The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor

Tuyết NgọcMar 18, 2024 at 15:34

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Recently, the most unique Miss Thailand - Maeya Sunsun has found an international successor, the beautiful Nok Yollada. This g.irl was just crowned Miss Fabulous Thailand 2024.

The final of the Miss Fabulous Thailand 2024 contest has just officially ended with the victory of beauty Nok Yollada. This means that she will succeed her senior Maeya Sunsun to compete at Miss Fabulous International 2024.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 1

Nok Yollada's victory received a lot of support from the audience, as well as the consensus of the judges. Because she possesses a smooth figure, professional performance skills and the ability to behave fluently. The beauty defeated 15 other opponents to have the opportunity to realize her dream of international competition.

On the stage of the honor night, the new Miss received the crown from senior Maeya Sunsun with enthusiastic messages. From now on, the "toothless, hairless girl" has a successor, replacing her to carry out community work as well as accompanying projects with the organizers of Miss Fabulous Thailand 2024.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 2

It is known that when Maeya Sunsun officially became Miss Fabulous Thailand, she was scorned for a long time. Because she is a transgender beauty with a different appearance, considered to be beyond the usual standards of beauty.

Accordingly, Maeya Sunsun has a shaved head, no teeth and often wears heavy makeup when appearing in public. In Thailand, she is considered a "copy" of Happy Polla - a once famous internet phenomenon. And this g.irl's appearance is always a subject of scrutiny.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 3

Even when Maeya Sunsun attended Miss Fabulous International 2023, the online community was constantly discussing her beauty. The fact that the queen defeated Luong My Ky of Vietnam to become runner-up was also considered unconvincing.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 4

However, the fact that Maeya Sunsun won the national competition and won the international title was enthusiastically responded to by the LGBT community in the land of the Golden Temple. She is considered to bring positive inspiration about always loving yourself and working hard to become the most perfect version of yourself.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 5

Miss Fabulous Thailand is an open beauty competition for transgender people with the desire to help them express their personality and be more confident in life.

When Maeya Sunsun was first crowned, audiences around the world were not yet surprised by the "unique" appearance of the new Miss. The contest organizers caused mixed debate by raising the age of the contestants. For the 2024 season, up to 80 years old.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 6

The official information from the Miss Fabulous Thailand organization has the following passage: "A big surprise for the 2024 contestants is that this time our stage opens up more opportunities for contestants to be confident and ready. Be ready to do your best! And show your potential."

Although it is a small contest, Miss Fabulous Thailand still attracts the attention of the media because of the influence of the "mother contest" Miss Fabulous International.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 7

In the first organization of the international competition, Vietnam's representative was the h.ot TikToker "fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam. Originating from Thailand, Miss Fabulous International was first organized in 2022 by Khun Bryan Tan.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 8

Thailand has long been known as a country open to the LGBT community with many beauty playgrounds for transgender people. Transgender people in this country are said to have many opportunities and playgrounds to express themselves and live their true selves.

Nok Yollada was crowned Miss Fabulous Thailand this season and is expected by beauty fans of the Golden Temple country to help this country win the crown at Miss Fabulous International 2024. Up to now, Vietnam still does not have a representative to follow in Luong's footsteps. My Ky participated in this contest.

The hairless, toothless beauty queen who defeated Luong My Ky found her successor - Photo 9

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