Miss Fabulous is likened to the 'silk cave' with the most 'umbrella' performance of all time

Phong TrầnDec 04, 2023 at 18:48

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Miss Fabulous International received a rain of criticism from the audience when not only the organization was bad, the quality of contestants was low and the quality was poor. But also because of the 'uncleaning' in the performance of the contest president.

On the evening of December 3, the final of the Miss Fabulous International 2023 beauty contest was held with the participation of 9 contestants. As a result, the crown went to the representative from Japan. The 1st runner-up position was the beauty of the host country - Thailand. Luong My Ky of Vietnam made an unfortunate stop at the 2nd runner-up position.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 1

Naturally, Vietnamese audiences are quite interested in this contest because from the first year of organization, the contest has attracted the participation of h.ot g.irl "Fried eggs need fat" - Tran Thanh Tam. However, because of the interest, the audience took a closer look at the "unique" things only in Miss Fabulous.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 2

It is worth mentioning the opening ensemble of 9 contestants along with the contest president on the finale of 3/12. Instead of showing swimsuits like all other pageants, Miss Fabulous chose nightgowns and l.ingerie. In addition, Mr. Bryan Tan - the owner of the contest also has flexing and sensitive movements on stage that make viewers bored.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 3

While watching the semi-final competition, the audience had to constantly rub their eyes because they thought it was wrong to see an innocent contestant wearing wireless headphones right during the evening performance. In addition, also in the semi-final competition, above, the beauties are catwalking, below it is clear that the organizers are constructing the final stage and constantly walking, walking around, completely entering the camera.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 4

Not only that, the audience is extremely confused when the stage is dark, where the contestants go, the lights follow there, as if illuminating the lights just for fear of the contestant tripping.

In addition, the semi-final stage also made many people shake their heads because it was so small. Even the contestants have to both perform and 'dodge' each other to avoid collisions on stage.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 5

Miss Fabulous International is a beauty pageant that has just been established in 2022, headquartered in Thailand. The participants include women and transgender women.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 6

Last year, the contest was also plagued with controversy about its organization being too 'unclean'. Whether about the stage, sound, lighting, performance costumes of the previous year still received praise from the audience. The highlight that made many people "run out of words" was the crowning performance of Miss Fabulous International President - Bryan Tan, making viewers talk. In a long white dress like a Greek goddess, Bryan Tan flew down with the crown and handed it to King Chutikarn.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 7

In addition, the final result also made many people dissatisfied when the title of 1st runner-up went to the representative from Thailand, transgender beauty Maeya Sunsun. The result led many viewers to think that the president of Miss Fabulous was too biased for this queen. Because, compared to physique, face, interview, performance... she didn't outperform Liang Meiqi in any way. Earlier, when w.inning the domestic contest, Maeya Sunsun's beauty became the talk of netizens. She was heavily disparaged for her lack of teeth and hair, but she was still crowned Miss.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 8

Not only that, despite carrying the title of 2nd runner-up, Luong My Ky only received one bouquet of flowers. While the new miss and both the 1st runner-up received quite high prize m.oney. During the contest, My Ky continuously showed excellent activities, each appearance was extremely well-groomed, beautiful and radiant. Everyone can clearly see the seriousness when she comes to this beauty arena.

Miss Fabulous is likened to the silk cave with the most umbrella performance of all time - Photo 9

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