"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version"

Hoàng PhúcNov 09, 2022 at 09:33

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"Hot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam is one of the names mentioned in recent days after she announced the preparation to represent Vietnam in the international beauty contest.

Accordingly, although it did not r.eveal exactly what the contest was, this information also caused netizens to constantly argue. Some people agree, others voice their objections, saying that Thanh Tam is not suitable for beauty contests when her appearance is still limited and her skills are not outstanding.

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 1

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 2

Moreover, recently, Thanh Tam was also dug again to speak about her English level. Specifically, when asked "Do you know English", Thanh Tam quickly replied: "Yes, I know". This is considered the standard answer "google translate" but is completely wrong in terms of grammatical structure. Therefore, many fans fear that Thanh Tam will become "Vietnamese version of Engfa Waraha".

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 3

Engfa Waraha has just become the first runner-up of Miss Grand International 2022 (Miss International Peace) taking place on the evening of October 25 in Indonesia. After the end of the contest, she was attacked by people for her limited English when answering behavioral questions.

Explains his imperfect behavior test. The beauty admitted that she was not good at English, with a limited English vocabulary, so she did not behave as smoothly as she wanted. "I'm not very good at English, but I practiced, tried, and didn't mind speaking. Communication errors taught me that I need to learn to get better. Using a foreign language is not something to be ashamed of."

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 4

In the behavior section of the top 5, the Indonesian beauty used an interpreter. The other four girls all speak English. Thailand representative Engfa Waraha made a mistake when using the wrong word. She wanted to convey a message of spreading love and peace, but with her poor English, Engfa's answer was interpreted as sensitive. Therefore, when Engfa overcame contestants from the Czech Republic and Venezuela to win the first runner-up, a part of the audience said that they were not convinced.

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 5

Back to Tran Thanh Tam, she once participated in Miss Sports Vietnam but only stopped at the top 30. Recently, the female tiktoker controversially said that she "defended Mr. Nawat".

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 6

However, after that, Tran Thanh Tam immediately corrected: "It was just a random interview question during the event. If you follow, you will see that all participating artists and KOLs will receive them. When answering similar questions, Tam quoted the words of "Aunt Dung" (Mrs. Pham Kim Dung - President of Miss Peace Vietnam) about Mr. Nawat's story of disparaging Thien An's appearance. After that, Tam's answer was c.ut o.ff, lack of information caused Tam to be misunderstood.Tam did not intend to make shocking statements to create controversy, defend another contest to communicate for the contest Tam Tham. Tam is trying very hard to let people see her through her ability instead of drama.

For Tam, the issue of disparaging looks in all situations will hurt the victim even if the word is considered a contribution or an explanation. Having encountered a similar case, Tam understands how the sharpness of each sentence can affect his psyche. Tam is sure that a brave g.irl like Miss Doan Thien An does not deserve criticism. She is beautiful and she is the pride of Vietnam."

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 7

Talking about her training plan to conquer the international beauty arena, Tran Thanh Tam said that she is still in the process of training more on catwalk skills, bodybuilding, learning English, how to answer interviews, apply At the same time, h.ot TikToker affirmed to "equip with determination, b.lood to f.ight, use all his inner" to bring the crown back to Vietnam. "Tam is learning a lot of things, cultivating the best skills to bring to the world. Tam thinks that he needs to have a solid performance, will try his best not to disappoint everyone," Thanh Tam affirmed. .

"H.ot g.irl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam said in English, netizens immediately nicknamed "Engfa Vietnamese version" - Photo 8

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