with the most accurate and transparent investigation conclusions. Trang will be responsible according to the final conclusion of the police about this incident. She hopes to settle the matter amicably for both sides to avoid causing more bad publicity.

Before that, the white woman named Khanh held a livestream, clarifying the information in front of the online community after the noisy incident.

The Nemo page just recorded a clip of bowing her head to apologize, the white shirt g.irl immediately "finished" a sentence that made the fans stir - Photo 4

Ms. Khanh once shared: "I will leave everything to the law to solve, I believe in the fairness of the law. I don't want to talk about it anymore".

Ms. Khanh also sent a message: "I want to remind, I live in the world, relying on strong and weak, I don't know who I meet, what people are like. Everyone needs respect.

I am blessed, God gave me conditions, a garage, and beauty, so I should keep these things, don't rely on looking down on others, don't bully the weak, rely on the weak. If you go at night, you will meet ghosts one day."

Regarding compensation, Khanh said that she has not met Trang Nemo since the incident, so she does not know how to solve it?

In addition, Ms. Khanh also shared that she herself did not want to repeat the "drama" between Tran My and Trang Nemo to avoid the case that she was criticized for being a view, greedy for fame...

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