S.hock: Vietnam's No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the groom's identity?

Ngọc SaAug 13, 2023 at 14:31

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H.ot Tiktoker Tra Dang suddenly announced that she had a husband, causing fans to be surprised and stirred. According to the "youth idol" she has yet to get married for some reason, however both families have considered each other bad luck.

With the development of social networks, more and more young people choose the path of becoming KOL/KOC to develop their careers. They make short, quality videos with many different genres, and use TikTok as a "springboard" to attract views and followers.

Shock: Vietnams No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the grooms identity? - Photo 1

Shock: Vietnams No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the grooms identity? - Photo 2

Many names have suddenly become famous thanks to this platform, such as: Tiktoker Pham Thoai, Long Chun, Tina Thao Nhi, Dao Le Phuong Hoa ... In particular, tiktoker Tra Dang is also the leading name, which anyone who uses TikTok long enough will surely be no stranger.

Tra Dang (real name Dang Thu Tra, SN 1998) joined TikTok when this platform was first introduced to Vietnam. She is considered one of the early Tiktokers. Currently, its own channel named "Tra Dang" has more than 20 million followers. This is also the TikTok channel with the largest number of followers in Vietnam.

As a famous figure in the field of content creation, however, Tra Dang's private life is quite secretive. So recently, many people were extremely surprised to learn that the TikToker was married.

Shock: Vietnams No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the grooms identity? - Photo 3

Specifically, in early August 8, Tra Dang participated in a series of confidants of Tran Thanh Tam. To the question about the junior's love story, Tra Dang did not hesitate to r.eveal: "I don't have a lover, but can I have a husband?" Hearing this, even the "hot fried egg girl" was surprised, she exclaimed: "Oh, I didn't see you having a wedding, but you have a husband."

At this time, the popular female Tiktoker shared: "Actually, I have not had a wedding, but I am considered a husband, the two sides of the family consider each other to be informants. I think I'm going to have a wedding next year."

It is known that many years ago, Tra Dang was questioned about dating TikToker Duong Duy because of the love clips that the couple posted on social networks. However, this information has never been confirmed by insiders.

Shock: Vietnams No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the grooms identity? - Photo 4

The couple Tra Dang and Duong Duy once stormed on social media platforms and were loved by many people. Earlier, this female tiktoker was also rumoured to be in a relationship with tiktoker Mr Virgo, however the two have spoken out – just colleagues.

At one time, social media had rumors that Tra Dang and Hung Pham were lovers when they often posted warm intimate photos together publicly. Hung Pham once posted an image of himself cuddling passionately with the status "This photo has no cap, only you and me", causing many people to be surprised.

Shock: Vietnams No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the grooms identity? - Photo 5

There are still many people who do not know this information, others blame Tra Dang for promising not to make it public but to make it public.

Until now, Tra Dang has only shared that she is married, while the identity of her "other half" is still unknown. And whether Yang Qiang or Hung Pham is Tra Dang's husband is also a big question. However, netizens still sent their blessings to Tra Dang, wishing her a fulfilling married life.

It can be said that Tra Dang is a talented g.irl when she can dance well, sing well and possess a pretty appearance. She started to be noticed since participating in short clips with tiktoker Chen Du; After that, Tra Dang received more and more love from the public - through cosplay clips and started the "extremely tense" trend.

Shock: Vietnams No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the grooms identity? - Photo 6

In order to have the success today, in each video - Tra Dang has invested and created to every small detail. Tra Dang also said that she and her crew are very diligent in the staging - each costume is meticulously selected and diverse in many images, from modern, ancient, cartoon characters to superheroines,...

In addition to making tiktok, Tra Dang also owns a youtube channel with more than 200 thousand subscribers. Here h.ot girls in the Port often upload singing videos, along with dance clips of their choreography. Her videos received a lot of support from the public, especially for teenagers.

Shock: Vietnams No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the grooms identity? - Photo 7

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