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Tho Nguyen stood up to protect Tran Thanh, helping the male comedian escape from "harming his seniors".

Keng21:07:24 29/04/2024
Recently, Tho Nguyen caused a storm on social networks when she continuously posted on forums discussing showbiz stories. After criticizing Jack and insulting Xuan Lan, recently, the female YouTuber even called Tran Thanh, making people stir.

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Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang?

Đình Như10:21:59 19/04/2024
Tran Thanh Tam - associated with the title Fried Egg H.ot G.irl. She actively participates in showbiz but gets into a lot of noise. Recently, she even offended Huong Giang when she brought her seniors to create content to attract views.

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The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor

Tuyết Ngọc15:34:28 18/03/2024
Recently, the most unique Miss Thailand - Maeya Sunsun has found an international successor, the beautiful Nok Yollada. This g.irl was just crowned Miss Fabulous Thailand 2024.

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"Hot fried egg girl" discovered her boyfriend was having an affair on livestream, green tea sent scantily clad photos

Bảo Nam14:04:10 14/12/2023
Once famous for the saying that fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter and a series of gossips, h.ot g.irl Tran Thanh Tam currently has a happy life with her lover who is 7 years older.

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Miss Fabulous is likened to the 'silk cave' with the most 'umbrella' performance of all time

Phong Trần18:48:39 04/12/2023
Miss Fabulous International received a rain of criticism from the audience when not only the organization was bad, the quality of contestants was low and the quality was poor. But also because of the impurity of the performance of the contest president.

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Luong My Ky "sprayed rigid glue" when stopping at the 2nd runner-up position at the contest with 9 contestants

Phi Đức14:45:44 04/12/2023
Thinking to see who is the 1st runner-up, but the final result of Miss Fabulous International made many people surprised, bewildered, and turned on their backs. Liang Meiqi himself sprayed stiff glue when his name was not raised.

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Luong My Ky was "bullied" in the MFI final: 2nd runner-up but "empty-handed" on stage, receiving 1 cheap thing

Châu Anh14:36:51 04/12/2023
Luong My Ky's journey at Miss Fabulous International 2023 has officially ended with the title of 2nd runner-up. However, on the a.ward stage, she was shocked when she was not given a sash or prize m.oney, but only received at the chicken wing.

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Tiktoker Vien Vibi "confronted" Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for "ridiculous acting", market

Yaya14:40:16 10/11/2023
Recently, the director and producer couple Ly Hai - Minh Ha officially held the first kick-off event for the film project Turn Face 7. A large number of actors came to cast. Prominent among the candidates is female TikToker Vien Vibi.

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Luong My International competition, fans fall for the village pond contest, fried egg hotgirl Thanh Tam once participated

Đức Trí15:35:52 26/09/2023
Transgender runner-up Luong My Ky suddenly announced that she would officially compete in the international competition. The online community was shocked and surprised when the name of the competition was not too strange.

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"Hotgirl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when "breaking up" with 1 person, the risk of losing his name?

Uyển Đình16:24:15 04/09/2023
Tran Thanh Tam was born in 2000 and grew up in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, she is loved by the online community with a series of TikTok clips with quite cute and naughty images on social networks.

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S.hock: Vietnam's No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the groom's identity?

Ngọc Sa14:31:00 13/08/2023
H.ot Tiktoker Tra Dang suddenly announced that she had a husband, causing fans to be surprised and stirred. According to the young idol, she has yet to get married for some reason, however both families have considered each other unlucky.

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"Hotgirl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam revealed a photo of 70kg obesity, chubby b.ody, new beauty "fire"

Kim Lâm09:04:34 09/08/2023
Tran Thanh Tam is a h.ot tiktoker who not only has a beautiful beauty, but also possesses a slim, well-proportioned b.ody. However, her recent photo made people burn with a large b.ody, weighing up to 70kg.

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"Hot g.irl fried eggs" Tran Thanh Tam openly loves "uncle", blushing when she looks at her emotions

Nguyễn Kim14:52:13 30/06/2023
Tran Thanh Tam is a rather private person, rarely sharing her personal life and feelings. The fact that the h.ot g.irl omelette announced her marriage and made her lover public on social networks was of particular interest to the online community.

