Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line

An NhiSep 09, 2022 at 09:54

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Social networks are spreading information that Tran Thanh Tam is the main character in the line of "tu on" Le Hoang Long. Before the rumors affecting the reputation, the "fried egg" h.ot g.irl side denied it.

On September 7, Vietnamese showbiz and the online community discussed the news that "tu Ong" Le Hoang Long was arrested. During the investigation, the Criminal Police Department determined that he had introduced two beauties named TH and TT who are quite popular in the Vietnamese showbiz world to sell s.ex.

Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line - Photo 1

According to the information shared, these two people are A-list stars, having achieved high rankings at beauty contests. Le Hoang Long confessed, the two beauties mentioned above will be paid about 360 million VND for each s.ex sale.

On the evening of September 8, rumors suddenly appeared online, h.ot TikToker Tran Thanh Tam is one of the two beauties mentioned above. One of the reasons given was that not long ago, she participated in Miss Vietnam Sports 2022 and reached the top 30 finalists.

Before this information, we contacted Tran Thanh Tam to find out the incident. Accordingly, Thanh Tam's manager confirmed that this information is completely untrue.

Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line - Photo 2

The manager of the h.ot TikToker revealed: "Tam is not involved in this case. Recently Tam is running many deadlines but suddenly got involved in this, so the mentality is not very good, quite depressed."

Meanwhile, Tran Thanh Tam was bewildered when suddenly entangled in the market "falling from the sky": "Tam almost couldn't think of anything right after seeing people constantly sending messages and calling his name. incorrect information.

Tam received this news while I was still busy with work and deadlines. Before that, Tam was under a lot of pressure because he needed to cultivate many things for the role of TV MC, now adding a story "falling from the sky" that made Tam a bit unbalanced in emotions.

Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line - Photo 3

Tran Thanh Tam said this is not the first time that TikToker has been brought out by the online community to discuss and criticize. But this time, everything went beyond the limit of morality when being accused of being innocent.

She confided about ethical issues in life: "Tam wondered: Is it possible that after all I have proven, I am untrustworthy in everyone's eyes, Tam will be the one to use herself to trade things like m.oney, fame and go against morality and law?".

Because of the rumors that were unfounded but had more or less influence on Tran Thanh Tam, she said that she felt insulted in terms of honor, greatly affecting her spirit because she was an extremely sensitive type of person.

Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line - Photo 4

Although not the main character of the story about the case of participating in the p.rostitution brokerage ring, Thanh Tam knows that she will continue to be in the public eye in the next few days.

But she said she will explain to friends and relatives about everything, not letting negative comments affect those around them. Tran Thanh Tam asked his manager to intervene about untrue information.

Tran Thanh Tam shared: "As for Tam himself, maybe in the following nights Tam will receive criticisms again, even though this is completely unrelated to him. Tam thinks, Tam will try not to read them, because Maybe it's "funny" at first because I know who I am, but maybe Tam will be sad if more and more people think that Tam is like that."

Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line - Photo 5

Tran Thanh Tam hopes everyone must understand the story thoroughly before spreading rumors about anyone: "I am also a g.irl, I am also a c.hild born and raised by my parents, I also have my beloved family and the people I want to protect... Please don't hurt an innocent person because of some untrue information, because of the ambiguity of the media."

Thanh Tam said that she is mature enough to know what is illegal and contrary to morality, so it will not be a matter of knowing the law but deliberately breaking the law. She revealed that currently her mental health is unstable because of unnecessary rumors, Thanh Tam is worried that the jobs, projects and programs she has just assumed the role of MC will be affected.

Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line - Photo 6

Tran Thanh Tam was born in 2000 in Ho Chi Minh City. She emerged thanks to the viral clip "fried eggs need fat, corn needs butter", since then she was nicknamed "hot g.irl fried eggs".

Tran Thanh Tam speaks out about rumors of being the "main female" in the 15K USD passenger line - Photo 7

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