"Hotgirl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when "breaking up" with 1 person, the risk of losing his name?

Uyển ĐìnhSep 04, 2023 at 16:24

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Tran Thanh Tam was born in 2000 and grew up in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, she is loved by the online community with a series of TikTok clips with quite cute and naughty images on social networks.

Tran Thanh Tam is known as a h.ot TikTok thanks to the clip with the saying " fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter", it also brought her a huge following when owning a TikTok channel of more than 3.7 million followers.

Soon after, she stepped up posting similar clips and attracted the attention of many people. Since becoming famous, associated with Tran Thanh Tam has also been a series of beauty and spokespeople. Specifically, the female TikToker once received many bricks and stones with the statement: "It is better to study stupid and m.ake m.oney than those who take the exam 25 or 30 points but do not earn any money".

In response to the wave of protests from netizens, she had to apologize. However, she is still one of the million-view tiktokers attracting the attention of young people.

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 1

In the early period of 2022 to mid-2023, Tran Thanh Tam gradually escaped the label of "hot TikToker" to become a professional content creator and KOL. She is advertised by many book brands, especially appearing in large and small events.

From a network phenomenon that has been criticized, she has now become a professional KOL loved by everyone, often appearing at big events. Since then, the name of the h.ot TikToker has been increasingly covered. If you follow Tran Thanh Tam long enough, everyone knows that her success is partly thanks to her former manager - h.ot TikToker Vinh Bear.

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 2

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 3

Not only that, "hot fried egg girl" Tran Thanh Tam also bragged about being an MC for the TV station. Many believe that she has a clear path to enter showbiz. After becoming famous for the trend "fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter", she participated in many events and television gamesshows. Before becoming an MC, h.ot girls born in 2000 also registered to participate in a beauty pageant. It can be seen that Thanh Tam's direction is to step into the path of artistic activities.

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 4

However, if at the beginning of last year to the middle of this year, Tran Thanh Tam's name was buzzing online, now, almost no one "looks" at her. The interaction on the TikTok channel of "hot g.irl fried eggs" is the clearest living proof. Even if Thanh Tam has a new series, her recent clips have only earned a few thousand to several tens of thousands of views.

After stopping cooperating with Vinh Bear, Tran Thanh Tam chose a completely new direction, "resetting" the style of content creation on his TikTok channel. Maybe it is invested and thoughtful by her, but it almost does not create attractiveness and attractiveness, leading to the clips when posted being "flop" badly.

If this stays like that and continues to stand still, sooner or later, the name Tran Thanh Tam will be forgotten by young people.

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 5

In terms of personal life, Thanh Tam is currently dating a founder, CEO of an entertainment c.ô.ng. In the past, she used to hide her romance but is now comfortable going public with the public, even sharing many love moments with her "other half" on social media.

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 6

Many people believe that, if you want to develop in the long term with the path of professional content creation, not only Tran Thanh Tam but TikTokers must invest more. From images, content to product quality, all must be guaranteed to be well received by the public and survive for a long time, with stable income.

Known for a few viral clips, that TikToker hasn't exactly gotten famous and maintained the heat. Because there have been many cases of "overnight fame" thanks to drama, phony or a h.ot c.lip, but then they are quickly forgotten in the flat world that has a lot of content and many different options.

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 7

H.ot TikTokers come in many styles: celebrities who mainly earn income from advertising on their personal pages, people who build a good image to do KOLs and participate in brand events, people who choose to make clips "for fun", do not care too much about m.oney. However, there are also people who choose the drama path, go up by scandal and still live in the scorn and ridicule of the public.

However, whatever it is, if not carefully calculated, these h.ot TikTokers will soon be "kicked off the track". Because the world of content creators is difficult to easy, and the audience has more choices, a person who refuses to develop is also very easy to "run out of time".

Hotgirl fried egg Tran Thanh Tam has a big problem when breaking up with 1 person, the risk of losing his name? - Photo 8

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