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"Hot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam is about to get married, the groom's identity is stunned

Kim Lâm11:23:11 24/06/2023
The sharing of h.ot g.irl fried eggs in need of fat Tran Thanh Tam about preparing to get on a flower car made the online community extremely surprised, the identity of the groom is also a mystery sought by netizens.

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Hari Won officially adopted a c.hild, Tran Thanh said a sentence that made many people cry

Mưa11:59:29 26/05/2023
Episode 4 Super Talent is the competition of three contestants: Hoang Tuan Minh, Y Thien An and Tran Bao Nam. Each c.hild has a special talent that makes the trio of judges Dai Nghia - Hari Won - Nam Thu extremely impressed. In particular, Y Thien An - an 8-year-old g.irl from Ba...

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Former manager accused Tran Thanh Tam of "eating porridge with stone bowl", exposing the true face of the h.ot g.irl "fried egg"

Pinky17:35:41 09/05/2023
Vinh Bear - Tran Thanh Tam's former manager has just made a move to s.hock the audience, when suddenly posting a forum to e.xpose the real face of female TikToker, attracting many people's attention. In the past time, the face that caused storms and created many concussions every...

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Phi Thanh Van shows off her huge breasts, striving to buy 9 more villas

Thuý Minh14:37:32 10/02/2023
On the afternoon of February 9, actress Ly Nha Ky, actress Phi Thanh Van and a series of Vietnamese stars attracted attention when showing off their colors on the red carpet of the launching event of the Women's Empowerment Contest - MsMA 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City. Here, the...

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Tran Thanh Tam "plagiarized" Thien An and H'Hen Nie's words, 2 rows of catwalk, fell on stage

Nam Phương11:01:55 16/12/2022
Many viewers realized that Tran Thanh Tam had "borrowed" the idea of Miss Doan Thien An and H'Hen Niê in the presentation contest at Miss Fabulous International. Although she invested a lot in the beauty journey, the female tiktoker still left empty-handed. On the evening of...

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Thanh Tam 'Fried Egg' ate out Thien An and Phuong Anh in the international arena: 'Ẵm crown' returned to Vietnam?

Nắng15:11:56 14/12/2022
At noon on December 13 (Vietnam time), runner-up Phuong Anh entered the final of Miss International 2022 taking place in Tokyo, Japan. After a 2-year hiatus, the beauty born in 1998 has prepared mentally and with the necessary skills to "f.ight" in one of the biggest beauty...

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"Hotgirl with fried eggs" went to international competition: No one saw them off, criticized for carrying 5 suitcases, but the exam only lasted 3 days.

Hoàng Phúc15:16:13 10/12/2022
Although he previously stated that he would not compete for Miss, Tran Thanh Tam expressed his enthusiasm to bring the crown back to the country. The pictures of her at the airport made people pay attention. Tran Thanh Tam is a name that attracts the attention of fans when...

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Reality Thanh Tam represents Vietnam in Miss Fabulous International 2022: Is it a transgender contest?

N.P07:59:18 11/11/2022
The information about the contest that Tran Thanh Tam participated in was recently revealed, making fans surprised. Accordingly, Miss Fabulous International 2022 is a contest for transgender contestants to register to compete. Although she once announced that she would not...

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"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version"

Hoàng Phúc09:33:16 09/11/2022
"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam is one of the names mentioned in recent days after she announced the preparation to represent Vietnam in the international beauty contest. Accordingly, although it did not r.eveal exactly what the contest was, this information also caused...

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'H.ot g.irl fried egg' Thanh Tam just "sweet" Nawat criticized Thien An and immediately went to the Miss International contest?

N.P09:46:43 04/11/2022
After causing controversy for voicing "defending" Mr. Nawat in disparaging Thien An's appearance, "h.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam recently surprised when she revealed that she was preparing to represent Vietnam for a flower competition. Post-International. Recently, one of...

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Viet Phuong Thoa, Ciin and h.ot Vietnamese TikTokers cause confusion because of their different beauty

Hoàng Anh10:38:49 23/09/2022
It can be said that today's beauty filters do not owe the viewer 1 apology, but many apologies. Still knowing that making yourself more sparkling on social networks is not against the law, but sometimes showing up with real faces after 7749 filter layers of top beauties is...

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