Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round

Hoàng AnhSep 17, 2022 at 18:09

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Before the question of the online account related to the recent noise of "going to customers", Le Bong had an extremely harsh but equally poignant response.

The online community is still speculating about names related to the $15,000 line. Some incorrect speculations are called Miss Thuy Hang, Miss Thuy Tien and h.ot g.irl Tran Thanh Tam. And recently, Le Bong, although he did not have an abbreviation of TH or TT, was also called out.

Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round - Photo 1

Specifically, right below a series of beautiful photos, Le Bong received an rude comment with the content: "If Thanh Tam is in the range of 200-300, how much is Bong?".

This comment attracted a lot of emotional responses, both in favor and against. As for Le Bong, she frankly answered this somewhat rude question with extremely sharp arguments. Female TikToker wrote: "Hello brother. If you have a sister or later have a daughter, every day you work hard to earn m.oney by doing jobs that are legal by the state, but still being labeled and labeled by others. price as an item, and then receive comments like you, how do you feel?".

Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round - Photo 2

Le Bong's tough but still poignant move has received a great response from the online community. Many people criticized the above account for being ungrateful when asking sensitive questions. Besides, also praise for Le Bong's standard handling of the top 10 Miss Sports.

Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round - Photo 3

Possessing a beautiful face and a standard b.ody, it is inevitable for Le Bong to meet the market. And the way she chose to react this time also shows the intelligence of the beautiful female TikToker.

After participating in the Miss Vietnam 2022 contest, Le Bong continuously has meaningful volunteer activities, worthy of the title of "kind and beautiful woman". After a series of days towards the community, scoring points with a simple, youthful and dynamic appearance, Le Bong recently made a comeback in the style of a lovely g.irl and quickly received praise from the online community. .

Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round - Photo 4

Appearing at an event, Le Bong wore a striking design, the shirt was discreet at the top but short at the bottom, which helped her cleverly s.how o.ff the advantage of her toned ant waist. The design of the long black skirt chosen by the "kind beauty" also contributes to covering the shortcoming of Le Bong's legs.

Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round - Photo 5

It is also thanks to this skillful and delicate presentation that Le Bong is able to fully show the most beautiful points of his b.ody. From the "surreal" small waist to the attractive and seductive 3, she fully shows through the poses in front of the camera. Below the post, Le Bong also received many compliments from the online community for this lovely variation.

Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round - Photo 6

Not long ago on his personal page, Le Bong also suddenly shared a picture of his mother and grandmother with a philosophical status line. Accordingly, the top 10 Miss Sports Vietnam blames herself for being with her too little but being so absorbed in work and forgetting that she used to spend her entire day taking care of her grandchildren.

"I find myself really to blame, every time I'm with her, there are only two or three sentences repeated: "Hello, Grandma", "I invite you to dinner"... Then I get carried away with work and things. out there makes Bong forget that she used to spend her entire day: she lulls her to sleep, she feeds her, she bathes her, she buys nice clothes, she comforts her crying, she gives m.oney to eat. petty...".

Through this story, Le Bong philosophies that each moment only happens once, once it's gone, it won't come back again. So when you are with your family, live every moment to the fullest so that you won't have any regrets, Bong.

Le Bong's emotional sharing has received a lot of attention from netizens. Many people admit that they are also busy with work, but quickly forget the sustainable values that are family, who always love, protect and tolerate their children and grandchildren.

Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round - Photo 7

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